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Caspar Lee Has A BIG Announcement, Releasing A Biography With His Mom

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

03/09/2016 5:59 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Caspar Lee Has A BIG Announcement, Releasing A Biography With His Mom | Caspar Lee
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Caspar Lee just became the newest YouTuber with a book in the works, only his book will be a little different; his mom wrote it!

South African YouTuber Caspar Lee has become the most recent YouTuber tell his life story in the form of a biographical novel thanks to a partnership with his mom, Emily Riordan Lee. The popular content creator (who operates out of London) announced the news in typical Caspar Lee form: with a hysterical video. The self-titled project is set for a release on May 31, 2016!

In the video titled Our Big Announcement, Caspar is directed on a surprise adventure after a Skype call with his mom. Walking outside his (new) apartment he ponders what his surprise could be, drifting off into a fantastical dream world in which it is always Friday and he is married to the gorgeous Gigi Hadid. Talk about a letdown when he gets out of the car in an industrial district.

Things take a turn for the worse when he realizes that the surprise is a biography about his life written by his mom. Suddenly those dreams of a happy life with a happy wife go by the wayside, and Caspar Lee is left wondering who would want to read a book about him? Even worse, who would want a biography written by their mom revealing all of their dirty secrets?! Stealing as many books as he can carry (not a lot), Caspar rushes outside to bury them only to be granted a slight reprieve...

His mom wrote the book, but with the help of some crayons, he can edit it!

Watch Caspar Lee break the news about his newest venture in the announcement video below!

In an accompanying press release Caspar explained more about the project. "Let me tell you now that 98% of it is total lies. Actually, I'm pretty sure this book is illegal. So if you've bought it, you've basically supported a criminal. How does that feel?" The book promises to tell stories about "my first day at school, why my head is so massive, how I've always been a hit with the ladies and other things like that. You know, important stuff."

Thanks to his deal with the publisher, Caspar was able to ensure that some of the juicier tidbits were left on the cutting room floor; however, some things managed to sneak by him. As such he ends the release with an important reminder: "So, you know, enjoy. Just remember only the bits that make me look good are true…"

We'll keep that in mind!

Overall the premise of the book seems true to Caspar's outrageous sense of humor, and it provides a slightly more innovative take on the YouTuber book deal. We'll definitely be picking up a copy, and we can't wait to see what we learn about the life of Caspar Lee!

2015 was an explosive year for the London-based YouTuber, as his channel continued growing and he took on additional projects. In April 0f 2015 Caspar surpassed 4 million subscribers on his account; however, at the time of publication he is sitting well above 5.8 million subscribers.

Recently Caspar Lee and his best friend Joe Sugg also teamed up to release Joe and Caspar Hit The RoadEarlier in the year the roommates also lent their voices to the new Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie, and Caspar filmed his debut feature length film alongside fellow YouTuber KSi in Los Angeles. Things weren't all business for Caspar either. In the month leading up to his birthday Caspar and his fans set out to raise 21,000 pounds (or $30,000) for Operation Health for Comic Relief. With so much happening, we look forward to learning more about what goes on behind the scenes!

Caspar Lee will be available for release on May 31, 2016! Preorder a copy HERE and let us know what you expect to learn about Caspar in the comments below!

According to Caspar Lee the best part of the release will be the book tour, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for additional information in the coming months!


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