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13 Reasons Why: 02x01-07: 'The First Polaroid-The Third Polaroid'

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
05/28/2018 1:11 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
13 Reasons Why: 02x01-07: 'The First Polaroid-The Third Polaroid' | 13 Reasons Why
Media Courtesy of IMDB/Netflix

Episode 1 “The First Polaroid”

So here we are back again at Liberty High with Clay Jensen, in what is supposed to be a finished story. I mean sweet old helmet did get the confession from Bryce, right? And the tapes are still there. But sadly like in the real world it is not that easy to hold people accountable for their actions, especially if they are rich, privileged and powerful.

 Clay is doing his best to move on with girlfriend Skye, he even tried to get a tattoo and ends up fainting instead.

He and Skye seems to be going strong though they even tried to hook up until Clay discovers that she is still cutting herself, down there. He is obviously upset, after what he went through.

Later at his house, his mom who is a lawyer at the firm that represents the school district informs him that the Bakers have refused the district’s offer and have decided to move forward with the trial. Clay asks if he would testify, but apparently both sides have not put him on the witness list.

Meanwhile we finally find out Alex’s fate from last season when we learned that he had shot himself. He seems alright but lame, and he and Jessica make plans to come to school together.

The next morning, Tyler who is the first to testify readies himself despite intimidation he has received to keep quiet. At Alex’s home he confronts his mother to give him his suicide note, apparently his attempted suicide with a gun has jogged his memory.

At the trial, Mrs Baker wants the tapes admitted as evidence but doing so would also put her in a negative light, and a he said she scenario. Clay sneaks in to watch while Tyler talks about the nature of bullying in the high school and what he knew about what Hannah went through.

The lawyer for the defence asks Tyler about some modelling shot he took of Hannah during her first week. That came about when she was kind to him on her first day.

The lawyer insinuates that Hannah liked having her picture taken, as a counter act to the bullying she faced for some pictures that Tyler and others took.

Tyler then tells the story of how he tried to deliver the modelling pictures to comfort her after Justin Foley’s pictures went around campus. But he stopped when he saw her with Clay, and so that’s when he started taking pictures of her from her bedroom window. He also revealed that he saw her taking private pictures of her chest with her phone to send to someone.

At school Jessica and Alex walk in together and Zach meets them inside, he has taken it upon himself to take care of his lame friend. Ale asks him about his suicide note but Zach admonishes him telling him that the school has forbidden talks of suicide.

Meanwhile Mr. Porter confronts Bryce at the boy’s toilet and tells him to stay away from Jessica.

At class Alex asks Clay about a line in his suicide note wherein he says “I could have stopped it”, because he is still suffering from memory loss, but Clay has no idea what the line meant.

Later in between classes Clay finds a polaroid with a picture of a jock partying with a girl and at the back it is written that “Hannah wasn’t the only one”.

He hides the picture in his bag as Tony talks to him about being called in to testify, he seems uneasy about something. After class Ryan talks to Tony about the trial as well and hands him a note of everything that Hannah wrote about him and then promised him that he won’t say anything that will put him in a bad light.

Tyler visits Alex at his home bringing him a care package , they talk about Alex’s attempted suicide and how he doesn’t remember anything. He confesses about taking pictures of him while he was recovering in the hospital, but Alex says he doesn’t mind and asks to see the picture.

Back at school Chloe the cheer captain informs Jessica that she has been promoted to a flyer which is a good thing, but as friendly as she is there is a complication, because she turns out to be Bryce’s girlfriend.

During the evening at Monet’s, Clay confronts Tyler about Hannah’s sexting that he revealed at the trial. That’s when Tyler reveals about the intimidation he’s been receiving and that if they are after him they’ll be after Clay too.

Clay leaves angry and goes to Skye who is painting a mural in the street. They try to hook up but he keeps seeing Hannah everywhere, and Skye is upset thinking that he doesn’t want to touch her.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Tony burns Hannah’s note that Ryan gave him, and Jessica who receives a subpoena to testify finds a blow up doll hanged by its neck with the word “slut” written on it, in her front door.

Clay at that point was at home and while he looks at the Polaroid he hears a familiar voice, and he turns around and he sees Hannah!


Episode 2 “Two Girls Kissing”


As strange as it is, Hannah appearing before Clay does have precedence, I mean he has been seeing her in glimpses all over the place since season 1 but never actually got to interact with her.

