No CGI Recreation For Carrie Fisher In Future Star Wars Films

Carrie Fisher is not going to be digitally recreated for upcoming films in the Star Wars franchise. This is according to Read More

Get A Look At The New Zords In Power Rangers: Zords Rising

Though what we have seen of the new Power Rangers movie has been questionable (to say the least), one thing fans haven’t had a good look at would be the Zords. The first posters only showed us the new Rangers perched on top of bits and pieces, and, barring the toys, it was a little strange that such a key element of the franchise was so shrouded in mystery. This is one of the reasons why the first images from the Power Rangers VR experience are really turning heads: we actually get to ... Read More

Will Smith May Star In Disney’s Dumbo

It seems like all the news coming out of the live-action Dumbo remake is more and more interesting. First, Tim Burton signed on as the extremely unlikely director, and now it looks like Disney is eyeing Will Smith for a starring role. Read More

One Piece Film: Gold Includes Bigger Battles And Potential Riches For The Straw Hats

Anime: One Piece Film - Gold Released By: FUNimation Released: January 10 - 17, 2017

When it comes to long-running anime franchises, One Piece may be one of the most notorious. Going on for nearly 800 episodes and spawning several films, the otherworldly dynamic of the treasure hunters has become a staple to anime fans; even those who don’t necessarily enjoy it have some experience with One Pie... Read More

Betsy Brandt Talks To Us About Life In Pieces, The Possibility Of A Breaking Bad Reunion And Her New Movie

Betsy Brandt is most known for her role of Marie Schroeder, the purple-wearing kleptomaniac sister-in-law to Bryan Cranston’s Walter White on Breaking Bad. The role not only made her a household name, it earned her three SAG Award nominations and an eventual win for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. Brandt, though, had been working for 10 years before she got her big break on what many people deem one of the best series of all time. Read More

The 5 Most Hyped Films Coming This Spring

Although the world of film is more accustomed to releasing the year's biggest hits during the summer blockbuster and the winter holiday periods, great movies can be released year-round.As a matter of fact, some of 2017's best films are pegged for a release this spring. The following are the five most talked-about hyped films coming to theaters in Spring 2017. ... Read More

Han Solo Film Rumored To Be Pushed Back

It looks like the Force may not be with the upcoming Star Wars prequel, as the film may have been pushed back several months. Read More

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