Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill Gives Some Insight Into Batman V. Superman Plot

It's the ultimate superhero showdown - I mean, maybe. Depending on who you ask - is nearly upon us and it's about time we heard something regarding what on earth is going on in


Ant-Man Trailer Reveals Huge Avengers Spoiler

If you haven't seen this preview and don't want to know anything prior to seeing Ant-Man, look away now! Vulture shared a new Spanish trailer for Ant-Man and it revea


The Faces Of The Revolution Are Revealed In New Mockingjay Part 2 Posters

With the books by Suzanne Collins adored by millions around the world, the Hunger Games franchise has proven itself to be one of the most successful film series ever. Now,


Dave Grohl
Hardcore: An Injured Dave Grohl Performs On “Throne” In D.C.

A broken right leg? Ha! That's nothing to Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Not only did he break his leg on stage in Sweden a few weeks ago and continued performing despi

Nathan Sykes
Nathan Sykes Streams A Secret Show For Fans

Having had considerable success as a member of the now-defunct British boy-band The Wanted, Nathan Sykes has recently launched his solo career and, to mark the release of debut

The Bone Chimes
The Bone Chimes Make Some Noise With Self-Titled EP

Opening with "Precious Curse," this five-piece from New York introduce this collection in rather surprising fashion. Instead of kicking things off with a number that might enco


Disney World Actor Dead In July 4th Firework Explosion

In a terribly unfortunate accident over the holiday weekend, Devon Staples, a retired actor for Disney World, killed himself. He had attempted to launch a firework off his head

Princess Charlotte

A Celebration Fit For A Royal: Princess Charlotte Gets Christened

The latest addition to the Royal Family was christened yesterday at a far more low key event than that of her big brother Prince George. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana,

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Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Married This Weekend?

According to People Magazine, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were MARRIED this weekend!  The stars tied the knot this holiday weekend, a source tells PEOPLE. Reps for the co


Netflix And Amazon Won’t Be Rescuing Hannibal For A Fourth Season

These past couple of weeks have not been kind to my fellow fannibals' and I.  First NBC cancelled Hannibal and then the shows stars were released from their contracts, break

Kit Harington
Did Kit Harington Just Give Us A Lowkey Game Of Thrones Spoiler?

Yes, we may all just be reading into this a lot more than we should, but if you aren't a Game of Thrones lover, I simply do not expect you to understand. WARNING: If you ha

Nicholas Cage of Thrones
“Cage Of Thrones” Is Officially Your New Nightmare Fuel

Nicholas Cage is a pop culture phenomenon, and what's more popular right now than Game of Thrones? Cage of Thrones has become a viral sensation overnight, as an internet use

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Goes NAKED In New Instagram Post

Well..... Hello to you, too, Sir!!! Justin Bieber shocked many of his Instagram followers with a bare ass photo which saw the singer stripped down nude. Usually known as a play

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Admitted In 2005 Deposition To Drugging Women

I need someone to answer something for me.... HOW HAS THIS MAN NOT BEEN CHARGED?! Okay. In new documents recently brought into light, it has been revealed that embattl

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Recovers Like A Boss After Biting The Dust On Stage

Demi Lovato is around town promoting her not new track "Cool for the Summer" with pool parties; having meet and greets in the pool with fans and having a blast.  There's no o


Percy Jackson
Mythology, The Hero’s Journey, And Percy Jackson

Writing has always been a way to escape for me, and a way to explore the way I feel about the world. The hero's journey is something we've all experienced or seen: an unlik

Pop Art
Pop Art: Fandom Artwork For Your Feet

If you like art and you like shoes, then you have come to the right place, friends! For this week's Pop Art, I'm looking at art you can wear on your feet! Do you want to

New Stills From Upcoming Batman Vs Superman Revealed

With San Diego Comic Con right around the corner, fans all over are buzzing with the excitement that comes from meeting their favorite celebrities, enjoying panels, and of cour


Hollywood Meets Kingston: PopWrapped Heads To The Jamaica Film Festival

My excitement can't be contained!!! I'm going to Jamaica for the inaugural Jamaica Film Festival. The Jamaica Film Festival, scheduled to be held in Kingston, July 7 – 11, 20


