5 Tips To Help Ease The Boredom While Being Trapped Indoors This Winter

2017 has been in full swing and you might be doing really well with your New Year's Resolutions. But mother nature might have casually reminded you that it's winter, and now boredom has hit, and you're kind of stuck indoors while the weather outside is frightful. Read More

The 2016 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book Is Here

We were celebrating Halloween just a few days ago, but the folks at Neiman Marcus know it is never too early to start thinking about Christmas. Their annual Christmas Book is here.The annually anticipated glossy publication has been the holiday gold standard for luxury since 1952, when Nei... Read More

What Should You Have For Dinner Tonight?

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5 Things You Got Wrong About Modern Witchcraft And Those Who Practice It

We're on the home stretch to the end of 2016, and there are still people out there who have countless misconceptions about witchcraft and what it does, or doesn't, include.