Will Blade’s Daughter Be Marvel’s Newest Superhero To Take A Bite Out Of Theaters?

Rumor has it that Marvel is working on a new Blade movie but this time it won't star Wesley Snipes. A new series of comics follow Blade's daughter, Fallon Grey. Tim Seeley, ser

Star Wars Instagram

The Blue Lightsaber: The Star Wars Instagram Gave Us A Video Surprise

If you're anything like me, you hang onto every little juicy detail about the new Star Wars film as much as possible. They've done a great job keeping most of the secrets on l

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One More Spider-Man Character To Appear In ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Captain America: Civil War is shaping up to the biggest movie event of 2016, and with good reason. With a whos-who cast of actors lead by Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and Sca


LA Duo Korbee Dazzle With Acoustic Video For “Great Escape”

As a duo that have been together since 2012, Korbee have, since breaking away from Daniel Jones of Savage Garden with whom they used to write and perform, on more than one occa

5 Seconds Of Summer Cause Hysteria In Toronto, Canada

My ears are still ringing.  "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"That's the background music to absolutely everything today and I've never been this happy and annoyed simultane

Ed Sheeran, Gingerbread Man Records
Ed Sheeran Introduces Gingerbread Man Records And First Signed Act

As if Ed Sheeran wasn’t already taking over the world, now he’s using his influence to help rising artists get a shot at the big time, too. Late last year, he announced

Girl Scouts

The Weekly Happynings: Tiny Cats, Super Girl Scouts And More

There is a universal law that we internet users have accepted as fact: A lot of the world sucks, hard, and you must be prepared to feel the weight of humanity on your shoulders


CEO Lends His Private Jet As Personal Charter For Grateful Moms

Three Americans were in Europe when they became overnight heroes. While on a train going from Amsterdam to Paris, they stopped a man from potentially committing a massacre. A m


Firefighters Help Ailing Man Mow His Yard After Heart Attack

We all need a little help from time to time, and the men and women who are first responders to our crises are some of the most noble people on the planet. So when a man in Spri


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American Horror Story Could Air Two Seasons In 2016

Here's some very unexpected horror news, courtesy of Ryan Murphy! American Horror Story fans could have a lot to enjoy in 2016, with a discussion taking place that could air

hemlock grove season 3
Hemlock Grove Season 3 Date Announced With Teaser

My craving for Hemlock Grove has left me anxious for its third season for more than a year, and earlier this week Hemlock Grove received confirmation for its third season strea

Supernatural S11
Will God Be Revealed In Supernatural Season 11?

Speculation has run rampant about what the Darkness holds in store for the Winchesters in Supernatural's upcoming 11th season, but one of the favorite fan theories may have jus

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Shows Off Some Killer Lip-Sync Skills

We all know Dubsmash has brought out the best in people.  It's given us celebrity wars (I'm lookin at you Hayley Atwell and Clark Gregg).   The app has let us all bring our

Avril Lavigne

Tumblr Post Sparks Mini Spat Between Taylor’s ‘Swifties’ and Avril’s ‘Little Black Stars’

There's no denying that artists are often more than happy to get up close to their fans, need it be during shows, in public or at meet and greets. But a recent Tumblr post,

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Has A Trio Of Empowering Women Join Her On Stage During LA Concert

Taylor Swift's girl-squad just got a whole lot bigger after she invited Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines, Ellen DeGeneres and Alanis Morissette to join her on stage during he


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Toonami Adds Yu Yu Hakusho To Pre-Flight Streaming

  Toonami succeeded in making anime fans pleasantly happy by adding the cult classic Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files to its brand-new Pre-Flight streaming schedule on Adult

Sentai Filmworks Unveils The English Dub Cast For Hamatora

Sentai Filmworks recently announced the English dub-cast for their highly anticipated September release Hamatora: The Animation; a humorous, dramatic and action packed series l

PopArt: Appreciating The Amazing Art Of Cosplay

According to the internet, the last weekend in August is all about Cosplay. International Cosplay Day kicks off this Saturday and encourages people from all over the world to d