ICYMI: Budweiser And The Monument Series Kickoff

On June 21, 2015,  Budweiser took over the New York City harbor in triumphant style to kick off its first ever Monument Series. Budweiser brought fans free epic music experiences

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 28:  Honoree Janet Jackson accepts the Ultimate Icon Award onstage during the 2015 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater on June 28, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Mark Davis/BET/Getty Images for BET)

Exclusive: 2015 BET Awards Red Carpet & Show Review

Yeah!! Popwrapped's first BET Awards coverage!! Arriving to the carpet, my camera man, Daniel Thompson and I were greeted by the heat and trust me, that was nothing to play wi


Facebook Adds Snapchat-Style Photo Editing Feature

With so many fun social media platforms for users to enjoy, ranging from Instagram to Tumblr, Facebook has taken the step of moving a little away from the 'simple' style it ha

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Samsung Reveals Ingenious See-Through Safety Trucks

There are probably three major things that can turn a great mood from a peaceful drive into one of pure irritation: traffic, pot holes and being stuck behind a truck. For so

Your Prayers Have Been Answered With Gmail’s New Undo-Send Tool

Everyone is guilty of hitting send on an e-mail before it 's finished or sending a message to the wrong person and instantly putting your head in your hands, knowing it cannot


UNIQLO Teams With Muslim Fashion Blogger For Modest Stylish Line

Who says that modesty can't be fashionable? The Japanese brand, UNIQLO, is known for collaborating with huge names like Disney to working with other designers such as Helmut

Jessica Jung

Former ‘Girls Generation’ Member Jessica Jung Releases Denim Line For Blanc & Eclare

Jessica Jung, also known as the creative director of her own fashion brand Blanc & Eclare, has recently released a denim line after dropping a teaser on YouTube six days ag

Courtesy of BBC

Skinny Jeans: Fashion Trend Or Death Pants?

If you were to by chance catch me running around town in flip-flops and my pajama bottoms in the middle of the day, you'll probably think one of three things: 1. “Oh My G


Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf: 05×03, Dreamcatchers

Only one episode this week Teen Wolf fans!! Teen Wolf continued its already stellar 5th season with ANOTHER whopper of an episode which kicked off with another deputy transf

Courtesy of The Velvet Onion
Humans: 01X02

Here is my recap of Humans 01x02. After last week's ‘Can-you-guess-what’s-going-to-happen-next?’ final scene, you would easily be forgiven for thinking that, when episode

The Last Ship
The Last Ship: 2×04, Solace

Wow!  I have to start with that one word because it defines the whole episode.  This week's The Last Ship 02x04 Solace, starts slow for a total of 30 seconds.  Rachel's film

Mass Effect

E3 2015 News: Mass Effect: Andromeda Coming Next Year

It's that wonderful time of year when E3 sets my heart strumming. I'm already elated about the Final Fantasy VII remake and new Playstation 4, but EA's announcement had my grin

PC Gaming Show

A Boy’s Club: E3’s PC Gaming Show

E3's PC Gaming Show was the first time PC gamers had their very own piece of the world-famous conference dedicated exclusively to them and it was... less than amazing. Sponsore


#E3 2015: Sony Set The Bar High With Outstanding Conference

It that wonderful time of the year once again and all our gamer dreams are coming true. Sony's press conference was one of the last ones for the season and they set a high bar


Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.08.28 PM
Katherine Heigl And Alexis Bledel Feel The Love In ‘Jenny’s Wedding’

In the past week, the Supreme Court made a historic ruling declaring same-sex marriages legal in all 50 states, so it's appropriate that the trailer for a film where such a ma

Drag Race
RuPaul’s Drag Race 7 Stars React to Gay Marriage Ruling

This past Sunday, RuPaul's Drag Race 7 stars congregated as part of Brandon Voss' "Night of 1000 Queens", in honor of New York City gay pride. The event held special signifi

Same-Sex Marriage
Jimmy Kimmel: Kids Explaining Same-Sex Marriage

In a manner only the likes of Jimmy Kimmel could ever get away with, on Monday, the TV show host sent a crew out onto the streets to once and for all prove the critics wrong

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