David Bowie Told Cancer Was Terminal Three Months Before Death

It has been a little over a year since the death of David Bowie shook the world with surprise and grief. He had just released ★ (Blackstar) two days prior to his passing, and only those closest to him knew he was stricken with cancer. The album release coincided with his 69th birthday and was his 25th and final studio album. Read More

Ed Sheeran Returns To Us With New Songs

At the end of 2015, British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran announced on Twitter and Instagram that he was taking a break from social media and, because he's such a low-key guy, proceeded to basically drop off the face of the earth for all of 2016. But now the hiatus is over, and Ed is back -- and he brings the gift of music! Read More

Unpopular Opinion: The Weeknd’s Extraterrestrial Fall

The Weeknd was unlike any other musician. He synthesized songs that brought fans to their knees, literally. The sound, beat, and vocals on his debut mixtapes House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence sent chills down spines and tears down faces. People related to his experiences, so his spiritual connection grew from... Read More

Ryan Adams Explains How His New Album Saved His Life

Does music mean a lot to you? It might come as no surprise that singer Ryan Adams agrees. Adams has had a wide and varied two-decade long career that includes Grammy Awards, controversy with critics, and a Taylor Swift cover album. Now, after the release of his latest single “To Be Without You,” Adams is speaking out about how music saved his life. Read More

Kesha Records Duet With Mystery Artist

In the wake of a not-so-great year, Kesha will hopefully be making a comeback with a duet that brought her to tears.