Texas Jews Allow Muslims To Use Their Synagogue After Their Mosque Was Burned

Jews in Victoria, Texas are allowing Muslim worshippers to use their synagogue after the town's mosque burned down. Read More

Trump Bashes Arnold Schwarzenegger At Prayer Breakfast

The annual National Prayer Breakfast is held on the first Thursday of February. It has been a tradition since 1953 and an opportunity for political officials, socialites, and the top leaders in the business world to meet and forge relationships. It is also an opportunity for the President of the United States to offer words of encouragement and celebrate the importance of faith and prayer. So, of course, Donald Trump decided not to do any of those things. He effectively Read More

Six Dead, Many Injured After Quebec Mosque Shooting

A recent shooting rampage perpetrated last Sunday at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Center in Quebec City, Canada has left six people dead and another eight injured, according to a number of reports by CNN and CBC News. Read More

Nuclear Doomsday Clock: Two And A Half Minutes To Midnight

The Nuclear Doomsday Clock says it's two and a half minutes to midnight.No, not literally, so don't think that your phone or computer's clock is acting up. But scientists are concerned, and you should be, too. For the first time since 1953, the Nuclear Doomsday Clock has reached less than 3 minutes to midnight. Read More

Businesswoman Shuns Community Of Women’s March

Celebrities and civilians combine forces for the greater good. From Patrick Dempsey to Alicia Keys, everybody and their mother supports the Women's March on Washington. They want social change. Americans won't survive without it. Read More

Syrian Girl Writes President Trump A Letter

Even though she is just seven years old, Bana al-Abed gave President Trump a heartfelt message. Her country -- Syria -- is in the trenches of war. Fights between the government and rebel forces have plagued Syria for years. As a result, eleven million civilians are displaced; half of them are children. Read More

The Anti-Trump Women’s March Went Global

Initially, the anti-Trump Women's March was meant to be held only in Washington D.C. It was not even meant to target Trump specifically but was a reaction to his campaign rhetoric which they found to be misogynistic, divisive and racist. Read More

Highway Skittles Spill Intended For Cattle Feed

In a somewhat bizarre story this past week, sources such as National Geographic and The News Gazette are reporting that a mysterious spill of red skittles across a rural Wisconsin highway was initially intended to be converted into feed for beef cattle.

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