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Television PopWrapped | Television

'The Blacklist' Season 5 Theory Roundup!

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
06/06/2017 1:08 am
PopWrapped | Television
'The Blacklist' Season 5 Theory Roundup! | Blacklist Season 5
Media Courtesy of NBC

The Blacklist recently finished its fourth season with late news of a season 5 renewal. Fans of the hit show worried all season long about the chances for a season 5, especially after an abysmal performance of the spinoff Blacklist Redemption but their worries were for nothing and our show will be back.  

Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen will get at least one more year to takedown the worst criminals in the world. Beware as you continue reading as the rest of this post will include spoilers for season 4 as we discuss the theories floating around the net about what we've seen and where we go next.  

The season 4 finale offered two shocking moments for fans of the NBC series. Shock one was the revalation that Raymond Reddington is indeed Elizabeth's father. The show has played with this a lot throughout its four-year run but now it is concluded but the conclusion caused some other theories to gain more fuel.

The Blacklist Season 5 Theories

Theory one is the imposter theory, which believes that the Raymond Reddington we see every week is not the real one. This theory states that the real one is most likely dead and that this imposter took over the business. In this theory, the man claiming to be Red is Liz's father or the real Red is her father and this man is playing a much bigger game. What do we think of this theory?

We believe the Red we know is the Red and that he is Elizabeth's father. We know this seems to plain for the show but after watching the writer's work over the past four years, it would seem things are all much more face value then we imagined early on.  

Theory two is the mother theory which basically states that Katarina Rostova, Liz's mother, did not die but had a complete sex change and became Raymond Reddington.  This theory started as a fun idea by podcaster Troy Heinritz but details within the show have fueled this one further.  

We have a few issues with this one as insane as it would be for it to be the truth. The people we meet week by week on this show all know Reddington and he has a way with women, if you know what we mean. If he indeed was a woman turned into a man, we feel his character would be very different then he is today.  

We stand by the facts that the show has laid out, Raymond Reddington is indeed Raymond Reddington and he is Liz's father.

The mystery suitcase

The second finale shock was a suitcase dug up by Kaplan which held bones. The suitcase was buried under a tree with the letter 'K' engraved on it.  Kaplan called the suitcase her and Red's secret that she believed Liz needed to know about and she vowed in her dying moments that this suitcase would find its way to Liz. After Kaplan dies, Dembe and Red go to the farm where the tree is and see that the suitcase is gone.

Dembe makes a very important statement, saying, "I don't think Elizabeth will ever be ready to know what you did to Katarina." The last thing we see in the episode is Tom getting the suitcase, obviously helping Kaplan give Liz the truth, and he opens it to see the bones.  

Now, who's bones are they?  Some say the bones belong to the real Red which leads to both the impotster theory and the mother theory since Dembe said what he did. Liz may be truly shocked to learn that her mother turned herself into a criminal in order to protect her or it could be an imposter that killed her mother and their Katarina's bones and the imposter took over the Reddington identiy also to protect Liz. Some say they are the bones of a child but that doesn't make as much sense only because we don't know that there is another child in the mix at all.  

What do we think?  We think its plain and simple, Reddington was forced for some reason to kill Katarina as he did to Sam in order to keep Liz safe and he buried her bones with Kaplan's help.  

If Tom gets them to Liz before Reddington can intervene, then the FBI can find out exactly who they belong to. And, what will Agent Gale will be up to next season as his team was once again disbanded and Red egged him on in the finale? Gale is perhaps and even bigger threat to Red then the bones. And lastly, what's next for Ressler after his incident with Laurel Hitchens?  


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