Just Cause Is Headed To The Big Screen With Jason Momoa

Popular adventure video game Just Cause is getting adapted for the big screen. Deadline is reporting that Justice League star Jason Momoa has signed on to play the lead character Rico Rodriguez. Momoa, who also has a solo Aquaman film on the horizon, will reunite with Frontier director and co-creator Brad Peyton. Peyton will be producing and direc... Read More

Build And Recruit Your Way To Victory In Villages Of Valeria

Villages of Valeria is the second of three games designed by Isaias Vallejo in the kingdom of Valeria. Published by Daily Magic Games, this Valeria game is co-designed by Rick Holzgrafe. It plays with one to five players in about 45 minutes. Read More

Playing The Next Great Board Games At Play & Pub Toronto

Play & Pub is a board game play-testing event in Toronto. It is an opportunity for designers to pitch games to publishers and gain invaluable feedback from players on how to improve their games. There were prototypes that were fresh ideas just being worked out and games that had been play-tested for years on the verge of being published. Most of all, it was a chance to meet fellow board game geeks and have fun playing games. These are some of the games I had a chance to play and that will hopefully ... Read More

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War Trailer And Game Details Officially Announced

Fans of Warner Bros' Shadow of Mordor will be happy to know the sequel, Shadow of War, is official! After the company's leak this morning, they decided to go ahead with the announcement and even dropped a trailer! Read More

Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s Trail Gameplay Revealed

Purrrlock Holmes is the cat detective board game from IDW Games designed by Stephen Sauer. With just the theme announced, the game has been gaining a lot of attention. IDW Games' VP of New Product Development, Jerry Bennington, is "incredibly excited to be bringing this game to market" and said "it's already started to develop a strong following of cat, pun, and cat-pun-loving fans." From everything shown about the game thus far, it is indeed chock full of cat puns! Read More

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