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San Francisco Law Requires Pet Shops To Sell Rescue Animals

A new San Francisco, California law will "ban the sale of non-rescue" animals in the hopes of wiping out "inhumane" breeding operations throughout the Bay Area. The law will also prohibit the selling of any animal under eight weeks old. Read More

YouTuber Trisha Paytas Has A New Love

December 2016 was a trying time for YouTuber Trisha Paytas. After she celebrated her one-year anniversary with the love of her life, Sean van der Wilt, a source sent her revealing snaps. Read More

Is The Newsies Movie Blazing The Trail For More Accessible Musicals?

God, I hope so.I just came back from seeing Newsies, the hit Disney musical, at the movies. Yes, on a screen. No, it wasn't a bootleg. At the end of last year, Disney gathered most of the original Newsies Broadway cast as well as some of the touring cast members, and they put on the show live, but it was also professionally filmed. And for a few days this month, it was distributed across the nation thanks to Fandan... Read More

Bill Gates Says Working Robots Should Pay Taxes

Bill Gates thinks robots should be taxed "at a similar level" to humans if they do the same type of labor. By having them pay taxes, the "spread of automation" will slow down and other types of employment will have a chance to be funded. Read More

Will Smith Out Of Live-Action Dumbo

According to Deadline, Will Smith is no longer in talks with Disney to appear in yet another planned animated-turned-live-action project, Dumbo. While he had never fully committed to the project, negotiations were reportedly being undertaken to bring him on board and announced not that long ag... Read More

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