Dress For Success: The Fandom Edition

In the immortal words of Charlene Kaye, "I'll wear that dress if you wear that tie." What she failed to mention, ladies, is that you must only wear that dress if his tie has a Charmander on it.Or another kind of Pokemon/fandom persona. We're not picky.It's hard being your crazy, fandom-loving self in the real world when we're all expected to wear "real people clothes." You know the ones: suit and tie, dress and cardigan, or just dark pants and a nice top.Read More

Samanah Duran Talks Critics Clothing And #BEYOUROWN

As company founder, CEO and Creative Director of Critics Clothing, Samanah Duran is a successful businesswoman who is hugely passionate about fashion.Placing fierce emphasis on inspiring each individual to embrace their identity and to take pride in their individuality, she creates innovative clothing, revolutionised through the crafting of indulgent street-wear with the power to evoke self-expression.Building on that inspiration as an extension of ... Read More

Brooke Lewis & Metal Babe Mayhem Creates New Clothing Line

Not content with being a highly respected life and dating coach, author, actress and Scream Queen, Brooke Lewis has now partnered with the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle company Metal Babe Mayhem, owned by Alison “MetalBabe” Cohen, to create a line of clothing that inspires those who wear the items to "Rock Your Hot Mess."The clothing line has been released in conjunction with Lewis' new book Coaching From A Professed Hot Mess, and, as she writes in its pages, sugge... Read More

Christian Siriano Includes Plus-Sized Models At NYFW

Christian Siriano’s recent New York Fashion Week (NYFW) runway show included models diverse in both race and body size. However, Siriano’s inclusion of five plus-sized models at a runway show is the exception, not the rule. Read More

Real Housewives Gretchen Rossi Knows How To Wear White At The Endless Summer Party

Navajo Nation Ruled “Not Famous Enough” In Urban Outfitters Case

The Navajo Nation is recognized as the largest tribe in the United States. Yet when faced with Urban Outfitters (UO), the "hipster fashion giant," it just isn't quite famous enough.The Navajo Nation lost two counts in a multi-million dollar lawsuit against UO after the court ruled that the term "Navajo" is a generic term for a style or design. In order t... Read More

Shoe Fans Rejoice, Louboutin’s Nude Flats Are Here

Finding comfortable ballet flats in nude shades that resemble your own skin tone can often be a struggle. In fact, if you fall anywhere outside of the usual taupe-tastic beiges sported by only a select portion of the population, you will most likely have fallen into the same chasm of despair that I often do while shoe shopping.  

It's a bit like trying to find accurate flesh coloured bandaids - unless you're an alien shade of cadaveric grey or a single... Read More

Awaiting Outlander’s S2 Premiere With A Tribute To Ladies In Red

With the second season of Outlander less than two weeks away, the Starz hit continues to release tantalizing bits of episode clips and publicity stills of its characters clad in the most sumptuous of 18th century Parisian wardrobes. Thanks to costume designer Terry Dresbach and her team, the stylishly cutthroat world of courtly and aristocratic politics as seen in Diana Gabaldon’s novel Dragonfly in Amber will come to vibrantly colorful life beginning on April 9th. Read More

MAC Instagram Hit With Racism After Newest Ad

MAC Cosmetics were hit with a storm of racist comments regarding their newest ad campaign...When a company makes a product, it is usually geared towards everybody. That means concepts such as race, gender, sexuality, and age are off the table.We live in the 21st century. We should be over all of the blatant racism our ancestors used in everyday conversation. Right?Nope. Not even close.In a new model photo on their Instag... Read More

The 2016 SAG Awards: Chrissy Picks the 5 Worst Dressed

Who failed spectacularly on the SAG Awards red carpet?We've all heard the phrase, "Out with the old and in with the new," right? Unfortunately, that does not cease to happen often, even more so on the red carpet - this year's SAG Awards is no different. One would easily assume that there would be less cringe worthy dresses and outfits as the years go by, but this isn't the case for some celebrities. With every beautiful dress m... Read More

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