Disney Cruise Line To Launch Two New Cruise Ships

The Disney Cruise Line team is giving us a summertime treat, and it's not even April yet!The family cruise company is expanding its reach by building two more ships, each one more than 1,000 feet long and over 200 feet high! That's a lot of space for happy families!As someone who has taken at least two Disney cruises, I can tell you the... Read More

Harrison Ford Teases Disney’s Plans For A ‘Star Wars’ Theme Park

ABC aired a special to honor 60 years of Disney and during that special, revealed plans for an awesome upcoming project.  Disney is bringing us a Star Wars theme park and they brought out Harrison Ford and BB-8 to tease the plans.  Take a moment and let this idea soak in, a Star Wars theme park.Ford came on... Read More

Disney Characters Receive A ‘Tim Burton Style’ Makeover

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a Disney princess received a "Tim Burton style" makeover? If so then you're in for a treat...There is currently a photo (and article) going viral across social media that features all of your favorite Disney characters revamped and upgraded with Tim Burton artistic flair.... Read More

Dive In For The First Official ‘Finding Dory’ Trailer

Get ready to dive in for some underwater adventures with Disney Pixar's favorite school of fish in their new film Finding Dory! Thirteen years after traveling to Sydney, Australia to rescue Nemo in Finding Nemo, we're finally being treated to a sequel -- this time, the most important fish in the ocean is the memorable (though she won't remember you) blue tang Dory who sets out on her own adventure.Earlier today (November 10), the Read More

The Cast Of ‘Hocus Pocus’ Recalls Fond Memories Of Their Time On Set

When the comedy-fantasy film Hocus Pocus first came out, critics were not impressed, and it flopped in the box office. Thankfully, since then, it has gained quite a following; millions of children were spellbound with this classic, and it has become a staple for Halloween binge watching.Most of the cast have had bigger roles, yet a lot of people still remember them for this film. They, in turn, are equally fond of this movie that they worked on more than twenty years ago.<... Read More

Lea Salonga And Brad Kane Sing ‘A Whole New World’ In Aladdin Cast Reunion

It has been 23 years since Disney's classic animated musical Aladdin hit our screens. While it is most memorable for Robin Williams' amazing turn as the genie, he classic adaptation of Middle Eastern folklore gave us at least one iconic song that remains popular today -- 'A Whole New World'. One might say that it was the 'Let It Go' of its day.And now, thanks to Good Morning America, Read More

Disney Princesses Take A Different Form As Hot Dogs

Fairy tales have existed for such a long time that we can see various interpretations for stories such as the Grimm's versions to the popular interpretations by Disney.Thanks to the creative minds of Anna Hezel, Gabriella Paiella and the Internet, meat the princesses that people know and love - in hot dog form."We put our heads together and thought about what ki... Read More

The Sequel To ‘Enchanted’ May Be Coming To Theaters Soon

Remember Enchanted? That amazing musical film that collided the world of a Disney animated fairy tale with modern New York?Well, if you are one of those who contributed to the 2007 movie's $340 million gross, get this: Enchanted may have a sequel soon!According to Collider, Anne Fletcher -- known for directing the original Step Up and romantic comedy 27 Dresses -- is Read More

Disney Princesses Given Sexy New Looks By Artist

Some of your favorite Disney Princesses have been given a whole new look, courtesy of a Los Angeles artist. Andrew Tarusov, an animator and illustrator, has chosen a handful of the most popular princesses and given them a sultry twist – in the form of pin-up girls.The images were uploaded to Tarusov’s Instagram account as part of the ‘Disney Prin... Read More

Disney Introduces Polynesian Princess Moana

At Disney's D23 Expo last week, the company introduced the newest princess starring in her self-titled film, Moana. Despite all the details surrounding the upcoming project, what really got people talking is that Moana will serve as the very first Polynesian Disney princess.The film, animated in the CGI style of contemporary Disney fi... Read More

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