The 100: 04×06, We Will Rise

After a one week break, The 100 returns with additional problems piling up against our favorite remaining sect of humanity. Now that Raven has the potential to make a return to space, Clarke and Bellamy will be tasked with stocking up on remaining fuel and delivering it to the tech genius for a shot at creating synthetic nightblood. Before we get to that issue in itself, let’s go back the the beginning of the episode.

“We Will Rise” Recap

The A... Read More

Supernatural: 12×15, Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell

Are you ready for "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell?" Ahhh, nature. Where the stars shine bright, the birds sing clear, and the hellhounds are hot on your trail -- at least the trail of the couple in the opening scene of this week’s Supernatural who, while camping, are attacked. The boyfriend is killed, and the woman escapes after getting a lucky swing at the hound with an axe. ... Read More

The Flash: 03×14, Attack On Central City

Welcome back, Speedsters! Strap in! Things are about to get crazy for our friends in Central City! If you missed last week, here's a quick refresher: Barry and Co. traveled to Earth-2's Gorilla City to save our old pal Harry (oh, how we've missed him) from the clutches of Grodd. However, upon arriving, they learned that it had all been a trap so that Grodd could rise to power and attack Central City with his army of telepathic gorillas. Crazy stuff, right? Thankfully, the team was able to escape Gorilla... Read More

Supergirl: 02×14, Homecoming

Welcome back, Karaphiles! Are you ready for another episode of Supergirl? In case you missed it, last week took us on a bit of a romantic rollercoaster with Alex and Maggie feuding over Valentine's Day, Winn landing a date with a beautiful alien, and Kara battling an all-powerful suitor but ultimately ending up with glorious Mon-El (i.e. exactly where she should be). Now, lets see how all these love birds handle the unexpected homecoming of the one and only, Jeremiah!