Ten Things You May Not Know About Emily Blunt

Among the famous young actresses of this generation, Emily Blunt is probably one of those who has the most range.We all remember her as the uptight assistant Emily in The Devil Wears Prada, then she went on to a historical drama as the British monarch Queen Victoria in the Young Victoria. And THEN she went on full blown badass action hero in the science fict... Read More

Most Memorable Performances of Alan Rickman

As we remember the late Alan Rickman on what would have been the actor's 71st birthday, we are sharing some of his most memorable performances of his career.

5. Harry - Love Actually (2003)

In Richard Curtis's Love Actually, we meet couple Harry and Karen. Although this movie has some unrealistic qualities, Rickman's portrayal of Harry, a wandering man in a rocky relationship, is probably the most maddening combination of being both wick... Read More

Kurt Cobain And Nirvana: The Ten Best Songs Of A Revolutionary

It goes without saying that anyone familiar with the history of mainstream music will have, in some form, heard the tragic tale of a rock band called Nirvana and the fate of their conflicted but iconic front-man Kurt Cobain, who (allegedly) took his own life at the height of his popularity on April 5, 1994 at the age of 27. Read More

5 Reasons To Binge Chicago Med

Chicago Med is the third in a series of shows created by Dick Wolf that revolve around the city of Chicago. The Law and Order creator began the series with Chicago Fire, which spun off Chicago PD. With the success of these two shows and their ability to constantly intertwine, Wolf created Chicago Med, which will be our focus of interest in this article. Read More

Top 15 Favorite Darren Criss Performances

As we ring in Darren Criss' 30th birthday today, we would like to countdown 15 of Darren's most memorable and fun performances from Glee, Team StarKid, Elsie Fest and more.  Let's get to the countdown! Read More

PopWrapped’s Would You Rather??

Would You Rather is a game of tough choices that really makes you think. PopWrapped has put together some pop culture themed Would You Rather questions that we think are very hard to decide between. Read the questions and explanations below, then make your decisions in the poll. Read More

5 Ways To Add Cosplay To Your Everyday Life

Sure, there’s nothing quite like going all out at a convention with your costume, but sometimes real life clashes with your ‘all cosplay, all the time’ plans. So, here are five ways to add a little every day cosplay into your life for those days where your geekiness needs to be a little bit stealthy. Read More

Supporting Local Art By Crawling Across The Nation

Art crawls are events that bring the community together through local art. Most are hosted by local nonprofits that rely on volunteers and donations in order to host the event. They are usually held once a month, and, on that specific day, people from all over the city can come together at the designated place and walk from location to location. The crawls are usually set up amongst a group of restaurants and bars where the artists are inside displaying their art. It’s a chance for the people leaving... Read More

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