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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x17, The Flash 4x21, Arrow 6x22

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

05/11/2018 1:25 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x17, The Flash 4x21, Arrow 6x22 | Arrowverse recaps
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This week, we get three episodes of varying degrees of quality. And while Kara and Barry progressed in terms of their Big Bads, Oliver did not. Here's what happened:

Supergirl 3x17 “Trinity”

Now that all three worldkillers are together, the DEO is rushing to figure things out. The first step is talking to Lena, since they only just learned of her involvement with Sam over several weeks. Lena explains that she was trying to help Sam and shares what she knows (that Reign is another entity in Sam existing in another dimension). But then Lena admits that in order to keep Reign there and mostly sedated, she used the last of Lex’s kryptonite supply, and this is not a revelation Kara is thrilled with, because she never thought Lena would have or use kryptonite given their history. I gotta say though, I’m with Lena on this one. She was not planning on using it on Supergirl, and no one knew of its existence so it could not even be used maliciously. Not to mention that Lena still doesn’t know that Kara is Supergirl, so she really doesn’t know Supergirl all that well. Kara is right to worry, but she shouldn’t hate Lena for this, especially when her use of kryptonite in this instance was noble too.

Supergirl and Lena put aside their differences to work on the worldkiller issue, which is getting worse because they’ve noticed an eclipse starting, and without sun, Kara is powerless. Furthermore, she had a vision of Sam and Julia in some Krypton cave. With time running out, they decide to have Brainiac send Kara, Lena, and Alex into the dimension so they can try and rescue Sam. It’s risky since Kara is already weaker, but Lena needs to go since Sam trusts her, and Alex needs to go for backup. However, Kara makes Mon-El promise that if things go bad, he’ll pull Alex and Lena out of the dimension and leave her. I feel like asking Mon-El to do that is a dumb move on Kara’s part. We know he’d never do that to her. She should have asked Brainy or J’onn, because they’re more likely to make the hard call.

As for Sam, she, Julia, and Grace have found themselves in some foggy Kryptonian forest, but Grace has basically given into the worldkillers who have gathered with that hooded figure that was instructing Reign before. While they’re working on some dark magic, Sam takes her chance to escape. She grabs Julia and they try to run away, but they don’t get far before Julia has a bit of a mental breakdown. In her head, she starts hearing voices of all of Purity’s victims, and she starts losing herself and forgetting information. Sam tries to help but then she realizes that she can’t remember Ruby’s name. Knowing her humanity is the key to survival, she and Julia frantically begin scraping names and info into the rock walls so they can read and remember.

Though even with this, it’s not enough. When Supergirl, Alex, and Lena arrive and find Sam, she’s lying on the ground, convinced they’re ghosts of Reign’s victims. But between the three of them, they manage to talk Sam into a bit of sense. This allows her to switch bodies with Reign. So though Lena gets attacked, Sam is with the other worldkillers in their fortress, and she activates the location beacon, allowing the DEO crew to find it. That’s all they need, so they pull the girls out just in time.

While the girls did that, Winn and James take on a different mission. Worried about the kryptonite, Kara instructed the boys to break into Lena’s lab and confirm that it really is all gone. James gets in and gets to the storage area, but then he decides not to actually open it and see. He tells Winn it’s clear and leaves. Does Lena actually have any kryptonite left? We may never know.

With the worldkillers’ location now known, and with Alex in a cool new techy suit courtesy of Winn, they all head to the fortress to fight (though Brainy, Lena, and Winn stay on the ship). It’s a fierce battle, but Kara and Alex manage to talk to Julia and have her overthrow Purity enough to turn on the other worldkillers. Julia uses her sonic scream to take down Reign and Pestilence but gets stabbed in the process. She didn’t kill Reign, but she did kill Pestilence, and that’s enough reason for Imra and Mon-El to celebrate a little.