And Clay does ask the questions we want answered, but Hannah’s answers are vauge, I mean is she really a ghost or is Clay hallucinating her or is she something in between?

Well she has no interest in providing direct answers.

In the morning she is still there as Clay wakes up, he wonders again with what the polaroid means and ghost Hannah talks to him about it.

At school, Zach is still looking after Alex as Bryce watches ominously and things get to a head as Jessica receives another intimidating letter in her locker telling her to shut her mouth. Ironically at the same time Mr Porter approaches her about keeping her safe.

At court, Mrs Baker sees a welcome site as a group of supporters picket the court courtesy of a friend who is staying with her.

At the trial Courtney takes the stand and she talks about the picture of her kissing Hannah.

Meanwhile back at school Clay shows Tyler the polaroid, and at the same Mr porter gets a bit of veiled intimidation from the baseball coach regarding how he confronted Bryce.

Later at Mr Porter’s Alternative Strategies Solution class ( which is for slightly disturbed student), Tyler who was roped into attending meets another like-minded punk rock student named Cyrus.

Back at the trial, Courtney continues her tale about the picture emphasizing that it was something that most girls do and that it shouldn’t have been circulated in campus. She says Hannah and her weren’t exactly friends but they were just being nice to each other when she helped her find the guy taking picture of her (which turned out to be Tyler). But the defense attorney presses her, and shows her another set of a more intimate kiss taken at the same night, she asks her if this kiss was meaningless too. the defense attorney then insinuates that Hannah may be a lesbian and was pursuing Courtney. This breaks Courtney and she finally admits that she is the lesbian to defend Hannah.

At school during lunch break Jess talks to Alex about the intimidation she is receiving and opens up about how she feels and Alex doesn’t really get it.  Later Alex confides to Clay about being powerless without his memory, Clay tries to admonish him but he’s not having it.

Later during school practice, Chloe talks to Jess about old rumors that aren’t true that Jess made up the rape story. Which of course upset Jess and she runs off.

Alex then approaches Tyler if he has copies of the tapes, but Tyler says he doesn’t have any of it. So instead he requests to see pictures of himself that Tyler had taken when he was lying comatose in the hospital and he wonders why he did that to himself. But Tyler tells him he didn’t do that to himself it was everyone else at that school that failed him.

Later when he is undergoing physical therapy with Zach at the pool he lashes out but Zach tells him he knows how it feels like to be in pain when his father died last summer.

Meanwhile Courtney is coming to terms with coming out, and Jessica congratulates her for her bravery. And then at school in the baseball field Bryce contemplates the subpoena he receives to appear in court.

In the evening Clay arrives at home to Skye joining them for dinner. Things take a strange turn as Skye tries to grope Clay under the table, and then they go up to his room to hookup or at least try to. Clay still can’t and Skye is visibly upset who thinks that he is still in love with Hannah.

She picks up her clothes and rushes out when Clay can’t say that he is over Hannah.  He of course picks up after her but when he arrives at her home, she’s already in an ambulance well from  cutting herself. But Skye’s mom tells him it is not his fault, that it was not something she hasn’t done before and she tells Clay to go home.


Episode 3 “The Drunk Slut”

Clay attempts to get at Skye in the hospital but is also told to go home. While riding his bike he is nearly run over by a passing car.

He arrives home at daybreak and his bike is broken. His parents are shocked as he arrived and he lashes out at everything that is going on and he asks for a car.

Later he gets to see Skye and they talk about what happened the night before. She tells him that she told her mom that it wasn’t his fault.  However she breaks up with him telling him that they each have to figure themselves out.

At school Ryan also congratulates Courtney for coming out. Meanwhile Alex shows Jessica another one of those intimidating tactics used on him, this time it’s a target practice paper with the words “better luck next time”. And just in time Clay arrives and they see his scratches from the night before. That’s when they speculate on who could be the one who’s behind all these. They then try to ask Jess to tell the truth, but she understandably is not keen. Alex then once again asks for the tapes.

When Jessica arrives at class she finds a set of picture of her drunk in the wall with words written “would you believe a drunk slut?”

Meanwhile Tyler is still being bullied at the library but thankfully Cyrus finds him with his group of friends and they stand up for him, he is then introduced to a girl named Mackenzie.

Later Clay, Tony and Alex go to court to watch Jess takes the stand. Jess show the picture received this morning at class and she talks about her experience.

