Death Threats And Violent Assaults At Remind The Nation Event

Melissa Jensen, one of the organizers for the now infamous Remind The Nation event, held at Sundance Film Festival, is speaking out, via a paid press release, against multiple accusations of misconduct, violence and homophobia by her staff on the evening of January 23. The denial comes two weeks to the day after the event in question in which multiple event-goers reported that security violently assa... Read More

Remind The Nation Organizers Bar Gay Veteran From Attending Military Event

This story has been expanded and updated HERE, and includes many witness statements, court documents, and a public statement from Remind The Nation organizer, Melissa Jensen.UPDATE (4:30PM PST): Remind The Nations's website has gone dark, now requiring a password to view, and all Remind The Nation social media channels have been deleted. Park City... Read More

Netflix To Reboot ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’

According to a report by The Huffington Post, the online television streaming juggernaut Netflix has just picked up another classic show for a reboot: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Read More

Why YouTube’s Domo And Crissy Are Legends

YouTube is more powerful than people think. Aside from music videos, personalities upload substance to shock, entertain, and educate. Individuals like Joey Graceffa, Trisha Paytas, and Shane Dawson amass a mammoth amount of followers. Their topics, from alcoholism to sexual orientation, touch audiences through the computer screens. Read More

Ruby Rose Opens Up About Past On The Ellen Show

Before her cameo in the hit series, Orange Is the New Black, Ruby Rose was a sensation. In 2014, summer sizzled with her viral video, Break Free. Like an unorthodox Cinderella, she bedazzled in blonde hair, a crimson pout, and today's glass slippers: Chelsea Boots. As she adorned her face with mascara and lipstick, Butterfly Boucher's music fluttered in soft crescendo. Read More

Kim Burrell Promotes Hate Despite Message Of New Song

Kim Burrell's a lionized woman of many talents. Not only does she pastor Love & Liberty Church but she is also a renowned musician. Her emotional timbres and fervent hymns touch a myriad of people. Even the Grammy Awards threw her a nomination for her profound creativity. Her gifts have that ability to impact men and women at home and abroad. But, unlike her song, "Let's Make It To Love," she promotes hate instead. ... Read More

Naked Warwick Rowers Release 2017 Calendar To Challenge Athletic Homophobia

The University of Warwick's rowing team calendars are back, and the men are showing off more than just their oars! For their 2017 naked calendar, the team is proving that they've got the glutes to raise awareness about homophobia in sports. Read More

97 Starbucks Cafes Join The Seattle Police Department’s ‘Safe Space’ Program

So much has happened this past week, it is important to keep each other in mind. Openly gay Seattle police Officer Jim Ritter has been going from business to business in an effort to recruit more people to the SPD's Safe Place program to help LGBTQ victims of hate crimes. Starbucks recently announced its intent to Read More

Emmy Winner Leslie Jordan Says “I’m With Her”

Leslie Jordan has become a household name, with over 200 IMDB acting credits to his name. He is probably best known for his Emmy-winning performance as Beverly Leslie, the nemesis of sassy Karen Walker (played by Megan Mullally) on the hit NBC show Will and Grace. Fans should never give up on a possible Leslie and Megan reunion. Wink wink.