Five Guys Burger And Fries Manager Enrages Disgruntled Customer With “Accidental” Email Calling Him A “Douche”

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Chessie Reiss
Staff Writer

A customer who frequents a Five Guys Burger and Fries in Massachusetts accidentally received an email where the store manager called him a “complete asshole” and a “douche.”

Here’s how it all came to be:  Customer places an order online via Five Guys, and is incorrectly charged for fries he did not receive (oh the humanity!).  Customer contacts Five Guys making a complaint.  Five Guys not only reimbursed the Customer the money for the fries but also provided him with a gift (oh the generosity!).  The gift card is only usable in store, and the Customer files another complaint criticizing the inability to use the gift card online.

The Five Guys manager in response to the latest email, composed another intended to be sent to only another co-worker, but accidentally CC’ed the Customer.

The email read: “This is from the guy about the online order screw up.  This guy is a perfect example of why this world his f*cked.  What a complete asshole.  I’m speechless over this douche.  All of this over missing fries.  Fuck him and his tool office mates.”

And, what began as a accidental overcharge has exploded into a huge issue involving severed loyalties, a rep from Five Guys HQ, and “proposals to win back” the Customer’s business (oh the ridiculousness!).


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