Gay-Rights Activist Vladimir Luxuria Detained In Sochi By Russian Police

Robert Dominic Ventre II Staff WriterAnother example of Russia's reviled policies opposing gay rights has come to light, as Italian gay-right activist Vladimir Luxuria was detained today in Sochi's Shayba Arena.The former Communist lawmaker was stopped by Russian authorities upon entering the arena at the Olympic Park in order to watch a hockey game, all the while shouting “I have a ticket”.Turning... Read More

U.S. Study Yields Evidence Towards Genetic Link To Homosexuality

Robert Dominic Ventre II Staff WriterIt seems as though the fabled “gay gene” may, in fact, be a part of reality.Researchers from Chicago University have undertaken the as-of-yet unpublished study in an attempt to determine whether or not sexual orientation is something that can be chosen, or if it is simply a product of our genetic makeup.As Read More

‘Craigslist Killer’ Miranda Barbour Confesses to Murder; States She Had Many Other Victims

Robert Dominic Ventre II Staff WriterNewly-wedded couple Elytte and Miranda Barbour have been found guilty of the murder of one Troy LaFerrara, who had responded to Miranda's Craiglist ad p... Read More

Ethiopian Rome-Bound Flight Has Hijacking By Co-Pilot Averted; Hijacker Placed Under Arrest

Robert Dominic Ventre II Staff WriterEthiopian Airlines flight 702, which took off from Addis Ababa, was set to arrive in Rome at 4:40 AM, local time, but its flightpath was altered when the plane's co-pilot locked himself in the cockpit and changed its course to Geneva, Switzerland.When his fellow pilot left to use the restroom, the as-of-now unnamed hijacker sealed himself into the cockpit befor... Read More

Olympic Round-Up: A Fun Day On The Ice Rink, But Not The Slopes, For Team USA

Sean Strehle Sports Correspondent @StrailMixSunday was pretty quiet by Sochi’s standards. Actually, the day was pretty much old hat in American terms. Some themes have emerged from the Winter Games in the last week, and it can be boiled down to a few key points. America: good at hockey, bad at curling, underachieving on the slopes, and downright embarrassing on the speedskates. Netherlands: otherwor... Read More

Students Of Missouri Block Westboro Baptist Church Protest; Applaud Michael Sam

Robert Dominic Ventre II Staff WriterRecently-outed NFL hopeful defensive end Michael Sam returned to his alma mater, the University of Missouri, Saturday, February 15th. He was greeted by a swell of protesters acting as representatives of notorious hate group Westboro Baptist Church<... Read More

Vladimir Putin Plays The Gracious Host On Visit To The Team USA House In Sochi

Adrienne Tyler Staff Writer @AdrienneTylerRussian President Vladimir Putin visited the U.S Olympic headquarters on Friday to talk about the Winter Games and the upcoming Russia-U.S. hockey game.Putin spent about half an hour at the USA House in Sochi’s Olympic Park talking with Larry Probst, U.S Olympic Committee chairman, and Scott Bla... Read More

Olympic Round-Up: Team USA Shoots Ahead In Hockey, Canada Curls Toward Gold

Sean Strehle Sports Correspondent @StrailMixAdd TJ Oshie to the long and growing list of individual performances by American athletes in Sochi. On the second Saturday of the Sochi Winter Games, American Hockey was the story of the day, but plenty of other interesting developments have emerged, which should set up an exciting final eight days in Russia. Team USA has inched its way near the top of the medal count, trailing only host country Russ... Read More

Hackers Steal Data From Kickstarter

Caitlin McEwen Staff Writer @Caitidid21Hackers targeted Kickstarter, a crowd-funding site, taking sensitive data, although somehow managing to NOT take credit card information. The data the hackers did make out with? Phone numbers, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, usernames, and encryp... Read More

Kayla Finley Jailed After 9 Years For Not Returning VHS Tape

Joan Ronstadt Staff Writer @joanronstadlt A South Carolina woman was held overnight in Pickens County jail. Her crime: never returning the 2005 romantic comedy, Monster-In-Law.Kayla Finley, 27, rented the movie from her l... Read More

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