Brie Larson Is Officially Captain Marvel

One of the most hotly anticipated announcement at this year's San Diego Comic Con, especially among the Carol Corps, was of the actress who would bring Carol Danvers, their bel

The First ‘Justice League’ Trailer Has Arrived

While Batman V Superman was highly criticized for its lack of fun and shaky plot, one point viewers really seemed to enjoy about the movie was the first silver screen debut of

The ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Has Been Unleashed At SDCC

Brace for impact! The Wonder Woman trailer has officially been unleashed as San Diego Comic Con continues to release the latest and greatest information regarding the future D


Fast And Furious: Chameleon Technology Releases “Blank Canvas”

There is something instantly awesome about Costa Mesa, California’s own Chameleon Technology. It might be the obvious punk/metal aggression, the fast-paced, high adrenaline,

Zoe Sky Jordan Shares Her Latest Track “Smoke”

We've all heard the phrase "music is therapy" and for Zoe Sky Jordan, it rings particularly true. To my mind, we all have that one song that gets us through the good and the ba

Darkly Dreaming: Sluka Releases New Album Introversions

From San Diego comes the darkly inspired music of the talented and ambitious band Sluka. Releasing their newest Gothic rock album Introversions, this musical act is honoring ev

Editorial: How A Loud And Proud Liberal Is Preparing For A Donald Trump Presidency

The Republican National Convention has come to an end, and Donald Trump is officially the 2016 republican presidential candidate.Let that marinate for a moment.Donald T

Munich Shooter Leaves Nine Dead And Sixteen Injured

While we may be enjoying ourselves at Comic-Con and other festivities this time of year, it is important for us all to keep up with other events around the world. Germany suffe

Los Angeles Is About To Demolish A Huge Piece Of Disney History

The Los Angeles Craftsman bungalow that doubled as Walt Disney's home and the first Disney animation studio is about to become a pile of rubble.  Located at 4406 Kingswell Ave


Ioan Gruffudd Chats With Us About His New Role On UnREAL, Why Constance Zimmer Is Like Baryshnikov And The Euro Cup

Everyone I knew was immediately jealous of me after I interviewed Ioan Gruffudd. And let’s be real, they are right to be jealous. I would be jealous too. Not only was he eloq

San Diego Comic-Con: The Cast And Crew Of The Magicians

So much has happened in this first season of The Magicians we cannot contain ourselves! The cast attended its first Comic-Con this year to our utter joy. We got to sit down wit

American Gods Trailer And Casting Announcement At SDCC

Starz and its massive American Gods panel did not disappoint fans at this year's San Diego Comic Con. In addition to making a major casting announcement at the beginning of the

John Barrowman Answers Fan Questions At San Diego Comic-Con

First off, it is very unfair that John Barrowman's legs look so much better than mine. Secondly, this man is hilarious. The first thing I see when I walk inside the Comic-Con b

Former Playmate Dani Mathers Lawyers Up

It's been over a week since the firestorm Dani Mathers brought down upon herself erupted, and the fallout seems to have no end in sight. In case you still don't know who Dani

Dominic Cooper Says There’s Talk Of A Third Season For Agent Carter At SDCC

Agent Carter fans exploded with excitement Friday when actor Dominic Cooper reported there were talks about another season of the canceled show due to fan demand. During an EW


Buffy The Musical: A San Diego Comic-Con Fan Experience

Every convention I go to, whether it's the SWPACA in Albuquerque, New Mexico or Comic-Con in San Diego, they always have a panel dedicated to the musical episode of Buffy the

Teen Wolf, 5 Seconds Of Summer, And Shadowhunters Amongst Big Winners At MTV Fandom Awards 2016

And that's a wrap on the 2016 MTV Fandom Awards! Check out a full list of winners and get a full recap of the awards show here...Last night (July 21) MTV took over Petco Pa

Why MAC’s New Star Trek Collection Is the Next Must-Have On Your List

San Diego Comic-Con is underway and it's no surprise that Star Trek is one of the main topics of this year's convention.Star Trek, which is currently celebrating it's 50th

