New Orleans Mayor Leaves Courts With 20 Accounts Of Bribery

Chessie Reiss Staff WriterRay Nagin, the once proud Mayor of New Orleans, left court today being convicted of 20 counts of bribery.Three years into Nagin’s first term as Mayor, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  During the clean up effort Nagin demanded more money federal aid, which embarrassed the Bush administratio... Read More

NBC Edits Out Anti-Discrimination Statement In Olympic Opening Ceremony

Christina Dogas Staff WriterRussia’s anti-gay laws has been a huge obstacle since the start of the Olympics in Sochi. The International Olympic Committee president, Thomas Bach, made an impacting statement during his speech at the opening ceremony about discrimination.He urged Olympians not to discriminate against people from other countries and to treat everyone fairly. Viewers worldwide heard the statement, b... Read More

Stand For Sam: Mizzou Students To Block Westboro Protests

Caitlin McEwen Staff WriterIt comes without much surprise that the Westboro Baptist Curch plans to show up at the University of Missouri – Columbia after SEC Defensive Player of the Year, Michael Sam, came out and who will become the first openly gay player in the NFL following the draft in May.Mizzou students took to Memorial Stadium on February 10 to show their support for Sam, Read More

Irish Archbishop Says Homophobes Are “Godophobic” Too

Susan Booth Staff WriterThe Archbishop of Dublin is claiming that those out there who hate people who are gay are in fact not just homophobic, they are Godophobic. This is not the first time that Diarmuid Martin has spoken out against homophobia lately, most notably discussing the prejudice towards an Irish politician due to their sexuality.The Archbishop had this to say to the Read More

Canada Wins Again With Response To Russia’s Anti-LGBT Laws

Hannah Daglish Senior Content EditorWhen it comes to this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, few topics have been discussed more than Russia’s anti-LGBT laws. Various organisations and nations have reacted in different ways, but Canada’s response may have just topped the list.The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion relea... Read More

We Are Headed To ‘Crazy Town’ With Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Kayleigh Falvey Staff WriterRobyn Doolittle’s book Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story is on its way to a screen near you soon! The rights to the book were bought by Toronto based production company Blue Ice Pictures, over a week ago. One of the producers, Daniel Irons, spoke about the project, saying, “It’s not our intention to do a salacious farce - this is a serious story…Pa... Read More

Olympics Day 3 Roundup: Canada On Top Of Medals, US Bobsledders Stuck In Elevator

Sean Strehle Sports CoordespondantWhich countries took the biggest jumps in the medal count? Which  American picked up a bronze medal for Team USA’s only trip to the podium? And guess who is at it again in Sochi, this time in an elevator!? Day 3 of the Sochi Winter Games didn’t lack in edge of your seat moments. And Sochi remains in the news, with its Spring-like weather and partially functioning ele... Read More

Sochi Olympics: Canadians Rule The Men’s Moguls Podium

Adrienne Tyler Staff WriterThe Canadian freestyle skier Alex Bilodeau has won gold medal in men’s moguls at the Sochi Olympics today, while his teammate Mikael Kingsbury won silver. Bilodeau was Canada’s first gold medallist four years ago in Vancouver, and had an exceptional final run to earn a score of 26.31.“It’s a great feeling, but I need to first of all thank all my colleagues. I was... Read More

Chinese New Year Brings Big Money To Chinese Box Offices

Becky Brownlow Staff WriterAccording to recent figures, more than 38 million people in China visited the cinema between January 31st and February 6th, bringing in a record breaking box office of 1.4 billion yuan (around $230 million).The films that had ever... Read More

Norway Shows Their Colors With “XXL Airport Love” In Honor Of The Olympics

Lara Meier Staff WriterWith all that fuzz around the opening of the Olympics in Sochi, a few people might have forgotten that some individuals were not allowed to compete.The reasons are absurd and although we might want to argue and fight about it, I think, it’s best to let the Russian politicians do their thing. We should stand up for our rights, yes, but we should also try and make the best out of the laws, while we c... Read More

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