Curious Incident

Exclusive: The Curious Incident Premiere New Track “Diane”

Having already toured across America, as well as Europe and the rest of the world during their time together, it's a delight for PopWrapped to exclusively unveil a new track f

Adam Claark

From “King Of The Sky” To “With You”: Exclusive Interview With Singer/Songwriter Adam Clark

    You may not have heard of singer/songwriter Adam Clark before, but that is quickly going to change! He is taking the music scene by storm, and I had the ple

Leo Davis

Exclusive: Upcoming Talent Leo Davis Premieres New Mash-Up Video With PopWrapped

Determined to make his mark on the music scene, PopWrapped is delighted to exclusively premiere upcoming R&B, alt-pop artist Leo Davis’ new live recorded, self-produced m


Yes, It’s Purple: Man Dons EnChroma Colorblind Glasses To See Earth’s Beauty

There aren't many videos on the internet that can break down my stone-cold heart and turn me into a pile of happy tears, but there's something so beautiful about discovery that

DIY hologram projector
Create A Hologram Projector…Using Your Smartphone?

It’s official, the future has arrived... We finally have holograms! Remember the first time you watched Sta Wars and you were convinced that we’d all be using holograms

New Horizons Spacecraft Shows Us Pluto Up Close

As space-lovers everywhere continue to ponder the mysteries of the skies and our solar system, today (July 14), NASA's New Horizons spacecraft provided the first in-detail image


Chrissy Picks The Best Looks From The Teen Choice Awards

From gorgeous gals to stylish studs, this year's Teen Choice Awards are graced by the Gods of Fashion once more. In no particular order, here are my favorite looks from the eve


Teen With Down Syndrome Walks The Runway At NYFW

Not long ago, 18 year-old Madeline Stuart set her sights on becoming a model. She worked hard and, with the help of her mother, Madeline lost 44 pounds to keep a healthy figu


100 Years of Men’s Swimwear In 3 Minutes

It's always fascinating when one takes the time to look back at how much society has evolved over time, especially when it comes to our clothing. Clothing styles throughout


Dominion: 02×08, The Longest Mile Home

Previously, my heart broke while watching Dominion. We start right back in the creepy grocery store where Julian’s Eightballs are going to make their way in.  Alex doesn

Fine Line
Public Morals 01×01, A Fine Line

TNT's new show, Public Morals debuted Tuesday night and we're here to tell you all about it! Public Morals is written, directed and produced by star Edward Burns (27 Dresses,

Scream: 01×09, The Dance

We are approaching the ending of Scream, and my paranoia is at an all-time high. With Seth Branson (or…Seth Palmer) in custody, everyone assumed they could return to their da

Assassin's Creed

First look At Michael Fassbender In Assassin’s Creed Is Dark And Sexy

Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Except for this picture, this picture is true.  Yahoo have bagged themselves the exclusive look at Michael Fassbender in the upcom

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Dear Rockstar Games: Here’s My GTA V Online Wishlist

We all have come to recognize my favoritism for the Grand Theft Auto franchise; I even have a wishlist about the online aspect of the game. I have listened to my online friends


Nintendo’s 2015 Game Release Timeline Is Made Of Our Dreams

While it's shocking that the holiday season is almost upon us, we've got some great Nintendo news that will get you excited about the fall and winter. Earlier today, the lov


Last Week Tonight
Last Week Tonight Discusses Civil Rights

On Sunday, Last Week Tonight aired its last show before taking a two-week break and returning on September 13. Host John Oliver left viewers with a number of interesting topics

first transgender
White House Hires First Transgender Staff Member

Earlier this week (August 18) Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, a 28 year old transgender woman, made history by being the first openly transgender staff member hired to work at the Whit

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Gay Kentucky Couple Wrongfully Denied Marriage Certificate Again

Pro-discrimination and overall stellar human being Kim Davis has a hold of the Rowan county marriage license printer and is still pouting that those damned gays can get married

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