Beaten & Bruised Disney Princesses Bring The Reality Of Domestic Abuse To Life

Ben Patton Senior Manager @CincyBen"When did he stop treating you like a Princess?" is the slogan for the online campaign titled "Happy Never Ever" by Middle Eastern artist, Saint Hoax.The series of rather disturbing images features Disney princesses looking battered and bruised which is part of "an awareness campaign targeting any girl/woman who has been subject to domestic violence." The Read More

He Doesn’t Do Lines: Justin Bieber Spotted In A Wheelchair At Disneyland

Rain Varela Staff Writer @rain_varelaA lot of celebrities have been accused of 'diva' attitude. Whether in private or public places, some of these famous stars just can't seem to be bothered to do normal stuff that most people have to put up with.One of these normal but annoying things are queues. Nobody enjoys standing in line, so if you can skip it, who could blame you?This is something that... Read More

Jason Porath’s Rejected Princesses Project Defies Disney’s Royal Stereotype

Roxanne Powell Senior Content Editor @roxipowellWe all know the stereotype for the "perfect" Disney princess. She has to be beautiful, skinny, look good with a bare middrift, and be able to speak her mind while doing so with grace and poise. Even our honorary princesses like Mulan, and occasionally Alice, are beautiful, thin, independent thinkers. They have their ups and downs, but manage to come out of... Read More

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