Original Poltergeist Actor Denies “Cast Curse”

  As the remake for Poltergeist hits cinemas this weekend, one of the original stars from the 1982 version has spoken out about the myths surrounding the film, which sa


Loudinni Reviews: TOMORROWLAND

It had to happen I guess. 2015 has been a remarkably strong year for big, Hollywood, tent-pole films. From Cinderella to Fast & Furious 7 and even Mad Max, these are much

Mario Kart: Fury Road

Travel Down Mario Kart: Fury Road

Did you go see Mad Max? Did you like it? Do you like Mario Kart? Of course you do. Dumb question. Well, prepare for the best of both worlds! Presenting: Mario Kart: Fur


Xenia Ghali
Exclusive: Xenia Ghali Hits Hard With “Prophecy”

It’s not been long since Xenia Ghali dropped her brand-new, Wyclef Jean-assisted single, “Get Dirty”. With a music video in the works, the producer and DJ found time to

Sweden Takes Home The Eurovision Song Contest 2015

First of all: Huge congratulations to Sweden and Mans Zelmerlöw in particular. This year’s finale of the Eurovision Song Contest was filled with ballads, black dresses wi

Bang Dem
Meghan Trainor Fans MUST See This: Bang Dem Taps!

If you love Meghan Trainor's hit song "Bang Dem Sticks" you HAVE to check this out!  You've probably seen endless videos with vocal covers of pop music, but no one else co


65-Year-Old German Grandmother Gives Birth To Quadruplets

Look out Michelle Duggar, there's a new breeding machine ready to grab the spotlight! Sixty-five-year-old Annegret Raunigk of Germany has made her dubious mark on history a

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran & Kermit The Frog Team Up To Sing Rainbow Connection

This generation's most lovable singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran has teamed up with one of the most iconic characters of all time, Kermit the Frog, to belt out a tune in behalf of

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Protests Erupt Around Another Police-Sanctioned Killing

First off, let's clarify that using the term "officer-involved shooting" is bullshit because it's jargon meant to imply that either the cop was shot or did the shooting and is


Beyonce Pleases Chilean Fans By Shouting The Name Of Their Hometown Soccer Hero

Beyonce is a multi-talented star, she can sing , she can act, she can dance. But one other thing that has made her so successful over the years is her innate ability to connect

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones: The Musical

A Game of Thrones musical done by Coldplay sounds like a terrible idea, but it kinda sorta happened and it was actually one of the best things that hit the internet this week.

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt To Do More Marvel Movies ; Apologies For Upcoming Press Tour

Chris Pratt’s star is steadily rising every day. Having found success in last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy and soon to be seen in this year’s blockbuster Jurassic World,

Steven Moffat

Steven Moffat Excavates The Doctor’s Tomb

Remember that one episode of Doctor Who? Trenzelore? River Song? The Doctor's final resting place? Giant TARDIS leaking it's sciency wiency stuff everywhere? Remember how t

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls’ Scott Patterson Reveals Potential Onscreen Reunion?

Hey Gilmore Girls fans! It's time to start freaking out! Stars Hollow's very own Luke Dane was recently interviewed and sorta spilled the beans. Scott Patterson revealed that t


Disney Goes Back To Basics With ‘Moana’

Disney movies have been on a bit of a wild roller coaster since the old days. We all have our own opinions about Frozen, and I'm pretty sure its "cult classic" status is still


Xenia Ghali
Exclusive: Xenia Ghali Hits Hard With “Prophecy”

It’s not been long since Xenia Ghali dropped her brand-new, Wyclef Jean-assisted single, “Get Dirty”. With a music video in the works, the producer and DJ found time to

Performing At The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest!

