Arizona Senate Passes Bill To Allow Businesses To Refuse Service To Gays

Jayden Sheppard Staff Writer @_jaydensheppard
Who would of thought in 2014 we would be reading about this!
The Arizona Senate has allowed a bill that expands the rights of people to refuse service of gays and others, due to their re... Read More

Homer Bailey To Remain A Cincinnati Red, Inks A Six-Year $105 Million Deal

Dani Strehle Senior Manager @DvstrehleWhile many blissful couples were celebrating Valentine's Day on February 14th, an entirely different demographic was celebrating something else: the pitchers and catchers reporting for the 2014 Major League Baseball season.On the heels of this exciting event, today it was announced that the Cincinnati RedsRead More

Team USA’s David Backes Partners With Other Athletes To Help Stray Dogs In Sochi

Raechel Odom Staff Writer @RaechelOdomDavid Backes, a Minnesota native, and captain of the St. Louis Blues, is doing anything he can to help the stray dogs in Russia. He and some of the other Olympians are dealing with the rigorous adoption process in order to take the animals back to the United States and find them forever homes.“T... Read More

Bob Casale Dies At Age 61

Jenna Boures Staff Writer @JBouresBob Casale died of heart failure on Monday at the age of 61.He is survived by his wife and two children.Rolling Stone reported the news, explaining that Casale was involved in the band since its inception in 1973 through their recent tours.Bob Casale and his brother Gerald were both invo... Read More

Utah Mother Buys All Of PacSun’s “Indecent” T-Shirts In Protest

Vanessa Dias Staff WriterThe state of Utah is a very conservative place and Judy Cox certainly does it justice.She was shopping with her son when she saw in a store’s shop window “indecent and pornographic” kinds of T-shirts. Wanting the inappropriate clothes gone, she bought all of them for $567.Afte... Read More

Nestle Recalls Potentially Dangerous Hot Pockets Products

Susan Booth Staff Writer @SusanEBooth2936

Any time that food is recalled for any reason, it’s always best to make sure you’re not eating it, much less anyone you may know.

On February 18th, Food Safety News explained that they would be recalling some of the flavors of Hot Pocke... Read More

Irrational Games Co-Founder Ken Levine Announces Studios’ Dissolution

Robert Dominic Ventre II Staff WriterIn an announcement made on his website Tuesday, February 18th, Irrational Games co-founder Ken Levine confirmed that the studio responsible for the acclaimed Bioshock ser... Read More

Olympic Ice Dancers On Having to Balance Appearance with Performance

 Robert Dominic Ventre II Staff WriterThe Olympic games feature the world's most dedicated and talented athletes, exhausting body, mind and soul for a chance at the fabled gold.Among these athletes are hockey players, bobsledders, track runners, snowboarders and more, all vying for glory by running themselves ragged, pushing their physicality to the limit, and bearing the pain with a grimace or c... Read More

Time Warner Cable’s Lawsuit Will Not Deter Comcast’s Takeover

Robert Dominic Ventre II Staff WriterBreffni Barrett, an investor acting as representative of Time Warner Cable shareholders, has moved to sue Comcast Corp. for their intended acquisition of TWC, which was proposed at $45.2 billion.In a complaint filed on February 14th to the New York Sta... Read More

Legendary ‘New York Dolls’ Manager Marty Thau Dies At Age 75

Robert Dominic Ventre II Staff WriterInfluential rock 'n' roll producer and manager Marty Thau passed away on Thursday, February 13th due to complications from renal failure. He was 75-years-old.Thau's storied career in the music industry began in the 1... Read More

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