‘The Good Dinosaur’ Fails To Tug At The Heartstrings

There must be a fascinating backstory to explain how what is quite possibly the most labored-over production in Pixar's history turns out to be one of their most pedestrian and

‘By The Sea’ Box Office Numbers May Threaten ‘Favor’ Films

The “favor” movie – films made by a creative team that includes famous Hollywood actors, producers, and directors – is supposedly dying. One particular movie has not ye

It’s Evans Vs. Downey In First Captain America: Civil War Trailer

The first trailer for the hotly anticipated Captain America: Civil War debuted during Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night (November 24) and it looks absolutely amazing. The rele


Review: Peter Kelly Proves Himself To Be A True Talent With “Don’t Let Me Be Alone”

There’s an intimacy that resonates through Peter Kelly’s music, and from the first few notes of album opener “Live The Dream”, it’s easy to pick up on. His lyrics are

Review: Animal Years – ‘As Yet Untitled’ EP

Despite not yet having a confirmed title, we here at PopWrapped have been fortunate enough to have a sneaky listen to Animal Years’ new EP due out next year and this latest c

Tameca Jones Takes Us Back With ‘Hot And Bothered’

Tameca Jones' "Hot and Bothered" is the perfect mix of old and contemporary, with jazzy rhythms and enough energy to make it a perfect fit on radio.Her vibe immediately re

Fines For The Poor, Showers For The Rich: The California Drought

Robin Hood would have a field day with this one if he dealt in drops of water instead of gold.Debbie Alberts of Apple Valley, California has been very diligent about her fa

Chicago Policeman Charged With 1st Degree Murder

On October 20th of last year, 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was shot and killed by Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke. As you might expect in today's climate, McDonald was bla

Belgians Respond To Lockdown With The Best Cat Memes

This past weekend, Brussels (Belgian's capital) was placed under lockdown because of a "serious and imminent threat" of a potential terrorist attack. Authorities closed school


New Information About BBC’s Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

Can it be December yet? Apart from the Christmas carols that have been playing in some stores since July (yes, there are a few of those out there) we get some awesome BBC goodi

Constantine Might Join Legends Of Tomorrow In Season 2

Constantine managed to create quite a fanbase for itself, despite its short-lived, 13-episode run last year. With fans endlessly petitioning to save the criminally underrated s

Pop 10 Dysfunctional Television Family Thanksgiving Dinners

If you thought your family's Thanksgiving dinner was dysfunctional, think again! For decades, television writers have been crafting some equally disastrous and hilarious Thanksgiv

5 Little-Known Celebs With Millions Of Followers

We all know that Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift are the most followed celebrities on Twitter. Not surprisingly, they are household names in a large part of the wor

10 Celebrities Who You Didn’t Realize Come From Prominent Families

While many celebrities have come from humble backgrounds, there are a few whose achievement is just one of many in a storied lineage. Not to take away from their successes, because

Harrison Ford And Chewbacca Bury The Hatchet On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

A few years ago, Jimmy Kimmel had Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and we learned that Ford and Chewbacca have a beef. Apparently, Chewbacca slept with Ford's wife in the


Buddy Complex Complete Series Review

Anime: Buddy Complex Released By: FUNimation Release Date: November 17, 2015 Retail Price: $54.98For years, mecha genre animes have dominated Japan and the US. A gen

VIECC 2015: More Than Just Comics

Last week PopWrapped hat the great opportunity of visiting Vienna's very first ComicCon: VIECC 2015! Saturday tickets were sold out weeks before the event took place, even more of

Professor Trelawney May Have Predicted The Death Of Albus Dumbledore

So a question sweeping the internet right now has all of us Harry Potter fans crying all over again. The death of Albus Dumbledore at the hands of Severus Snape (seriously, i

Exclusive: Peter Kelly Premieres New Video For “Like We Do”

With a degree in music performance from the Berklee College of Music under his belt, trained guitarist Peter Kelly has, for some time now, known what career path he wanted to fol

Exclusive: Lyndzie Taylor Premieres “What Do I Know” Video

While most bands and artists today tend to be influenced by their modern day counterparts, Lyndzie Taylor is most certainly different. Although she admits to admiring the likes

Exclusive: A Spring Awakening With Michael Arden

Although he is most recognized for his role as Patrick on the FX/FOX comedy series Anger Management starring Charlie Sheen, Michael Arden is also a respected and talented singe


Facebook Ditches The ‘Other’ Inbox

Facebook recently announced a change to the way the company's messaging system will work. Currently, Facebook's messaging system manages two inboxes, one for known users, and a

Skill Or Gambling? Lawsuit Filed Against Fantasy Football Giants

First, Congress started snooping around. On Thursday in Manhattan, a lawsuit was filed against them. On Friday, they counted their profits from the millions of dollars that exc

Microsoft Band 2 Released, Sports A New Design

Microsoft has released a new fitness tracker, called the Microsoft Band 2. How does it stand up to all of the other fitness bands on the market? Read on to find out:This is

Bloomingdale’s Apologizes For Date Rape Ad

Bloomingdale's has issued an apology for an incredibly offensive ad found in their Christmas catalogue. The ad is for Rebecca Minkoff clothing, and features a woman laughing wh

Rebel Wilson Sparks A Plus-Sized Revolution

Australian comedienne and actress Rebel Wilson is well known for her hysterical antics onscreen -- like that time she showed us how to Mermaid Dance or when showed off her wooh

The Doll Life’s Ashphord Talks Lolita Fashion On And Off The Runway

The Doll Life is a reality show following Cyril, Dolldelight's Fashion Designer, and her models Stephanie, Ashphord, and Audra as they navigate the world of Lolita fashion and


Quantico: 01×09, Guilty

(Missed last week's episode? Check out the recap here.)“Guilty”PresentBefore the FBI can interrogate Alex, an agent named Wells walks in with his lackeys and a

The Walking Dead: 06X08, Start To Finish

After last week's episode, I can only imagine what awaits us this week. It's going to be hard to top Glenn's fate being revealed and all the other crazy stuff that went down;

Doctor Who: 09×11, Heaven Sent

Have you just about recovered from last week's episode? Does it feel somehow like Clara has already been gone for ages? Are you looking forward to the new dynamic of Capaldi's

The Friday The 13th Video Game Has Been Funded

Well, I officially cannot wait until October of 2016! The horror survival game Friday the 13th based on the epically popular film franchise will be coming back to consoles with

‘Super Star Wars’ Coming to PS4 and PS Vita This Week

Super Star Wars is being released for the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita tomorrow! Super Star Wars was a video game released for the Super Nintendo in 1992. Based off of A New

Stack-Up.Org Supports Veterans With Video Games

A new military charity has launched that supports active troops and veterans alike through video games. Based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Stack-Up.Org was founded by US


Anry Fuentes Is School’s First Trans Cheerleader

After struggling with her gender and sexual identity for years, Anry Fuentes has made history by becoming California's first trans cheerleader. Like many high school students,

Tennessee City Commissioner Bullies Gay Teen

The City Commissioner of Lakeland, Tennessee, Clark Plunk, took to his Facebook page in order to make a series of hateful comments about a local teenaged boy, and the LGBT+ c

Awkward Star Jillian Rose Reed Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Fund ‘Elevator Stories’ Web Series

Not content with being a celebrity spokesperson for both the Breaking The Chains  organization, as well as the American Diabetes Association Los Angeles Chapter where she w

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