... an amazing day with lots of great people. I performed at the City Hall in Vienna for the Eurovision Songcontest 2015 with my choir:! There you have it. Alth

Shayna Leigh
Exclusive: Shayna Leigh’s Official Music Video Premiere For “Last Criminal” And Her List Of Her Favorite Heroes

Shayna Leigh's new single "Last Criminal" may have been out for a while, but her highly anticipated video has finally arrived. From start to finish, you're gonna want to see ev


Want To Be “Chosen?” New App Revolutionizes Competition Shows

PopWrapped has an exclusive look into a new app you’re going to love! What’s it called? Chosen. Singing competitions like The Voice and American Idol are a thing of the

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Announces The Retirement Of Internet Explorer In Windows 10

Much to the delight of most internet users (and to the chagrin of grandparents) everywhere, Internet Explorer is finally saying farewell. Microsoft has officially announced

Xbox hacks

18-Year-Old Arrested On Suspected Xbox Live And PSN Hacks

An 18-year-old man was arrested in Merseyside, England on suspicion of the hacks against PSN and Xbox Live, as well as threats to “kill.” He is also being held accountable


Monty Geer for Creative Recreation
Awkward’s Monty Geer Flies Fearlessly With Apparel Brand Creative Recreation

Between keeping their followers up on new music and the latest fashion trends, the creative masterminds over at apparel company Creative Recreation tend to find a young cel

Onch Movement Releases Delightfully Cute “Home” Inspired Jewelry Collection

The healing powers of Nicki Minaj's boobs may not be the only thing with super powers! Clear quartz is rumored to have such powers, as well as fighting off negative energy.

Zendaya Responds To Giuliana Rancic’s Disrespectful Remark

The 2015 Oscars were a night to remember, giving many celebrities and stars the chance to show off their looks. However, this year, Giuliana Rancic caused a number of heads to


Game Of Thrones: 5×07, The Gift

Last week's episode left us with a shocking ending that horrified many , and although the latest episode offered few solace with what transpired, we are given a nice consolatio


Supernatural: 10X23, Brother’s Keeper

10 years have gone by since Sam & Dean Winchester rolled into our lives in Dean's 1967 Chevy Impala. What a long, strange trip it's been. Supernatural has never been a nor

Courtesy of ABC

‘American Skyper’ On This Week’s Modern Family

It's the season six finale of Modern Family this week, and it started with the main theme of the season: Alex's graduation! The entire family gathered to celebrate Alex's a


Xbox One
Get This Limited Edition Xbox One Bundle!

Halo Fans Unite! Microsoft will be releasing a special edition White Xbox One with Halo: Master Cheif Collection. This bundle includes Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo: Comba

xbox live rewards
Xbox Live Rewards Hand Out Prizes Like A Gaming Santa Claus

Well dang Alina, don't leave us hanging, what is it? Oh yeah... my bad, guys. Xbox Live Rewards is giving away prizes! Yes, you read that correctly; prizes such as fi

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Myst TV Series Is Coming To Hulu

The best selling PC game of the 90s, Myst, is coming back to screens in a big way. According to reports, a TV series based on the 1991 hit PC point and click adventure game


Irish Swarm #HometoVote For Marriage Equality

It’s a long way to Tipperary, it’s a long way to go... but that’s not stopping some Irish people, who are traveling by planes, trains and automobiles to make it back to a

homosexual complaint

Nebraska Woman Crowns Herself As Holy Ambassador, Sues All Homosexuals

Fair warning, I don't even know if I can get through this without laughing hysterically, so forgive me now for the snark I'm about to slather all over this article. Apparent

Randy Boehning

Anti-Gay Lawmaker Boehning Exposed For Sharing Nude Pics On Grindr

Republican Rep. Randy Boehning is doing major damage control after a Grindr user revealed that the North Dakota lawmaker had sent him nude photos. Dustin Smith of Bismarck,


John Oliver
John Oliver Blasts The ‘Chickenf*ckers’ Exploiting America’s Poultry Farmers

When you hear people speaking about the evils of the commercial chicken farming industry, the focus is usually the animal cruelty involved and/or the harmful environmental impa

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen NOT Appearing In Fuller House

Sorry Michelle Tanner fans. Fans of "Full House" received amazing news when Netflix finally announced that a rebooted, sequel series would be taking place in 2016 called "Fu

TLC Yanks 19 Kids And Counting From Their Lineup

So long. By now, you're all very well aware of the sexual molestation admission by Josh Duggar of '19 Kids and Counting'. and the statements made by his parents and wife.

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