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'Game Over, Man!' Review: A Funny Ride If You Can Turn Off Your Brain

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
03/28/2018 12:09 am
PopWrapped | Movies
'Game Over, Man!' Review: A Funny Ride If You Can Turn Off Your Brain | Game Over, Man! film review
Media Courtesy of IMDB/Netflix

Netflix's Game Over, Man! is a type of slapstick comedy film we have seen, many times before. A group of guy friends trying to find themselves and achieve something end up in a convoluted adventure, which makes little sense.

Frankly, I think this it the type of movies get started because a group of dudes just happen to get drunk and start writing, and if you have enough star power (or connections) like the trio of Adam Devine, Blake Anderson and Ander Holms, who wrote the screenplay and are the stars of the movie, it will get green-lit for release.

The plot is simple and formulaic; our trio in this case are hotel housekeepers who are pitching their video game technology to a son-of-a-billionaire middle eastern social media influencer who just happens to hold a celebrity party in their hotel. Unfortunately, a group of terrorists decided to attack the hotel and holds their benefactor hostage. ...and so their adventure begins as they bumble their way towards killing every bad guy. 

Not to say that films of this formula are bad. One notable comedy about dude friends in an adventure that was able to deliver a great humorous plot with excellent acting chops was Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse. There was also the Hangover films, not to mention that the British institution, The Inbetweeners was able to sustain the comedy through three television seasons and two movies.

So, does Game Over, Man!  stand up? No, really it does not. It is funny, there is that, if you just want to laugh for a while and turn off your brain, this movie is perfect. There will be a few disturbing parts, that will not be acceptable equally on both liberal and conservative leaning people. I''m talking about an unecessary blowing up a dog scene. I'm sorry, when you just want to laugh out loud, certain disgusting scene or somewhat bigoted scenes may get a pass, but blowing up a dog? That is a big "no."

The celebrity cameos did not help either. It felt a little forced. Sometimes too much starpower can be a drawback. As for the performance, well the trio of stars had excellent comedic timing, while drama is considered the epitome for actors. The truth is the effort someone has to put into comedy is oftentimes underrated. Devine, Holms and Anderson are actually great arists in the genre, but still it does not save the whole film, and again I reiterate, it is is funny, just turn off your brain first or maybe have a beer, or twelve.

Game Over, Man! is now available worldwide on Netflix.




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