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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x23

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

06/19/2018 12:34 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x23 | Arrowverse recaps
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Last episode's recap

We have finally reached the end of the Arrowverse for this season. The finale of Supergirl has aired and now we must wait for the fall for more CW hero goodness. As for this last Supergirl episode, it was solid. A decent episode with a decent set up for season four. Here's what happened:

Supergirl 3x23 "Battles Lost And Won"

With the world in the process of self-imploding, the whole team has to suit up to save as much as they can. Even Imra and Brainy show up to help. Luckily, M'yrnn is willing to sacrifice himself for the cause, so after he says goodbye to J'onn and passes on one more memory, he merges with the Earth and the world suddenly stops falling apart. Before, though, in the madness, James ended up taking off his helmet and revealing his identity to a frantic mother in an attempt to calm her and gain her trust.

When M'yrnn merged with the Earth, Reign was trapped in the Earth's core, but she eventually breaks out and returns to Selena and her two witch minions and also Coville, who is alive but hurt. He's lying in J'onn stolen ship and sends out an alert signal that the DEO picks up. Oh, has someone realized the evil cloak-wearing witches were evil? Hmm, thanks, pal. 

Meanwhile, Sam is still unconscious and weak, but she's returned to her weird Dark Valley mind-scape. In there, she hallucinates her mother, and they reconcile as she helps Sam gain strength and drink the power water. Eventually, Sam is strong enough to wake up in the real world with Kryptonian power. When she does, she immediately races off to join J'onn, Mon-El, and Alura, who are facing off with Selena and co. When Sam gets there she wastes no time going after Reign, but the battle is brutal. Kara went against her no-kill rule and tried to use Kryptonite against Reign, and it works, but Reign ends up being pushed into a lava pit where her eye lasers are triggered. As Reign fights the fire, she accidentally zaps Sam, Mon-El, and Alura before drowning. The only survivors are Kara and J'onn, but J'onn is weak and Kara is very distraught because of the deaths and her choice to use Kryptonite. She's so distraught that she ends up taking Mon-El's Legion ring and going back in time (did she learn nothing from Barry???). Though luckily for her, it works. She goes back a few minutes to when they were all fighting with Reign and this time, they don't push Reign into the fire pit. Instead, Kara, Sam, and Reign use the Harun-El (the rock) to go to the mind-scape Dark Valley where they get Reign to drink the water that weakens her. Then Sam punches her a few times to seal the deal and then she and Kara return to the real world. Reign is defeated, no one dies, Sam is a human, and the world is saved!

And now it's time for the wrap-ups. There are several. For one, Kara decides to not return to Argo with her mother. Earth is her home, so she bids Alura goodbye, but not before Lena gives her the Harun-El. Next is Alex, who goes to J'onn asking to leave the DEO to make a life for herself. But instead of granting her that, J'onn promotes her to director because he has decided to leave the DEO for a bit to figure himself out sans father. I mean, that is the exact opposite of what Alex wanted and I think in this role she will have even less time to try dating, but alright then. She accepts it, so I shall too. The next to leave is Winn. Earlier in the episode Brainiac informs Winn that his designs for new tech work and are important in the future. He invites Winn to the future to help stop Brainiac-1 (Superman's foe) and though Winn is very reserved about it, he talks it over with James and eventually agrees to go. Everyone says goodbye and I only teared up a little. But don't worry, while Winn may be leaving the DEO, Brainy is taking his place (because the future is not safe for him), and we will still see Winn a bit (Jeremy Jordan will be reoccurring next season). The last to leave is Mon-El. Though he didn't want to leave Kara earlier, he realized he can't abandon the Legion, so he bids her goodbye (a rather boring goodbye, too - not that I'm complaining, I've been bored and annoyed with Mon-El for a while now so byeeee!). Mon-El is gone for good. These changes should make Season 4 rather different, at the very least. Another change is that James is embracing his hero identity and coming out as the Guardian. 

We also get a tease of the next threat. Though Kara and Alura were led to believe that there is no more Harun-El on Earth, we do see Lena working with some and telling her new assistant Eve Teschmacher to start the next tests. Then we flashback 48 hours where across the planet, a naked and lost Kara is in Siberia. This doesn't seem to be the same Kara who is chilling with Alex, so...yikes. This can't be good, especially since it involves Lena not being clean about things. I like and trust Lena, but this can't be good.

And that is that. All in all, a decent episode, even if it was busy. I guess using the Legion ring wasn't awful considering they did introduce it, so she might as well use it. However, Reign's overall downfall was kind of boring. Since Supergirl's big beatdown in the midseason finale, all the fights since have been boring. Anyway, a lot of emotions and changes this episode, and I enjoyed it for the most part. The cliffhanger wasn't awful but compared to other Arrowverse shows, I think it was a weaker one. I think this season was also a weaker one. It was kind of boring and too busy. I think the show needs to narrow its focus a little in season four. Hopefully the lack of Mon-El will help (sorry not sorry). What do you think?

And as a last note, I just want to thank everyone who read my Arrowverse recaps this season. Taking on all four shows at the same time was a daunting and time-consuming challenge, but I had fun sharing my thoughts and thinking more critically of the shows (not that I don't do that anyway). I don't know if I'll be doing it again next fall, but I almost definitely will be live-tweeting the shows, so follow me on Twitter @coolbeans4_!


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