The New Beauty And The Beast Trailer Is Here And It Is Perfect

Disney is loving making live-action remakes of their classics, and, from the looks of its brand new trailer, Beauty and the Beast may be its best one yet! Read More

Rumors Fly Around Girl Meets World Cancellation

Maybe we're jumping the gun on this one, guys. Word on the World Wide Web is that the popular Disney spinoff Girl Meets World has been canceled after three seasons on the air. These rumors began after Rider Strong, who plays Shawn Hunter in the spinoff and the origina... Read More

Live Action ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Breaks Barriers And Records

It is a tale as old as time, a tune as old as song, an animated film we have seen before. That does not mean, in this age, that it could not break new records, as well as be told in a new, progressive way. The live action Beauty And The Beast has not even hit theaters yet, but it is already making strides in a positive way. Read More

Heritage Advocates Working On Saving Walt Disney’s First LA Home

Heritage advocates are working hard to prevent the demolition of Walt Disney's first home in Los Angeles.The 1914 craftsman bungalow with the address of 4406 Kingswell Avenue Loz Feliz, Los Angeles once belonged to Robert and Charlotte Disney, the aunt and uncle of Walt Disney.In July of 1923, the couple were kind enough to invite the... Read More

Finding Dory Sets Animated Film Box Office Record

Finding Dory is Disney/Pixar's latest animated feature. Our favorite clown fish is back (if you forgot, we lost him for a while) and now the spotlight has switched to his friend Dory. Not only is the film melting the hearts of families all across the globe, but it also broke the box office record for animated film!Dory swam in at a whopping $136.2 million. Friday saw $54 ... Read More

Walt Disney Foundation Generously Donates $1 Million To OneOrlando

According to breaking news from the Disney Parks news page, the Walt Disney Company will be donating $1 million in cash to the victims and families of the Pulse, Orlando tragedy through the OneOrlando Fund. You can find out more about it and donate through their website.Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer established the fund to help any... Read More

Finding Dory May Feature Disney’s First On-Screen Animated Lesbian Couple

Over the years, Disney's animated arm has made a lot of strides when it comes to inclusion and diversity.Yes, it has been really slow, and lots of improvement is still needed to provide a good example for children and adults. But still, they have done a lot to bring people of color and women into the forefront of their animated features.And it looks like Disney may be making a small leap forward, if the Read More

Idina Menzel Responds To The Fan Pleas For Elsa To Get A Girlfriend

Idina Menzel weighs in on fan pleas to get Elsa a girlfriend in Frozen 2, and she's open to discussions!Throughout Disney's extensive film history there have been no LGBTQ main characters. When romance is present, it is always  the typical female-male relationship, usually with a prince finding her princess. That may no longer be the case though! Disney's Frozen was released in 2013, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. The film star... Read More

Bruce, Is That You? Picture Of Shark That Looks Like Bruce Of ‘Finding Nemo’ Goes Viral

Remember Finding Nemo, the Pixar animated hit that told the story of a clown fish looking for his son?If you do you're gonna love this, if not... well go watch it now; what have you been doing with your life?Anyway, while searching for Nemo, the clown fish father, Marlin, and his forgetful companion, Dory, encounters a strange shark named Bruce who together with two other sharks are trying their best to become "vegetarians."Bruce i... Read More

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