Marvel’s Infinity War To Feature The Guardians Of The Galaxy

We may not know a lot about Marvel's latest Avengers: Infinity War, but thanks to Groot voice actor Vin Diesel, we can put a check mark next to another big hero team. In a Fac

Loudinni Reviews: Pete’s Dragon Delivers On Nostalgia

Man, I did a lot of ugly face crying during this movie, more than once. I understood it was shameless emotional manipulation, but I felt like I got a sufficient payoff at the e

Loudinni Reviews: Sausage Party

Although the title Sausage Party  is a cute double entendre, a more apt title would have been Grocery Porn. I mean, the main thrust (no pun intended) of the narrative is that


Hannah Gill And The Hours Talk New Music & Social Media

Combining 70’s style pop-rock with contemporary soul and blues, then blending them into sweet and sultry songs packed with honesty and emotion, Hannah Gill & The Hours ma

Albis Talks His Animals EP, Social Media & Upcoming Performances

Inspired by the likes of Neil Young, Elliott Smith and Dinosaur Jr among others, Oscar Albis Rodriguez, going by his band name Albis, is a composer, song-writer and producer wh

Future Soul Chats ‘Elastic Love’, Tour Plans & Dream Show Line-Ups

As the debut solo project from musician Nicholas Tillery, Future Soul is a name you’ll be hearing plenty of in the coming months. Having made waves with his single “Process

Michael Moore Says Donald Trump Is Purposefully Sabotaging His Campaign

This presidential campaign has certainly been interesting. Adding another level of interest, Michael Moore published an open letter claiming Donald Trump may be trying to sabot

Ryan Lochte And Other Olympic Swimmers Robbed In Rio

Even Olympic medalists aren't immune to robbery. Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger, and Jimmy Feigen were robbed at gunpoint this last Sunday in Rio de Janeiro. The U.S. O

Olympian Gabby Douglas Responds To Social Media Criticism

Being a female athlete is hard enough without harsh criticism from your peers and followers. Gabby Douglas has received a slew of hurtful comments via social media, attacking


Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Pranks Trump Supporters

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, the charmingly immature canine, best known for his Conan O'Brien sketches, is back in an all-new Hulu exclusive special, and you're going to love

Creator And Showrunner Of NBC’s ‘Powerless’ Exits Show

The show hasn't even premiered yet and it is already hitting rocky water! The upcoming NBC show Powerless is a workplace comedy set in DC's superhero world, but the newest re

Thomas Gibson Fired From Criminal Minds After Physical Altercation

The BAU team on Criminal Minds has faced a lot of different challenges and twists over the years, but this is one no one could have ever expected.Thomas Gibson, who plays

Awkward Star Monty Geer Shares Hilarious Pokemon GO Video

More than a decade after it first captured the attention of young people everywhere, Pokemon has once again found itself the talk of the world.With Pokemon GO currently an

Justin Bieber Makes Good On His Threat For Private Instagram

Justin Bieber got mad at fans for posting hate for his current girlfriend, Sofia Richie, on some of his Instagram photos. Well, he made good on that threat and made his Instagr

Selena Gomez Has Some Advice For Ex-Beau Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez has always had a good head on her shoulders and has always appreciated her fans. So when her former boyfriend Justin Bieber started threatening his fans, she did s


Jurassic World: What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 9 (Fanfic Friday)

We have arrived at the conclusion of our dinosaur-filled tale! We hope you've enjoyed the ride. What Could Go Wrong?: Chapter 9 Owen and Alan got everyone off the pontoon sa

The Devil Is A Part Timer (Complete Series Review)

Anime: The Devil Is A Part Timer! Released By: Funimation Release Date: July 7, 2016 Retail Price: $44.98If you’ve ever wondered how satan may fare in the world as

Jurassic World: What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 8 (Fanfic Friday)

We're so close to the end of this Jurassic World story, which means we need to discuss what comes next. We have a Star Trek Beyond story that is almost complete and may be th

Stabwounds Premiere New EP ‘Goody Goody’ & New Video “Kills”

Here at PopWrapped, we pride ourselves on delivering exciting and new music to you, our fantastic readers, and today, we have not one exclusive for you, but TWO!The lovely

Exclusive: Nick Deutsch’s New Single ‘Meteor’ Soars

Nick Deutsch is premiering his newest single, “Meteor,” with us today (August 15). We first introduced you to him with his debut EP, Crazy Ride, which he released with an i

Exclusive: Chelsea Shag Hits The Streets In Updated ‘New Perfume’ Visual

Chelsea Shag becomes the talk of the town in her vibrant "New Perfume" visual...Canadian born songstress Chelsea Shag is currently burning up the Atlanta music scene with h


Apple Teams Up With South Korean Battery Company For Apple Car

Yes, you read that correctly: the Apple car. Apple was approached by Samsung last year "to develop battery technologies for its wideley rumored electric vehicle" and has since

Watch Out Snapchat, Instagram Debuts ‘Stories’ Feature

It looks like Instagram has bought into the age-old adage; if you can't beat em, join em.This week, Instagram released an all new feature for iOS and Android users that ena

How Mr. Robot’s Virtual Reality Short Film Changes The Game

Now that San Diego Comic-Con is over, some of the fun surprises from the convention are finally being released to the public for everyone to see. Previously, we talked about t

Shoe Fans Rejoice, Louboutin’s Nude Flats Are Here

Finding comfortable ballet flats in nude shades that resemble your own skin tone can often be a struggle. In fact, if you fall anywhere outside of the usual taupe-tastic beiges s

Awaiting Outlander’s S2 Premiere With A Tribute To Ladies In Red

With the second season of Outlander less than two weeks away, the Starz hit continues to release tantalizing bits of episode clips and publicity stills of its characters clad

MAC Instagram Hit With Racism After Newest Ad

MAC Cosmetics were hit with a storm of racist comments regarding their newest ad campaign...When a company makes a product, it is usually geared towards everybody. That mea


Scream: 02×11, Heavenly Creatures

We're approaching the end of Scream season 2 and everyone has felt loss courtesy of the killer. This week begins with Noah being hospitalized for his wounds, still traumatized

Scream: 02×10, The Vanishing

This week's episode of Scream promised an intense chapter and there was definitely no disappointment - but before we dive into the gory details, let's pick up where we last lef

Scream: 02×09, The Orphanage

With the episodes of season 2 getting down to the wire, we get closer to unmasking the killer of MTV’s Scream - but before we make anymore guesses, let’s begin with Emma. T

5 Takeaways From The Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Panel From A Non-Gamer

Despite being a lover of all things Comic-Con, I am not an avid gamer in the slightest. So when I found myself at the Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Panel at SDCC, I was intrig

Pokémon Go In The Process Of Allowing Pokéstop Location Changes

Nobody could have guessed the popularity of Pokémon Go, the virtual reality app that currently has more daily users than Twitter. But with great power comes great responsibil

SDCC: Blizzard Gives ‘Legion’ The Comic Book Treatment And More

 During the San Diego Comic Con panel on Thursday, Dave Kosak and company discussed about what madness is about to take place in Azeroth. He started off asking who cou



American Horror Story Season Six SPOILERS BELOW! It’s been more than six-months since Ryan Murphy and Co. permanently checked out of “Hotel,” and until now, very few clue

Teenager Comes Out To Family At Disneyland Like A Boss

Coming out can be one of the most difficult and most important moments in a person's life. It can either change a person's life for the better or for the worse. The happiest p

Hillary Clinton Marches In NYC Pride Parade

All around America, people are gathering in different cities to celebrate pride month. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton joined in on the festivities

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