The End Of Safe Spaces For Queer Women In Media: AfterEllen Shut Down

One of the best parts as a queer person is finding a place, either physical or online, that you can go and feel like a part of a community. For years, AfterEllen was that place for queer women.AfterEllen provided content that queer women were looking for. On this major website, they could find out the latest news, check out interviews,... Read More

Why Queer Representation In Pop Culture Matters

Batwoman will always be my favourite superhero. Greg Rucka and J.H. William III's Elegy is the reason I read comic books. Reading about Kate Kane's past, her grief, her struggle to find a way to serve and to make a positive impact in the world helped me get through some really difficult periods in my life. I admire her for her bravery, for her persistence, and even for hitting a personal low but getting back up. Later, in Marc Andreyko and Jeremy Haun's run, Kate is forced to recognize her own... Read More

Comic Book Creators Join Forces To Help Orlando Victims

In June of this year, there was a tragic mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub. This was the biggest mass shooting in modern United States history, and the victims were patrons of Pulse, a gay nightclub. It was a horrific event that took 49 innocent lives. The tragedy had an effect on virtually everyone with a heart around the world but on the LGBTQ+ community in particular. It was hard to process th... Read More

2016 Emmys Highlight Importance Of LGBTQ Diversity

The 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out last night. There were many standout aspects of the show, including the number of winners from subscription-based services as opposed to network television shows and the exciting crop of winners. Mr. Robot's Rami Malek made history by being the first non-white actor to win Best Actor in nearly 20 years. Read More

Transgender Rights Activist & Actress Alexis Arquette Dies Aged 47

Alexis Arquette, an established actress and long-time advocate of transgender rights, has died at the age of 47.Her brother Richmond said Alexis died at 12:32 early Sunday morning while listening to the David Bowie classic "Starman."Born Robert Arquette, Alexis was part of an acting family dynasty that included her brothers David and Richmond and sisters Rosanna and Patricia. Alexis transitioned to a female in 2006 and documented her journey in the film A... Read More

NYC To Open An LGBT Homeless Centre Thanks To Bea Arthur

With approximately 40% of the homeless community being comprised of LGBTQ youth, finding a safe, welcoming place for shelter can be difficult. Thankfully for any homeless LGBTQ youth in New York City, they can thank the late, great Bea Arthur for being a friend in helping some of them find a place to stay.Thanks to Arthur's longtime support of The Ali Forney Center, a new housing residence will be opened i... Read More

‘The Ray’ Will Be The First Superhero Show With A Gay Lead

The CW has announced that production will begin on Freedom Fighters: The Ray, an animated superhero series that will premier on CW seed, the network's digital channel. The series will be notable for featuring the first gay superhero in a lead role in modern televisions and movies.CW President Mark Pedowitz who was at the Television Critics Association summer press tour told the re... Read More


American Horror Story Season Six SPOILERS BELOW!

It’s been more than six-months since Ryan Murphy and Co. permanently checked out of “Hotel,” and until now, very few clues had been given about the theme, or potential cast of American Horror Story  Season 6!  Typically, the theme for past seasons was revealed, FAR ahead of their October premieres.  Season 6, however, has been much more tight-lipped and secretive. P... Read More

Teenager Comes Out To Family At Disneyland Like A Boss

Coming out can be one of the most difficult and most important moments in a person's life. It can either change a person's life for the better or for the worse. The happiest place on Earth just helped bring a little bit more happiness to one family's life.A year after realizing her sexuality, one California teen figured out the best way to finally come out to her ... Read More

Hillary Clinton Marches In NYC Pride Parade

All around America, people are gathering in different cities to celebrate pride month. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton joined in on the festivities in New York City!After more than 40 years since the very first Pride Parade in New York City, thousands of people filled the streets of New York City to celebrate Pride with love and support for the LGBT community... Read More

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