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'Pitch Perfect 3' Is Available To Own And It Holds Its Own In The Trilogy

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
03/05/2018 10:45 pm
PopWrapped | Music
'Pitch Perfect 3' Is Available To Own And It Holds Its Own In The Trilogy | Pitch Perfect 3
Media Courtesy of Universal Studios

We first met the girls of acapella back in 2012 when the Barden Bellas stole our hearts. Now, in 2018, the third and most likely last installment of the  trilogy hit streaming services, DVD, 4K and Blu Ray bringing back almost the entire orignal cast. Where does the Pitch Perfect story go after the first and second movies? Though the third movie doesn't capture the magic that first film won us over with, it is still a strong story with funny moments and, of course, plenty of singing from all of our favorites!

Here's a quick refresher in case, unlike us, you don't watch these movies, at least, once a month. The first movie opened with an embarrasing, not the most, performance where Aubrey (Anna Camp) vomits on the judges and we learn that they just can't seem to beat the Treblemakers, the male acapella group at Barden Academy. Next, we meet Beca (Anna Kendrick) who wants nothing to do with college and just wants to be a music producer but her Father, faculty of the school, makes her give it a try. Long story short, she meets the Bellas and they win. Remeber the epic scene in the shower where Chloe (Brittany Snow) hears Beca sing? We do too and we can't forget all Fat Amy's (Rebel Wilson) amazing moments in all the films. 

In Pitch Perfect 2, our least favorite of the three, the Barden Bellas go International to try and win a competition that no American team has ever won. The second film introduces a new singer, Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), to the group and she is a song writer, which is new for the girls. She and Beca bond and in the end, the girls have more fun and make us laugh as they try to beat some very hardcore acapella groups. After an International competition and graduation, how do we get a third movie? 

Pitch Perfect 3 shows us the girls in their jobs. Beca is a music producer but she hates it because she doesn't want to cater to what the artists want because she thinks she can make their music better. Beca is living with Fat Amy, who doesn't work, and Chloe, who's aiming for Vet school. Our Bellas are invited to a 'reunion' concert by Emily and they get in their costume from the very first film only to find out they are only there to watch. The Bellas are brokenhearted as they sit around the bar together after watching Emily and the new Bellas perform. Luckily, Aubrey's super awesome military Father, can get them into a competition to open for DJ Khaled so they go. We don't want to spoil too much from this point of the movie so we'll simply share that the girls go on an adventure we've never witnessed before and John Lithgow guests as the amazing character actor he always is. 

Overall, Pitch Perfect 3 is not perfect but it still has the most important aspects of these movies which include; riff offs, excellent performances, humor that will have you on the floor, and that tender family love the Bellas share. It's out now, so rent it and give it a shot. Have you seen it already? What did you think? Would you rank it second best like us or is it the worst? Watch a clip below!

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