Oscar Isaac Feels Like God When Playing Apocalypse

Oscar Isaac is excited to be playing God -- or, at least, it feels that way in his upcoming role as titular villain Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse.  In a recent interview, I

The Danish Girl

First Trailer For New Eddie Redmayne Film ‘The Danish Girl’ Released

Ever since he won his well deserved best actor Oscar for his portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything, Eddie Redmayne has been keeping busy. Now, h


Official US Trailer For Macbeth Is Released – And It Is Dark!

The Weinstein Company has let loose the official US trailer for the latest take on Shakespeare's Macbeth. Academy Award Nominee Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Apocalypse, 12 Ye


DeQn Sue
DeQn Sue Is A “Bloody Monster” In New Music Video

    Known for her quirky songs and unique blend of multiple music genres, up-and-coming artist DeQn Sue has just released her music video for her song entitled, "

Janet Jackson, Unbreakable tour
Janet Jackson Kicks Off Tour In Vancouver, Debuts ‘Burn It Up’

Janet Jackson is back, y'all! It's been four years since she last performed on stage, and the iconic singer was back where she belongs kicking off her Unbreakable World

Justin Bieber, VMAs 2015
Justin Bieber Bursts Into Tears After MTV VMAs Performance

I'm sure, as many of you were wondering Sunday night (Aug. 31), what the heck had the Biebs tearing up after his VMAs performance? Well, the singer has finally revealed what

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Makes Historic Visit To Alaska To Talk About Climate Change

US president Barack Obama is currently on a three day visit to Alaska where yesterday, he delivered an empowering speech about the dramatic effects climate change is having no


Hungary Destroys 1k Acre Of GMO Monsanto Maize

Hungary is fighting back against Monsanto and genetic modification. Over one thousand acres of maize, proven to have been planted with genetically modified seeds, has been dest


Hit Musical ‘Rent’ Returns To NYC For Limited Run

Nearly twenty years ago, Jonathan Larson debuted his masterpiece musical, Rent, in the city it's based upon, New York. The critically-acclaimed production ran 12 years on


Cinemax’s Banshee And Outcast To Make New York Comic Con Debut

HBO announced today that for the first time, the Cinemax drama series Banshee and Outcast will have panels at New York Comic Con, being held October 8-11 at the Javits Center i

stranger, flat tire
Viral Video: Young Man Helps Stranger With Flat Tire

The latest social test on the hidden camera show What Would You Do? involved an actor who needed help changing a flat tire. At first, the show used a white actor, who claim

Under The Dome
‘Under The Dome’ Smashed By CBS, Finale Airs This Month

Sci-fi drama Under The Dome has been cancelled, CBS has announced. The show, which is based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King, focuses on the small town of Chester

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.03.45 PM

Step Aside Bruce Willis, Steve Carell Is Taking Your Role

We don't know anything about the upcoming Woody Allen film, but we do know Bruce Willis will no longer be the star.  They have been filming in Los Angeles, but last week Bruc

What's Good? memes

‘What’s Good?’ Memes Mock Nicki Minaj/Miley Cyrus Feud

When a night goes as crazy as the VMAs, the internet always has something to say about it. You can buy a Miley, What's Good? Christmas-style t-shirt, sassy throw pillow, an

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Kanye West for Prez, Yo

As if Sunday's MTV VMA's couldn't have gotten any crazier... they did. Kanye West has decided that in the 2020 Presidential Election, he will be running for president. "I


If I Were Going Back To Hogwarts

Today, September 1st, the Hogwarts Express leaves King's Cross Station at 11am from Platform 9 ¾. Unfortunately, another year has passed where my owl did not arrive. (Although

Courtesy of Twitter
Jensen Ackles Rocks A Cover Of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man

The Supernatural fandom is unique in its ability to lose their stuff over just about anything. And I am no exception. The internet almost came crashing down when a video of Sup

Ben McKenzie, Milo Ventimiglia: Gotham At Wizard World Chicago

Last Sunday at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, the stars of Gotham graced Wizard World Comic Convention with a Q&A panel. In attendance were Ben McKenz