The defense attorney grills her on the hot and not list, and how it was Alex who wrote in it-her boyfriend at that time. The attorney insinuates that it was Hannah’s jealousy of Jess and Alex that broke their friendship, and later it was also her jealousy of Justin and Jess that furthered them apart. Jess unable to talk about her rape could not give another reason for breaking up their friendship and it paints Hannah in a bad light.

Later Mrs Baker asks her about the tapes as she correctly guesses that Jess may be the girl in Tape 9.

After the trial Clay heads to the hospital but finds that Skye is gone, a nurse tells him that she has gone to a program and her location and where about could not be disclosed. Feeling down Clay heads to Jessica to convince her to talk. But Jessica fears at being the wrong type of victim to go up against Bryce.

Clay asks what if Justin who witnessed everything could back her up, he asks if she knows where he is. Jessica does not answer directly but glances at a postcard in her mirror. When she turns hr back Clay takes a look at the postcard.

Clay then ropes in Tony to find Justin. Tony says his parole officer may have contacts who works with homeless kids. They ask around at homeless shelters and are able to track down Justin. He is not happy to be found but Clay convinces him by telling him that Jess needs him. They then ask where his mom lives but Justin says he can’t go back home since he stole money from his mom’s drug dealer boyfriend.

Later at Clay’s home his parents call him outside to present him with a new car! He is shocked that his outburst worked but his parents says it is to show him that they trust him and that there should be no secrets from now on.  He then comes up to his room and tells Justin who is hiding there to always stay quiet.

That night as Clay lays asleep Justin sneaks to the window and secretly shots himself with heroin. I guess he has picked a few bad habits living by himself in the streets.


Episode 4 “The Second Polaroid”


The next morning Justin is lying comatose in bed and Clay notices how he stinks. Hannah tells him that the clothes are what stinks since has been leaving on the streets for months. So Clay decides to wash his clothes and not surprisingly finds Justin’s heroin kit, he googles the images to make sure.

He calls Tony to help him with it. Later Sheri arrives by Clay’s bedroom window, she tells him that Tony couldn’t make it so she came. Justin asks what is going on and they tell him that they plan on detoxing him. Justin attempts to go away but Clay asks him if he wants Jess to see him like this. With that he stops packing and Sheri tells Clay to go to school and that she has it.

At school Jess’ and her parents brings up the intimidation that she has been receiving to Mr Porter who asks her to name her the one who assaulted her, but still she couldn’t say anything.

At court Marcus is getting ready to testify and his father who is running for city council tells him to look after himself first.

Back at school Clay informs Jess that he found Justin. He skip over the addiction and tries to convince her to open up but she admonishes him telling him that it is not Hannah’s story it is hers.

At the trial Marcus takes the stand and he tells his version of what happened during the dollar valentine. In a flashback we see that he did ask Hannah on a date because of a bet with Bryce to grope her. But he tries to present it differently, skipping the attempted groping and says that he only tried to hold her hand and according to him she shouted at him for it.

At school Chloe tries to tell Jess that she wants to set her up and congratulates her for telling “the truth” in the trial. This upsets Jess so she invites Alex and Zach to skip class, Zach declines but allows them to borrow his car.

Back at the trial, Marcus presents this lie that Hannah rejected him because she wanted to date someone else and she wanted him to set her up with a friend of his. The defence attorney then asks him who this guy that Hannah wanted to date was, Marcus answers its Bryce Walker.

At school Clay finds another Polaroid in his locker, this time it’s a picture of Bryce rear-naked hovering over an unconscious girl. He flips it over and written on it is “he won’t stop”.

Marcus returns to school, and meets Bryce who does not like having his name dragged into the trial. But Marcus explains that he planted a seed so that when his name is called he’ll have a better alibi since Hannah apparently “liked him”. Watching from the sides Tyler fumes at the lie Marcus said at court, so he and Cyrus plan something to get back at him.

Later after class as Marcus walks into his car he finds a duffel bag, as he bends down to look, Tyler from afar hits a switch and paint explodes in Marcus’ face. He then moves back and finds the word “hypocrite” painted in his car.

Cyrus and Tyler happily runs away accomplishing their deed. Cyrus asks what they would do now? And Tyler asks him if he ever shot a gun before.

Meanwhile Jessica and Alex have gone to the beach and they end up kissing but as things got more intimate Jess freaks out, Alex apologizes but she tells him that it’s not his fault.

