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‘Goliath’ Breakdown Review For S2x05-08

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
06/21/2018 11:24 pm
PopWrapped | Reviews
‘Goliath’ Breakdown Review For S2x05-08 | Goliath Season 2 Review
Media Courtesy of Prime Video

We’re back for the second half of Goliath’s season 2, and I forgot to mention Gabriel killed Wyatt’s playthings at the end of episode four. Whew, now that we’ve let that out, let’s sum up our review. Last season ended on a high with the victory in the courtroom, with the major death happening early on. For season 2, they waited until the last two episodes to bring the pain. Though, we would like to admit that we called Marisol out as evil from the first moment we saw her. The first season of Goliath was so good, so the second had a lot to live up to, but it succeeded, and even surpassed it in some ways. This time around, the writers, creators, and production team were fearless and that makes for great TV. Let’s get to the breakdown.

Episode 5 - ‘Who’s Gabriel’: So, at the end of the first four answers, Billy had a face to face with Roman, but it came to no success, then anyway. Denise is working for Marisol, and we still feel like she’s way more evil then the show is portraying her, like, she’s a mastermind. Billy moves his attempt on Roman as an informant to full effect by meeting with the wife, allowing Roman to come home and find them together, talking. Luckily, his efforts seal the deal and Roman is willing to testify against the others in his dirty work, to free Julio.

Meanwhile, Wyatt is continuing to seduce Brittany, his effort to get closer to Billy through his people. Unfortunately, Wyatt only likes women with missing body parts so when he and Brittany have a moment, it’s ruined by his reaction. But, then he shows her his strange little home model and explains that it was his sister’s amputation, which makes his already terrible habit so much worse. Unfortunately, Brittany’s previous work life prepared her for moments like this and she plays along, furthering his weird obsession.

Billy is working with Hasheem to get Roman safety and immunity so that he can give them the information needed to put the bad guys away. His people know there’s a rat, through Brittany even if she didn’t know, but she said Billy was getting Julio out in a week. This was a hint to Wyatt that they needed to take care of their Julio problem immediately. But, in happier news, Patty goes on a date with Clayton and they may be on their way to a healthy relationship, however with anyone in Team Billy, chances aren’t great.

Wyatt and Loomis discuss their news that someone is flipping on the team and saving themself by throwing the rest into prison. Marisol participates in a debate which includes Julio’s imprisonment, but she’s a seasoned, evil doing, pro which means she can handle it, and wins the debate. She says, what we know as the audience, a tearful and truthful goodbye to Julio before convincing Billy to go with her on a trip, to meet Gabriel, her brother we learn. Also, Marisol fired her number one person because Elena was concerned, which isn’t what Marisol wants, not in the midst of her terrible little plan, or big plan.

Episode 6 - ‘Two Cinderellas’: We learn why JT lost it and why he’s living away because he lost an innocent client to the death penalty. But, that dark scene moves into Billy and Marisol arriving at Gabriel’s. At this point, we know things are getting worse and worse, but the characters are weary, but ok overall. Roman gets a call from Loomis to meet about how to take care of the ‘mole’ Wyatt. Roman agrees but when he arrives, Loomis can’t kill him so he goes back toward the motel unphased. However, when he arrives, one of Gabriel’s henchman has already solved th problem and murders Roman before disappearing. The witness testimony is lost once more, in this case.

‘Two Cinderellas’ was chalk full of information we needed to put the pieces of the story together. It turns out, Marisol know much more then she’s ever let on, and Gabriel is her brother. Her loyalties could never lie with Julio or Billy because she had family in the life of crime. Billy and his team are close to the truth, even with Roman and his family eliminated. And, to make things worse for these people as they live through episode six, Team Marisol/Wyatt, maybe I should change it to Team Gabriel, succeed in creating a scene which makes it look like Julio killed himself and left a note. Remember, Billy is still away with Marison (intentionally) so when he does receive the news, he takes wine and goes deep within the fields to grieve.

Episode 7 - ‘Diablo Verde’: So, this episode takes us to a very different place, so off putting in fact that you think you might have started the wrong show by accident. However, after around ten minutes, it makes sense. So, we begin the 7th episode with Billy in strange house with three other men and two women. It turns out, after feeling a little disoriented, this is an exercise of some kind to keep people in what they think, is a safe environment, but it’s not. This strange set up takes over the majority of the episode, until Billy makes a break for it.

After this point, the title of the show scrolls across the screen and then we get to see what the others are up to, and they can’t find Billy either. However, Patty and Denise use every connection they have, between them, before moving back to their responsibilities. Once we get a location on each member of Team Billy and Team Marisol/Wyatt, we can finish with the off episode seven, and move on to the season two finale, hopefully not the series finale.

Episode 8 - ‘Tongue Tied’: Here we are, at the end of it all. Julio is dead, along with most everyone who has any connection to the case that matters. Billy hasn’t cleaned up his face, or changed, when he goes to the campaign event as they wait for the votes to reveal the winner for mayor. After, Billy and Patty track down Pete Oakland (David Cross), who worked with Loomis and Roman, giving him the immunity deal that was Roman’s. But, it works and they have more information to help exonerate the death and faked suicide of Julio.

Meanwhile, Brittany is with Wyatt, as she has been, when Hasheem reveals that Wyatt is dangerous causing Patty to outweigh her hate for Brittany with concern as she calls her and warns her. By some miracle, Brittany is alright by the end of her interaction with Tom Wyatt and back with Team Billy. Everyone is dealing in their own way, realizing how corrupt Marisol is Denise gets drunk and taunts Marisol at her empty campaign building until Billy saves her. After Denise’s outburst, all of the little lies and sins come falling out of the woodwork causing issues for more relationships then just Tom and Brittany.

Next, we reach what we feel may be the creepiest moment in the show, and it’s when Billy is waiting for Wyatt within his dollhouse fantasy kitchen, sitting in one of the chairs, which could be one that things happened in. It’s time for Billy to intimidate Wyatt thanks to the information Pete Oakland provided, spooking Wyatt as he shares the information. What Wyatt does disclose is how deep Marisol really is in the whole operation, proving our theory while also rubbing it in poor Billy’s wounds. After talking to Wyatt, causing him to call his people out of fear after, Billy and Patty moved on to Marisol’s former assistant, Elena, for information. Elena gives them her real name which opens the entire can of worms on this case.

Billy wraps this case up, but is it a win this time? The bad guys get theirs, that’s for sure, watch Wyatt’s fate to really feel that statement. However, Marisol spits her victory and lies right in Billy’s face. Not to mention, but Julio (the reason the case was taken by Billy) is dead, so what is left?

So, that’s it, there is season two of Goliath. It was different and more fast paced and anxiety ridden then season one. However, the ending was nowhere near as clean cut and ‘almost’ happy as the previous one. But, this show doesn’t rely on the giant, bubblegum, ending because this team is brave enough to show the real struggles we all face. Season two was even better then season one and Billy Bob Thornton came out with his skills and passion ablaze. All we can say is, when will season three be announced? We will watch more Goliath if Amazon will give it to us. Did you watch season two? Share your thoughts with us!



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