Conviction: 01×12, Enemy Combatant

Hello Conviction fans! Are we ready for "Enemy Combatant?" Last week, the team worked to free a man wrongfully imprisoned as the Black Orchid Killer when similar crime scene appeared. We learned about Tess’ fascination with serial killers as Wallace and Hayes tried to balance their personal life with work. <... Read More

Conviction: 01×11, Black Orchid

Hello Conviction fans! Are we ready for "Black Orchid?" Last week, the team managed to exonerate their client for murdering her rapist. Also, Hayes and Wallace are on the same page for once and are going to try to start over. Let’s see how that goes as they try to balance their relationship with their demanding jobs. Read More

Doctor Who: 10×00, The Return Of Doctor Mysterio

Happy Christmas! One of the best Christmas presents we've been getting each year lately is the Doctor Who Christmas special. Let's see what we get to unwrap this year.

"The Return of Doctor Mysterio"

It looks like we're getting comic book Doctor Who! It has a superhero noir vibe. I dig it. Read More

Scream Queens: 02×10, Drain The Swamp

Scream Queens has reached its final episode of the hospital-based season with "Drain The Swamp," and the Green Meanies made their final attempt at killing the Chanels -- but do they succeed, or does Chanel and her clever minions survive once again? Read More

Scream Queens: 02×09, Lovin The D

Just in case you didn’t realize it ... Scream Queens is almost ready to conclude its second season, and we arrive to the penultimate episode with a meeting amongst the Green Meanies (plus Hester). Early on, the Chanels are attacked by the Green Meanies, and Dr. Cascade stops another from killing Chanel #3, as they had previously agreed to if it could keep their bizarre love intact. Just as Chanel is close to meeting her demise, a clash between the Green Meanies gives her enough time to escape... Read More

The Walking Dead: 07×08, Hearts Still Beating

On this week's episode of The Walking Dead, "Hearts Still Beating", we FINALLY catch up with Carol and Morgan and see how Maggie's doing leading the Hilltop. Read More

Scream Queens: 02×08, Rapunzel, Rapunzel

On this week’s episode of Scream Queens, we learn the identity of the third Green Meanie responsible for a season of murders. Consider yourself warned: if you continue to read, there will be spoilers. Now that you’ve decided to be a risk taker, it can be confirmed that Wes Gardner is the final murderer after a string of unfortunate events his daughter Grace experienced in response to surviving the Wallace University massacre. When we initially see Wes again, he has unknowingly eaten his hai... Read More

The Flash: 03×09, The Present

We’re back, Speedsters, for the final time until next year! Go ahead, shed a tear! Are you good? Solid, because I have a present for you! It’s time for another episode of The Flash! Last week was just one piece of the incredible four-way crossover event, but here’s the gist: aliens, Cisco, anger, Wally training, Oliver bromance. If that confuses you, read this recap! Now, let’s open this glorious present and see what the mid-seas... Read More

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