Later Clay arrives at home to a recovering Justin who is still in pain. Alex who at that point had just gotten into an argument with his parents at home then texts him begging for copies of the tapes so he can listen again and jog his memory.

Clay takes his mom’s laptop where there is a digital copy of the audio. Ghost Hannah asks him if it is the right thing to do, but he argues that the truth should come out. In the end he sends it, and Alex wakes up to the messages with an audio copy of the tapes.


Episode 5 “The Chalk Machine”


Things come to a head as more of the witnesses are being anonymously harassed. And it’s not just the kids as Mr Porter just had a brick thrown through the backseat of his car and it has a note written on it saying “Know your place”.

At school as Bryce bring his girlfriend Chloe to cheerleading practice he invites her to meet his parents at dinner, while also slyly asking about Jess.

At Clay’s house, Clay is preoccupied with taking care of Justin, bringing him food and making sure he showers. He asks him about the polaroid but Justin weirdly has no idea despite being a jock himself. Tony then enters through the window to watch over Justin while Clay goes to school.

Meanwhile in the trial, Ryan takes the stand. He talks about Hannah’s poems and how the school did nothing despite the call for help implied in it.

Back at Liberty High Mr Porter asks Tyler if he knows who posted the pictures of Jessica on the wall of her classroom, since his login was used in the printer. But Tyler rebuts that it’s not him and that he is also being harassed himself.

Meanwhile at the track and field grandstand Clay talks to Alex who is listening to the tapes again. He seems to be remembering something but still all is a blur. Clay advises him not to listen too hard.

Back at the trial the defence attorney asks Ryan about a poem Hannah wrote about a “forbidden fruit”. Ryan remembers that it was Justin, at first he doesn’t confess but when pressed by the lawyer he gives out. He also remembers the time Justin approached Hannah at Monet’s to apologize and talk to her, but he does not say it at court.

The prosecution redirects and asks Ryan why Hannah chose to remain in contact with Justin. He says that it was a mistake but Hannah at that point was just really lonely.

At Clay’s house, Justin asks if they could go out to get some fresh air, Tony says no and confesses to Justin that he is on probation and he can’t be seen with an addict like Justin otherwise that would be a strike for him. But Justin also talks about what happened to him how he lost all his money doing drugs just because he was trying to take the “edge off”.

Tony feeling sorry for him agrees that they should go out for a walk, they walk around the neighbourhood unfortunately a familiar car passes by and Tony thinks they go to Liberty High and people now know that Justin is back.

Meanwhile at school Clay tries his best to look for the place where the polaroid was taken, without any luck.

At school in the boy’s locker room for the baseball team Bryce receives word from Monty that Justin is back.

After the trial Ryan drops by the Bakers to talk to Mrs Baker, she asks him a little bit about Hannah’s journal. She asks him about a clubhouse that is mentioned three times in a poem, what is it? And where it is? But Ryan has no idea. At that moment he recalls a writing session he and Hannah had and how he stole a poem.

Back at school, Mr Porter who has received word that Justin is back asks Jess about him. She tells him where he used to live with his addict mom and her drug dealer boyfriend.

In the pool at a PT session, Alex confesses to Zach that when he kissed Jessica he did not feel anything down in his boy parts.

Meanwhile Jess has finally gotten the courage to attend a sexual survivor group therapy session and to her surprise finds a girl from her school, Nina.

When Clay comes back home he finally tells Justin that Jess did not really say that she wanted him there but he did point out that Jess kept the postcard he sent.

Meanwhile at Justin’s mom’s home Mr Porter drops by looking for him. But instead of finding the teenaged jock he ends up having a fight with his mom’s drug dealer boyfriend.

Back at Clay's, he wakes up in the middle of the night and finds that Justin is gone.


Episode 6 “The Smile At The End Of The Dock”


At his house Zach is suited  to testify at Hannah’s trial, he contemplates what he would say.On Monet’s Clay shows Sheri the polaroids and asks her if she knows where it is, she also has no idea.

At the start of the trial, Zach talks about the nature of bullying at his high school and what athletes say about girls, especially about bragging they did and didn’t do with girls sexually.

Meanwhile at school Clay tries to prep Alex on what he knows. At class Tyler informs Cyrus that since their neighbour saw them using guns, so his dad thought them it would be a good idea for them to go to a proper target practice.

