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Castle Rock Creators Talk To Us About Hulu, Stephen King And Future Seasons At SDCC

Aedan Juvet | PopWrapped Author

Aedan Juvet

Senior Staff Writer
07/24/2018 6:19 pm
PopWrapped | Premieres
Castle Rock Creators Talk To Us About Hulu, Stephen King And Future Seasons At SDCC | castle rock
Media Courtesy of Hulu

Castle Rock officially premieres on Hulu tomorrow and we were able to speak with series creators Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason about what to expect from the tales of horror.


Obviously when adapting such a popular location (and stories) from a massively successful horror author, there is some extra added pressure. To make things more complex, Thomason and Shaw aim to bring the utmost originality which they addressed with us at San Diego Comic Con. “It’s terrifying. We had come to the material as fans ourselves so the critic that was most important to us was King himself.” telling us, “If there was one challenge of his material, it was restrain. How do you not pack every single scene with everything King has given us after nearly 60 books.”


A recurring theme of King’s work has been a location we read about from time to time as almost a placeholder to connect small aspects of his storytelling which they acknowledge, saying, “One thing that we loved was the geography of [King’s stories]. He always returns to the scene of the crime and there’s something fascinating about that.” Shaw adds, “It raised a bunch of questions to us about how stays in this town after the second serial killer, or after the devil passes through town, so we just started talking about specifics of who would stay in a town like Castle Rock.”


When it comes to adapting any acclaimed story or using a shared universe, there comes a need for a seal of approval which the creators and Abrams had discussed pursuing on and off for quite some time. “We went and roped in JJ who is one of the biggest King super fans and we kind of knocked on his door to ask for a cup of sugar and the keys to the town so we were so excited he said yes.”


Castle Rock is currently planned as a 10 episode season, but that already causes us to wonder if a potential second season could continue where it left off or should we possibly expect something entirely different. Thomason explains, “The plan for every season was to kind of represent its own self-contained original undiscovered Stephen King novel but with that said, part of what inspired us was the realization that there is all of these setups, payoffs, crossover characters and easter eggs so I think it could be possible to check in on a character from this series moving forward.”


From first glance, the series will contain several characters centered in complexity so in theme with some of our other conversations with the actors, we had to know just who fans may be able to root for. “I think part of what the project of the season was to make the vulnerabilities of these characters to come out.” They added, “we will continue to explore it over 10 episodes but I really can say I found myself rooting for Sissy’s character which goes into much greater depth by the end.”


Finally, being Hulu’s first major dive into the horror genre, we couldn’t help but be curious about the partnership with the streaming service and they were clearly thrilled about it, telling us, “It’s amazing. They have been really fantastic partners to us and have licensed us to take some big swings and some unexpected directions. There are some very different episodes than you would expect from embarking on a 10 episode King story so they’ve been enormously supportive to us.”


Castle Rock will become available to stream later this evening on Hulu, so make sure to check out the series and let us know if you’re prepared for your arrival at Castle Rock.



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