Elementary’s Executive Producer Reveals Details Of Moriarty’s Return


Photo courtesy of CBS

Jayden Sheppard
Staff Writer

This Thursday on CBS sees the return of Sherlock and Joan as the second season of Elementary is continued. Someone that fans of the show might not have expected to see in the show’s return is Moriarty, played by Natalie Dormer of Game Of Thrones fame. Recently executive producer Rob Doherty sat down with TVLine and provided some insight into the return of the woman Sherlock once knew as Irene Adler.

Here’s what we found out:

  • Moriarty comes back into Sherlock and Joan’s lives after a young girl is kidnapped in New York City and the dynamic duo believe that she may have been involved. Captain Gregson helps the pair track Moriarty down and involves her in the investigation.
  • She is more humble for having lost to Sherlock and Joan at the end of the first season. She still doesn’t understand that Sherlock and Joan are stronger as a unit than Moriarty is on her own. It’s something she’s had time to think about and as a student of her own mistakes, she takes the opportunity to look further into their relationship.
  • Sherlock reveals to Joan that he has been in correspondence with Moriarty, with both regularly exchanging letters. Surprised at first, “Joan begins to understand that Sherlock is still a guy with a broken heart, but this doesn’t make it any easier for her to be in the same room as Moriarty”.
  • Although Doherty would like to see the return of Moriarty at another point in this season, he says it is unlikely due to Dormer being in high demand at the moment. He does promise fans that she will be a recurring presence over the life of the series though.

Elementary returns to CBS this Thursday at 10/9c.



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