During lunchbreak a momentous thing happen as Justin walks into the cafeteria in full view of everyone and he tries to talk to Jessica, but she’s not having it. She doesn’t want anything to do with him. Justin is crestfallen he turns around and sees Bryce, he says “you!” and collapses. Clay and Tony picks him up, and Jessica walks out teary eyed.

Back at the trial the defense attorney asks Zach about the nature of his relationship with Hannah. Of how she wrote him a note of how alone she felt.

She asks him about last summer. Zach says it was a slow summer and everyone was away so he watched a lot of movies at the Crestmont where Hannah worked. It is there that he recalls apologizing to her, and actually asking her to watch a movie…at her house!

The attorney presses him more on their relationship and it is way more than we have ever imagined. It was the summer that Zach’s dad died, and he recalls that they spent a lot of time together but he chose to keep it a secret.

The attorney asks if something happened between them, Zach recalls Hannah asking him if he would like to lose their virginity to each other. And they did end up doing it that summer, and he admits it in court, not only that they also did it through summer and they had a full blown romance.

Back at Clay’s house, Justin is alone when he hears a glass shatter in the downstairs door. He hides in the closet as a man in a hood rummages through Clay’s room. A door then opens as Mr Jensen calls out if Clay is at home, the intruder goes out the window as Justin goes out and watches. Mr Jensen approaches with a bat and Justin turns around and says it wasn’t him, Mr Jensen replies with “Who are you?”

After the trial in a meeting Mrs Baker talks to her lawyer about calling Clay in as a witness because he thought the world of her. The lawyers are hesitant but agree to proceed and Mrs Baker tells them that she needs to talk to Clay first.

Back at school Clay confronts Zach about his secret relationship with Hannah and tells him that he did not deserve her. Zach drives away and Clay fumes in his own car as Sheri walks in to inform him about her conversation with Ryan that day wherein she discovered the name of the place in the polaroid, “the cubhouse” it is called according to Hannah’s poem.

Later at the PT session in the locker room. Alex lashes out at Zach for everything and not getting an erection, funny enough when the two brawl, Alex gets a stiff one! Zach says it may be because of the body contact, yeah right Zach.

At the Bakers, Mrs Baker tries to ease Clay into becoming a witness asking him to put aside his hurt from finding out about the summer with Zach, and to show everyone how special Hannah was, he agrees.

At Cyrus’ house, Cyrus shows Tyler that he was able to hack into Zach’s icloud. They discover a video of a girl dancing topless in front of Marcus in what looks like as the same place where the polaroids were taken.

Cyrus talks about sending it to everyone but Tyler says he has a better idea.

Back at Clay’s home, Mr and Mrs Jensen confronts Clay and Justin about keeping Justin at home.  Justin explains his situation and how he has nowhere to go to and that’s why Clay took him in. Mrs Jensen understands but says she has to report Justin’s presence and that he could stay for as long as he wants.

At his home, Zach is being admonished by his mom on why he didn’t say anything. Zach in his mind recalls the moment he told Hannah that they should just keep their relationship a secret. He then confronts his mother on why they always keep their feeling bottled up and at least Hannah listened to him.

Back at Clays in his room, Clay contemplates about not knowing who Hannah really is. Justin calls him out and says as a guy he is classified as a player for sleeping with a lot of girls, but all of a sudden just cause Hannah had a crush on one guy-him, kisses another-Clay, and sleeps with one Zach all of a sudden she’s a slut?

Zach while at the locker room then recalls when Hannah broke up with him. He watched a movie with his friends at the Crestmont and they made fun of Hannah as he watched. Later when he talks to her she tells him that maybe it might be best if they end it now.

He says he will always be ashamed for doing that to Hannah as he lashes out in the locker room, hitting one of the lockers with a bat. Too bad Zach, it could have been special


Episode 7 “The Third Polaroid”

Plenty of existential quotable quotes in this episode courtesy of the musings of two high teenagers namely Hannah and Clay, but more of that later.

Clay is due to appear in court, and he is now coming to terms with having Justin as a sort of surrogate brother/roommate.

Meanwhile Alex has to deal with his birthday, normally that would be a happy occasion but with all that is going on and what he has been through it could be struggle trust me I know the feeling.

On the other side of town Tony seems to be taking the next step with his self-defence coach, he asks him about the new guy he is training the one that no one knows is the guy that Tony beat up to a pulp before and the cause of his probation.