Lapcat, Chicago video

Lapcat Debut Stunning, Lowkey Music Video For ‘Chicago’

Lapcat have brought a mellow, but infectious vibe with their latest single “Chicago.” The music video, premiering exclusively on PopWrapped, is a simple visual highlight

Curious Incident

Exclusive: The Curious Incident Premiere New Track “Diane”

Having already toured across Europe and the rest of the world during their time together, it's a delight for PopWrapped to exclusively unveil a new track from London based pop

Adam Claark

From “King Of The Sky” To “With You”: Exclusive Interview With Singer/Songwriter Adam Clark

    You may not have heard of singer/songwriter Adam Clark before, but that is quickly going to change! He is taking the music scene by storm, and I had the ple


Crepè LaBouche’s Creepy Letters: Oh, Craigslist

Dear Craigslist, Recently, I was home rolling around in my sheets letting my feet find the cold spot. It has been awhile since someone has been in there with me, so I didn't

Yes, It’s Purple: Man Dons EnChroma Colorblind Glasses To See Earth’s Beauty

There aren't many videos on the internet that can break down my stone-cold heart and turn me into a pile of happy tears, but there's something so beautiful about discovery that

Google’s New Humanoid Robot “Atlas” Looks Drunk On A Walk In The Woods

Created by Google-owned robotics company Boston Dynamics, Atlas, described as an "agile, anthropomorphic robot" went on it's first trek outdoors recently, with surprisingly en

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.58.47 AM

Chrissy Picks Her Favorite Looks From The VMAs

The fashion gods must have wanted the VMAs to be risky this year, or at least I think so. From having former Disney starlet Miley Cyrus as the hostess, to showing off some seri

Amber Rose

Amber Rose Embraces Bold Slut Shaming Bodysuit

Amber Rose has a few things to tell you haters... on her body that is. The model wore a tight, colourful,  graffiti jumpsuit with a variety of slut shaming words all over

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Makes Jimmy Kimmel Super Uncomfortable With Sparkly Pasties

Miley Cyrus appeared on Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in true 'Miley fashion', otherwise known as wearing very little fashion. The "Wrecking Ball" singer confidently w


Scream: 01×10, Revelations

After a season of murder, mystery, and spectacular storytelling, MTV's  stellar series Scream has concluded its first season. Who is the killer? Who survives? Who is Emma's si

Awkward: 05×01, Party Amateurs

Last night’s season premiere of Awkward kept to its namesake, but it was much more than that, too (drama central)! I personally love Awkward because while most of it is super

the first step
RWBY RECP: 01×05, The First Step Pt. 2

This be the SAB back with the RWBY RECP for the PopWrapped on the Interwebs. Yeah. *cash money sign* A Nevermore (the giant raven-like Grimm creature) is flying peacefull

New Nintendo 3DS

Animal Crossing And Legend of Zelda New 3DS Coming To U.S.

On September 25, Nintendo will be launching the New Nintendo 3DS--the newest handheld gaming console--in the United States. What's even more exciting is the new limited edi


Rape For Sport: How One RPG Is Testing The Limits Of Gamers

A tabletop RPG game book called Tournament Of Rapists went on sale recently at and it wasn't long before the controversy began. The game blurb describes the pl


Shari Spiro Dishes On AdMagic’s Games And Vision

After spending a good 12 hours of running my butt around the beautiful gaming chaos that is GenCon, I got to take a bit of a breather and sat down with Shari Spiro of AdMagic.


Sir Ian
Sir Ian McKellen Leads With Pride At Manchester Pride Parade

It sure was a Big Weekend in Manchester, England and Sir Ian McKellen leading  the Manchester Pride Parade was one of the highlights. The award-winning Manchester Pride F

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.44.46 AM
Supreme Court Orders Kim Davis To Issue Marriage Licenses

The Supreme Court has rejected Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’ bid for “asylum for her conscience”. The succinct order was released Monday night and simply read, The appli

Kim Davis, marriage license
Bigoted County Clerk Unknowingly Grants Marriage License To Trans Man

Kim Davis is the infamous Rowan County clerk currently refusing to issue marriage licenses to any couple in her jurisdiction. Davis is protesting the legalization of gay marri

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