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Bryan Cranston, Barney Meeting The Mother, And "Platonish" Relationships Take Over This Week's HIMYM

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/12/2013 3:11 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Bryan Cranston, Barney Meeting The Mother, And
Media Courtesy of CBS

Heather O'Connell

Content Editor

This week’s How I Met Your Mother is a full-on flashback episode, so let’s not waste any time just jump right into the episode. The episode starts out saying that it's Saturday at 11 am, 31 hours before the wedding. Robin is sitting in the inn bar with Barney, Ted and Lily; crying over the news she got in last week’s episode about her mother not coming to her wedding. Robin says that she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to stop crying, which in turn causes Barney to make a challenge out of it, like he does with everything, and say that he will get her to stop crying. Highlights of the Flashback Episode: -According to Barney:  Women and men cannot be just friends, and the only exception to the rule would be Marshall and Robin. And, we see a Barney Fantasy in which Lily has a bomb strapped to her telling them to kiss, to which he replies even a bomb couldn't make that happen. -Lily and Robin challenge Barney: This involves the ladies giving Barney a series of challenges from getting a girl's number while talking like a dolphin, to picking up diapers, samosas, and a girl’s number. -BARNEY MEETS THE MOTHER!!!: In the first episode we saw how Lily met the mother and now we’re seeing Barney meet the mother; and, in my opinion, it was a great way to do it. So how do they meet? Well as he was challenged, he tries to get her number while picking up the diapers and samosas at the store, but she won’t give it to him. She tells him he looks sad and that he does all the things he does to cover up the hurt he feels. I think it's safe to say she’s good at reading people. Well I’d say so considering that, once Barney gets told this from the mother, he realizes that maybe he is “tired of playing the game, and wants to finally win for once.”  They get to talking and, after spilling his heart out to her, she gives him the advice that “You gotta do it right. You can’t be picking up girls in drugstores.”  With this advice in mind, this is the kick start he needed, and what we find out is the reason/motivation towards him finally writing his final play “The Robin.” -Ted and Marshall discuss life & relationships.. while at a basketball game: Marshall and Ted attend a basketball game and continue talking about the conversation that was started at the bar earlier with Barney about men and women not being able to be just friends. Marshall is convinced that Ted still has feelings for Robin, and he won’t let Ted convince him otherwise. Marshall wants him to win her back, and while Ted does admit to a pretty grand gesture of how he would do it, which involves getting the infamous blue French horn and meeting on the roof, he says that Robin doesn’t change her mind and he wouldn’t want to take the risk on her again. We later see that she does change her mind about things, like liking olives though she told Ted she doesn’t. This revelation makes him later tell Marshall that himself and Robin aren’t platonic and are more like “Platonish.” - Bryan Cranston returns as Hammond Druthers with a HUGE job offer for Ted:  Throughout the first half of the episode, we see that Ted is getting mysterious phone calls from an unknown caller which Ted refuses to answer... well until about midway through the basketball game. Ted answers the call and SURPRISE! It’s Hammond Druthers calling from Chicago, Illinois saying that he’s a key player in a very successful architectural firm. Ted, of course, knows all about it and about how Druthers' building got so hot it ended up melting the building across the street from it. Druthers isn’t calling to talk about that, though; he’s calling Ted because he wants him to join his team in Chicago and he isn’t taking "No" for an answer. Ted says no and, despite Druther’s pleas, he continues to say no. Ted tells him he’ll think about it and ends the phone call until later in the episode. He later calls him back after thinking about it, and after seeing Robin with the olives, and tells him his answer is still "no." Druthers, obviously wanting Ted to join him, and despite telling him that he won’t have another chance to join him after that night, tells him that the offer will still be open if he changes his mind. The episode ends with Barney saying he has no idea who that girl was that he met, but that she set him straight. He says that after meeting her he had one challenge and one challenge only: To get Robin to fall in love with him. Robin, obviously touched by what he said, tells him “Challenge Completed.” As Robin and Barney lean into kiss, we see Ted looking on with an unsure look on his face. Favorite things about this Episode:
  • The moment between the mother and Barney and how she makes him realize that he really wants to be with Robin.
  • The Return of Hammond Druthers aka Bryan Cranston. Loved him in Breaking Bad, but have to say love seeing him return to his comedic roots.
  • Barney being challenged in any way is always hilarious.
So what’s in store for next week? Barney’s father arrives to the inn for the wedding and it looks like Barney is setting up a plan that involves his mother and father.. what could the plan be? We’ll see next week.. Also please give me so feedback on my twitter or here in the comments about what you thought of this week’s recap format (highlight form), and if you’d like to see them continue like this or the previous recap forma t(writing/summarizing the entire episode) that I’ve used! Thank You for Reading and I’ll see you next week!!


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