Exclusive: Nick De La Hoyde Gets Glitchy On His JDEL & ZUZU ‘Never Gonna Beg For It’ Remix

Rising Aussie rapper Nick de la Hoyde gets glitchy on the dangerously sexy JDEL & ZUZU remix of current single "Never Gonna Beg For It."Earlier this year Nick de la Ho

Exclusive: Joe Mazzello On Why ‘Undrafted’ Is Not Your Typical Baseball Movie

Joe Mazzello's new film Undrafted makes an intramural baseball playoff game feel like the World Series, and though it's rooted in comedy, the film exposes a much bigger story

Exclusive: Eriel Indigo Kicks Off Her ‘Galactivate’ Era With ‘Born An Angel’

Eriel Indigo jumpstarts a new era of music with her seraphic new single "Born An Angel!" Get an exclusive first listen and learn more about her upcoming debut album below!


Gawker Media Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Not only has Gawker Media been put through the legal ringer, but it is now filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The media organization is "currently appealing a $140 mi

Download Facebook Moments Or Kiss Your Synced Photos Goodbye

Just in case you didn't have enough Facebook apps on your phone (here's looking at you, Facebook Messenger) you should be prepared to download Facebook Moments.That is, if

Pornhub Will Pay $25,000 To Whoever Can Hack Their Website

One of the most popular pornography websites, Pornhub, has launched a "bug bounty program for security researchers and bug hunters who can find and report security vulnerabili

Shoe Fans Rejoice, Louboutin’s Nude Flats Are Here

Finding comfortable ballet flats in nude shades that resemble your own skin tone can often be a struggle. In fact, if you fall anywhere outside of the usual taupe-tastic beiges s

Awaiting Outlander’s S2 Premiere With A Tribute To Ladies In Red

With the second season of Outlander less than two weeks away, the Starz hit continues to release tantalizing bits of episode clips and publicity stills of its characters clad

MAC Instagram Hit With Racism After Newest Ad

MAC Cosmetics were hit with a storm of racist comments regarding their newest ad campaign...When a company makes a product, it is usually geared towards everybody. That mea


UnREAL: 02×07, Ambush

Tonight’s episode was powerful. Viewers could have expected that when a disclaimer about gun control, race and police violence came up on screen before the episode started, b

Scream: 02×07, “Let The Right One In”

After the killer's public announcements, Scream has every character on edge and a few familiar faces in jeopardy on this week's episode - plus major points for a chase scene!

UnREAL: 02×06, Casualty

The sixth episode of UnREAL’s stellar second season, Casualty, was directed by star Shiri Appleby, who talked to us about her directorial debut on UnREAL. Come back tomorrow

Pokemon Go: Rare Pokemon Causes Crowd Rush in Central Park

I've seen it with my own eyes: you're walking down a very popular public place, with hoards of people moving in circles, their eyes fixated on their phone. While many wou

Pokémon Go: Where Are the Legendary Pokemon?

It's been almost a week since people have downloaded the massively successful Pokemon Go app and have taken to their own adventures to be the very best trainer they can be.

Pokemon GO Helped Woman Discover Cheating Boyfriend

A New York resident just found out her boyfriend cheated on her by tracking his Pokemon GO activity!Pokemon GO may be fresh out of its beta stage, but it's already caught t


Hillary Clinton Marches In NYC Pride Parade

All around America, people are gathering in different cities to celebrate pride month. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton joined in on the festivities

Tyler Oakley Teams Up With Heard Well Records For ‘Pride Jams’ Compilation

Tyler Oakley teamed up with Heard Well Records to release a compilation album celebrating love, acceptance, and Pride Month jams...YouTuber Tyler Oakley has joined the ran

Police Arrest Heavily Armed Man Near L.A. Pride

It's hard to believe that we live in a world where bad things can happen in quick succession. A "heavily armed Indiana man" was apprehended by police on his way to the L.A. Pri

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