San Francisco Law Requires Pet Shops To Sell Rescue Animals

A new San Francisco, California law will "ban the sale of non-rescue" animals in the hopes of wiping out "inhumane" breeding operations throughout the Bay Area. The law will also prohibit the selling of any animal under eight weeks old. Read More

Daniel Ramirez Medina Detained By ICE

What would you do if officials took you away from your child?Daniel Ramirez Medina was detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Washington. Even though the 23 year old has a work permit, a son, and no rap sheet, he was taken by officials, anyway. Read More

Eugenie Bouchard To Go On Fan Date After Super Bowl Bet

Oh, Canada ... made a big mistake. While many people across the country were betting on the Patriots to lose last Sunday, one 20-year-old Missouri college student was betting against all odds on them to win. He decided to make his bet interesting by inviting tennis pro Eugenie Bouchard on a date if the Patriots essentially made the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, and luckily for him (and Tom Brady), they did. Read More

Texas Jews Allow Muslims To Use Their Synagogue After Their Mosque Was Burned

Jews in Victoria, Texas are allowing Muslim worshippers to use their synagogue after the town's mosque burned down. Read More

Trump Bashes Arnold Schwarzenegger At Prayer Breakfast

The annual National Prayer Breakfast is held on the first Thursday of February. It has been a tradition since 1953 and an opportunity for political officials, socialites, and the top leaders in the business world to meet and forge relationships. It is also an opportunity for the President of the United States to offer words of encouragement and celebrate the importance of faith and prayer. So, of course, Donald Trump decided not to do any of those things. He effectively Read More

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