They couldn’t rescue Sam, but at least they’re closer to defeating the worldkillers and the eclipse is gone. Supergirl and Lena agree to proceed with a clean slate, but I suspect it won’t be the last time these two work together, and I really think that Lena will learn her identity this season. Though that may be interesting considering that Lena and James chat at the end and James admits that he's Guardian and he almost broke into her storage unit, prompting Lena to admit that the kryptonite wasn't leftover from Lex, it was new stuff she's learned how to make. Will this help or hinder? My guess is help, especially since the last scene is of Sam learning that the worldkillers have decided to kill Ruby, and Sam looking absolutely devastated. I think Lena should just put Ruby in a kryptonite room to protect her.

All in all, a decent episode. While they are playing with the Lena as a Luthor thing again, they're doing it in a way where we aren't waiting for her to turn evil. I also liked having Lena work with the DEO. I think my biggest complaint is that the show spent so long going 'oh no, if all the worldkillers get together, it'll be madness', and then before we even got high stakes, they killed off Pestilence.

The Flash 4x21 "Harry And The Harrisons"

Well, DeVoe has his satellites, so what's stopping him from turning them on and putting his plan into action? We don't know. But it does give Team Flash more time for problem solving and filler. They decide that they need a less-techy weapon to use against DeVoe, and Caitlin suggests they enlist the help of Amunet Black and her shards. Everyone is against this idea because they dislike Amunet, but she pushes and it's their only idea so far, so they cave. Only then we find out that Caitlin has ulterior motives for seeing Amunet again. Joe figured it out, but Caitlin wants to keep it from the others for a while: Amunet has a device she once used to help balance Killer Frost and Caitlin in their body, so Caitlin is hoping she'll use it again to bring out Killer Frost. However, when they go check out Amunet's place, her little sidekick with the snake eye Norvock says that Amunet has been MIA for months. But that doesn't stop Team Flash! Caitlin quickly figures out where Amunet is (a casino where she's taken on a new identity) and the convince her to come to STAR Labs so they could all chat. Amunet is willing to help them with their DeVoe fight, but only after Barry reveals his identity (she already knew from when she tried to buy him from prison) and after Team Flash agrees to help her find her stolen shards.

Meanwhile, because the first time wasn't bad enough, Cisco has gathered the Council Of Wells again to help Harry through his intelligence issues. And like before, they're just as annoying and unhelpful. So Cisco gathers up new Harry doppelgangers who are more emotional (The Council Of Harrisons) and though they're just as silly, at least they're more useful. I just can't believe that this show seriously thought it'd be a good idea to bring back these councils, the dumbest plot point of the season. It's just bad.

Amunet's shards were stolen out of a storage locker, and after investigating that and finding nothing, Team Flash realizes that Norvock must have stolen them. They track him down and find the shards, but Norvock puts up a fight. Amunet manages to get in a position to kill him, but Barry has to stop her. She settles for cutting off his snake eye (a good call, to be honest). And then, instead of moving forward to help Team Flash with DeVoe, she does as all villains do and breaks her promise, deciding to not help them after all. But when Caitlin points out that Amunet will be affected by DeVoe's satellites, Amunet gives them a ball of shards that is bomb-like so they can blow up the satellites. Only too bad Team Flash has no idea how to get the shards to the satellites...

As for Caitlin, before she parted ways, Amunet had revealed to Caitlin that the splicer was actually fake and did nothing. So to get Killer Frost back, she has to stop using science and meds and instead look inside her mind. We took the scenic route to get to this destination, and it was not worth the ride. But Caitlin did reveal to the team why she pushed to work with Amunet. They weren't thrilled but understand her desire to get Killer Frost back. 

Also going on this episode: Iris has decided to write up an expose on DeVoe so at least people can be aware, but Barry is hesitant to have her publish it. In the end, he agrees that she's right, and when she does, it gets a lot of hits and people are offering help in taking him down. 