At school Jess is accompanying Alex to a surprise in the hallway, his friends have put up a banner greeting him on his birthday. Jess says she made the design, Clay ordered it online and Zach was the one who hung it up.

Bryce sees it and he kinds of makes fun of it prompting Alex to scream expletives at Bryce and calls him a rapist. Bryce doesn’t react and merely walk away, Zach tells Alex that sort of thing doesn’t help. But Alex turns on him for still hanging out and being friends with Bryce. He then turns to Jess who is not too pleased either, in tears she says “Why would you that?” then she also walks away.

At court, Clay starts talking about what she knew about Hannah, focusing on the idealized version of her. He recalls saying goodbye to Hannah before summer and Hannah asking for him to write an old school handwritten letter, which he admits he never did.

Back at school Marcus shows Bryce the video of him with the stripper in the clubhouse. He tells him he is being black mailed by someone and that he needs his help. Bryce however has no interest in helping him, telling him that he owes no one nothing.

Back at court, the defence attorney grills Clay asking him that he may also be part of the culture of bullying for Liberty. She asks him about the picture he circulated of Tyler, of his suspension for marijuana last year (wherein he was set up), for vandalizing Zach’s car, and for bringing Courtney to Hannah’s grave.

She then asks about Hannah and Clay spending the night together and doing drugs. Clay reluctantly admits to it.

He recalls how that night came about when his old friend Jeff talks to him about his feelings with Hannah. Jeff tries to help him get with Hannah, he invites Clay, Hannah and a few friends in his house for the weekend.

At the Baker’s drugstore Alex and his dad runs into Tyler, and Alex invites him to his birthday party that night at the arcade.

Meanwhile at the mall, Jess goes shopping with Nina and her boyfriend. However when Jess was trying on clothes at the fitting room, she suddenly remember that night Bryce was on top of her. She runs crying out of the store carrying the clothes from the store, Nina rushes in to help. Nina’s boyfriend asks what happened and Nina says it is because of the alarm. When he leaves to get some drinks, Jess asks if he knows that she and Nina met in a counselling session for rape survivors. But Nina says he doesn’t know and she doesn’t let what happened to her, define her.

Mrs Baker at that point also receives her own bad news as her ex-husband finally asks for a divorce.

Clay meanwhile remembers that day at Jeff’s. Jeff convinces him to do some drugs to loosen up things with Hannah. During the evening in Jeff’s basement where Alex, Sheri are also attendance they each pop a pill.

As the drugs take effect, Jeff and his girlfriend slip out. Hannah and Clay loosen up and starts to bond.

“What are you thinking about?” she asks. And then they have this extremely deep conversation about infinity. “It is funny that we have a word for that concept, but there is no way we can understand it” Clay says. “Maybe love” Hannah responds “Maybe love is how you understand infinity, when your love has no limits, when it goes on forever, maybe that feels like infinity” she explains.

Their conversation goes on and on and they drift away through the night.

At present time, Alex’s party is a sad morbid event. Tyler actually tries to come, but Zach and Jess drives him away saying that he took pictures of Alex at the hospital. Zach meanwhile could not even admit to his mom who called that he was on Alex’s party which prompts Alex to call him out and ask him to leave.

Alex is crestfallen that he plays a shooter game which worries his dad. In his memory his dad starts remembering something, but his dad tries to stop him. And he has an outburst shouting at everyone, and he says that it might have been better if he had died. But Jess shouts at him saying, how dare you ty to leave her when she needs him the most and she says that everyone at that party loves him and why does he not care?

Clay walks out of the party to his car and finds another Polaroid in his windshield.

Back at his home, his parents argue over not knowing about Clay doing drugs or not knowing that he hid a homeless boy in his room as Justin listens.

At the past during the day after Jeff’s party, the group is at Monet’s dealing with the drugs tapering off and Hannah reveals something, she actually admits her feelings then “Do you ever think that I can’t do it anymore, that I want to die, that everything’s black”. She stares at Clay but everyone seems to think it’s just the effects of the drugs.

Clay arrives at home to find Justin watching TV with his parents. He locks himself in his room and read the comments online about him and Hannah. Ghost Hannah tells him not to read the comments, she asks him not to go through with something.

Clay says she left the tapes for a reason, and it appears that he is releasing the audio files to the public. Hannah does not want to but Clay tells her “You don’t get to decide, you left”.

Well that’s a good point but the consequences could be terrible.


















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