Celebrities Want To Stop Trump And Chuck Woolery Is Judging Them

Chuck Woolery, the famous TV game show host, has missed the mark yet again. In a recent video,  some celebrities have appealed to Congress to stop Trump while they can. The video was not meant to be a plea to overturn the election but rather just forcing Congress to realize that they can limit the danger that Trump could possibly inflict.  Read More

Octavia Spencer Offered Free Screening Of ‘Hidden Figures’ For Low Income Families

Academy Award winning actress, Octavia Spencer offered a free screening of her most recent film, Hidden Figures, to low income families on Friday. She bought out the 8pm screening of her movie at Baldwin Hills movie theater in Los Angeles for the next day (January 14) and made the public aware of her intention by posting on her Instagram account. Read More

Michael Jackson’s Family Fights Back Against Joseph Fiennes Casting

Michael Jackson was good friends with Elizabeth Taylor, and there was once a story of the two taking a road trip together. Urban Myths, a Sky TV program, seemed to have an interesting take on the story. Except for, you know, casting a white man to play Michael Jackson and making it almost a parody of the actual event. The couple formally met ... Read More

Michael Sheen’s Hollywood Involves Activism

Within the United States and across the globe, actors and actresses are also advocates of political and personal causes. Look at Leonardo DiCaprio and Angelina Jolie. The millionaires spend both money and time on heartfelt issues. While DiCaprio promotes environmentalist change through his social-media accounts and informative documentaries (Before the FloodThe Ivory Game), Jolie visits impoverished countries, meets powerful leaders, and voices her and the people's concerns.Read More

AT&T Launches New DIRECTV Channel Taylor Swift NOW

Taylor Swift has done it again. While Swifties around the world were anticipating an unannounced album drop -- something that, much to their disappointment and heartache, hasn’t yet happened -- Taylor Swift was in the works of dropping something entirely new: a DIRECTV Channel. So go ahead, Swifties: take a moment to breathe and process this news because it is entirely true.