As for DeVoe's plan, Harry actually has the best theory, thanks to the Council Of Harrisons' help. He believes that Marlize is gone, and that has halted DeVoe's plan. We know he's right. Can Team Flash find Marlize? That's a problem for next week.

This was a weak episode overall. The Council plot was dumb and overall pretty unnecessary and I don't like Amunet at all. It was slow and humourless. Do better, The Flash.

Arrow 6x22 "The Ties That Bind"

This penultimate episode of Arrow starts with OTA and NTA minding their own business before each getting attacked by Diaz's gunmen breaking in. Luckily, everyone survives, and Oliver gathers them all to NTA's bunker knowing that the Arrow bunker would be targeted too. Felicity pulls up camera footage of their beloved bunker being ransacked and torched, but it's the least of their worries. Now they're all targets and they have little to work with. However, Anatoly is in one of his Help Oliver phases, so Oliver arranges a meeting with him, where Anatoly agrees to do some work on the inside. This involves Anatoly telling Diaz that the Quadrant's HQ isn't safe, so while they're all heading to a new one, they're attacked by Team Arrow (both OTA and NTA, finally back together with no drama). They manage to get a few hits in, but Diaz escapes and Curtis gets roughed up pretty badly. 

So they come up with a new plan. Lyla suggests that she goes into the police precinct, knowing that since she's ARGUS, they won't turn her away because they're still masquerading as the good guys to the public, and plant a device that'd allow Felicity to steal computer files. No one is thrilled with this plan, especially not Oliver because it involves Felicity being near Diaz and unprotected. But Felicity insists she'll be okay and safe from any possible fighting, and everyone else prepares to be backup. So Lyla stolls in, and when no one's looking, she plants the device so Felicity, in the van, can start the transfer. But then Diaz's resident hacker figures it out and informs Diaz, so they start attacking Lyla. Oliver and Diggle hurry in, but also so does Felicity because Lyla is unable to retrieve the device. Felicity dashes around the fights with her tablet to grab it and comes close to being shot. Luckily Oliver is there to protect her, and all four of them manage to get out safely and with the stolen files. Unfortunately, they need to be decrypted, and it's a timely process. While they wait, Oliver pulls Felicity aside and expresses how upset he is that she ran into the police station unprotected, but she believes that it was a necessary risk. While I understand that someone needed to go grab the device, I feel like she could have at least told them via comms that she was going in and she needs backup.

Diaz's little hacker boy apparently figured out how to track Felicity's location, so Diaz, who has murdered yet another Quadrant member, sends out his team with orders to ensure Oliver's death. They draw out Team Arrow with tear gas, but since the files are still decrypting, Felicity refuses to leave. And so Oliver, ever the hero, decides to stay with her. You know, because William doesn't need parents. But though they stick it out for a while, eventually it gets too hard to breathe, so they try to escape. Oliver has to fight Diaz first, but they manage to get out just before the building explodes. Later, Lyla informs them that ARGUS searched and couldn't find Diaz's body, meaning he is out there somewhere. And we see that he's gone right back to the Quadrant to murder another member and align himself with the last one for full control. So basically Team Arrow achieved nothing this episode. They couldn't get the files, they lost both their bunkers, and Curtis got hurt. It's not looking good, and Oliver knows this. That's why he goes to the FBI agent who was investigating him and asks for help. She says she'll need two things from him in return. One is to admit who he is to her, which he does. The second thing? We'll have to wait for next week for that.

Not an awful episode. Not great, but it had its highs. Having Lyla work with them was great, having NTA back with OTA with no drama was great, and having a lot of action was great. But Team Arrow's lack of progress wasn't fun. Next episode is the finale and they have a lot to do if they want to win. This episode wasn't a great set-up for this episode.

Supergirl wins the title of Best Episode Of The Week for sure. As I said, Arrow wasn't awful, but Supergirl was better, and The Flash was awful. Do you agree?


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