Who Is The 2013 Winner Of America’s Got Talent?

Jacob Elyachar Staff WriterFor the past seven seasons, America’s Got Talent has delivered some of the best-unsigned talent in the country and transformed them into stars.The show produced some unforgettable acts including Terry Fator, Barbara Padilla, Recycled Percussion, Jackie Evancho, Prince Poppycock, Fighting Gravity, iLuminate and Tom Cotter.Outside of Terry Fator, the show has not delivered a singl... Read More

Was It Trick Or Treat On This Week’s Face Off?

Shelby Arnold Staff WriterMcKenzie and a graveyard. There's always something fun on Face Off and last night was no different. The spotlight challenge was Halloween inspired. The artists had to re-imagine the classic vampire, clown, scarecrow, skeleton, and devil costumes and make them a creature of the night. In the spirit of Halloween, they had to create a trick element like a blood gag or LED lights. Roy and Alana ... Read More

America’s Got Talent Finale: Night One Gets Things Started

Jacob Elyachar Staff WriterThis…. Is…It!Thousands of acts auditioned for a chance to change their lives!  Only hundreds were able to face America’s Got Talent judges Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B.After a rough week in Vegas, 60 acts traveled to New York City to perform on the Radio City Music Hall stage!Some acts were swallowed whole by the iconic venue but 12 acts were able to make ... Read More

Were “All My Problems Solved Forever” In The Mindy Project’s Season Premiere?

Caitlin Swift Staff WriterLast night I introduced one of my friends to The Mindy Project. It’s quirky like The New Girl but, well let’s face it, career wise Mindy has got her shit together. Personally, well she’s still finding herself and each week her journey brings me and now my friend a lot of laughs. At the end of the season last year Mindy was getting ready to move to Haiti with her minster boyfriend Case... Read More

Find Out Who’s “All In” On The New Girl’s Season Premiere

Caitlin Swift Staff WriterHello fellow New Girl fans. It seems like this summer flew by, and here we are about to be reunited with our favorite tenants of Apartment 4D.When we last left the gang Cece had called off her wedding and posed Schmidt with an ultimatum, her or Elizabeth. Winston was recovering from his badger wounds and Nick and Jess finally look like they’re going to be together! Huzzah!Still jazzed that... Read More

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