Irish Archbishop Says Homophobes Are “Godophobic” Too

Susan Booth Staff WriterThe Archbishop of Dublin is claiming that those out there who hate people who are gay are in fact not just homophobic, they are Godophobic. This is not the first time that Diarmuid Martin has spoken out against homophobia lately, most notably discussing the prejudice towards an Irish politician due to their sexuality.The Archbishop had this to say to the Read More

Canada Wins Again With Response To Russia’s Anti-LGBT Laws

Hannah Daglish Senior Content EditorWhen it comes to this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, few topics have been discussed more than Russia’s anti-LGBT laws. Various organisations and nations have reacted in different ways, but Canada’s response may have just topped the list.The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion relea... Read More

Jon Stewart Tears Into NFLers And Defends Michael Sam

Susan Booth Staff Writer

Jon Stewart, the Emmy Award winning news caster from The Daily Show, took things to a length that no one else would when it came to giving Tim Tebow a pretty good burn, while doing a Read More

Norway Shows Their Colors With “XXL Airport Love” In Honor Of The Olympics

Lara Meier Staff WriterWith all that fuzz around the opening of the Olympics in Sochi, a few people might have forgotten that some individuals were not allowed to compete.The reasons are absurd and although we might want to argue and fight about it, I think, it’s best to let the Russian politicians do their thing. We should stand up for our rights, yes, but we should also try and make the best out of the laws, while we c... Read More

Russian President Vladimir Putin Cuddles Openly Gay Dutch Speedskater

Kaitlin Banks Staff WriterAfter watching Russia’s ice dance team shimmy away with a gold medal, President Vladimir Putin decided to celebrate by visiting the Holland Heineken House on Sunday night. Ireen Wust, openly gay Dutch speedskater, was also there celebrating her g... Read More

Oklahoma Restaurant Owner Refuses To Serve “Freaks Or Faggots”

Daniel Speranza Staff WriterAn unbelievable scene happened in Oklahoma when a restaurant owner refused to serve 'freaks or faggots'.The homophobic and racist restaurant owner from Oklahoma refused to serve to hispanic, african-americans, people with disabilities and LGBT people.The owner, Gary James Read More

Attorney General Announces Plans To Give Same-Sex Couples More Rights

Hannah Daglish Staff WriterIn a big step towards marital equality for all, the Department of Justice is to act to give same-sex marriages “full and equal recognition, to the greatest extent possible under the law”, according to the Huffington Post.  In a speech on Saturday, Attorney General Eric Holder announce... Read More

Republican Official Wants Gays “Purged” From GOP

Renad Farid Staff Writer

Mary Helen Sears of Houghton County, and the elected vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party's 1st District, posted on the Schoolcraft County GOP website last March, claiming that homosexuality is a Satanic perversion and that gays should be "purged" ... Read More

Chevrolet Eschews Russia LGBT Discrimination In New Olympic Ads

 Renad Farid Staff WriterLike many other major sponsors of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, Chevrolet took the chance to support LGBT rights by releasing a series of eight ads titled, #TheNew, two of which feature gay couples.The TV commercial aired during the Opening Ceremonies coverage on NBC, featuring real life gay couples along with their families.... Read More

t.a.T.u Defies Russia’s Anti-Gay Policies, Holds Hands During Opening Ceremony

Catherine Meushaw Staff WriterWhen t.A.T.u was announced as the musical performers for the Sochi Winter Olympics, there were a lot of questions. The group, made up of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, are known for their single “All the Things She Said” and for acting gay--kissing and holding hands on stage.True to form, when the duo got on stage during the Opening Ceremonies, they Read More

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