The 100: 04×04, A Lie Guarded

Octavia in peril, Clarke's lies being exploited and a potential breakthrough on the Nightblood front -- just another action-packed episode of The 100, folks!

"A Lie Guarded" Recap

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Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet Is A Mixed Bag Of Crazy Fun

We finished our binge of Netflix's new horror comedy Santa Clarita Diet in the early hours of Sunday morning, and we have to say that it is not what we expected. This new series stars Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore as a married couple who begin their day as realtors -- the same as any other day. As the first episode progresses, all hell breaks loose. This sh... Read More

The 100: 04×02, Heavy Lies The Crown

The 100 continues its fourth season with chaos and conflict, but what else would we expect from the high-stakes series? Now let's dive straight in to this week's episode, "Heavy Lies the Crown," that introduces the difficulties of accepting leadership in the midst of relentless danger.

"Heavy Lies the Crown" Recap

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Supernatural: 12×10, Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

Sometimes, even for those of us who are the biggest Supernatural fans, it’s hard to imagine that, halfway through Season 12, there are still new stories to be told. But somehow, the writers continue to do it. And do it well. In "Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets," we get a little of back story that we hadn’t heard before: Castiel’s. Read More

The 100: 04×01, Echoes

After what felt like a long hiatus, television's best current sci-fi series The 100 is back for the premiere of its fourth season (yes, can you believe we are four seasons in?)!

"Echoes" Recap

The season picks up with "Echoes" after the destruction of Season 3, and there's still plenty of chaos to deal with. On one hand, Octavia helps an injured Indra and informs her she took care of Pike (which every viewer was glad to watch), and Clarke begins to ... Read More

Conviction: 01×13, Past, Prologue & What’s To Come

Hello Conviction fans! Are we ready for “Past, Prologue & What’s to Come?” We’re back after a one week hiatus. In the last episode, the CIU managed to free a man that had been held for years as an enemy combatant. Of course, with things going well in Hayes’ professional life, her personal life got a little messy when her father manipulated her into doubting her relationship with Wallace.