Maggie McClure Releases Single ‘Be Right Here For You’

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Maggie McClure has spent a good portion of her career having her songs on various television shows including The Hills, The Real World, Cougar Town and The Vineyard. ... Read More

Michael Bolton’s Latest Album: Great Valentine’s Day Gift But A Bit Misleading

Michael Bolton has a new album out, and, while it might be a great gift for Valentine’s Day, its title leaves a lot to be desired. It really should be called, Michael Bolton Sings Some Oldies. Strictly speaking, there really is nothing wrong with the actual songs or performances on this album. Bolton sounds better than ever and as great as he ever did, but, as someone who loves movies and appreciates Andrea Bocelli’s Cinema album and Barbra Streisand’s The Movie Album ... Read More

Girls Love Beyoncé And So Does CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green sees Jay Z "driving around town with the girl [he] loves," but CeeLo Green's like, "I wish I had Jay Z's girl!"The singer, née Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, has just penned the ultimate love letter to the queen herself, Beyoncé. Unlike Drake's "Girls Love Beyoncé," Ce... Read More

Linkin Park Has Always Been Pop – You Just Never Noticed Until Now

Something a little strange happened yesterday in the music world.Linkin Park, the Californian multi-million selling rockers that have been around for as long as I’ve had hairs on my chest, released their first single off their new album One More Light which is due on May 19 of this year. The single, "Heavy", sounds a little like this: