Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap “Pilot”

Bec Heim Managing EditorHello my fellow Agents. (I’m trying out a fandom name. Did it catch?)Welcome to the first recap for the first episode of Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. The most highly anticipated show of the year is finally airing the pilot tonight in glorious detail. (Unless you were at the screenings at SDCC and D23 then I hate you so much right now you lucky bastard.)It’s time to get some burning q... Read More

Finally Meet The Mother In How I Met Your Mother Season Premiere

Heather O'Connell Staff WriterI just finished watching the How I Met Your Mother one hour season premiere and it was so much better than I could have imagined. It had flashbacks, flash-forwards, and of course what everyone has been waiting for, getting to know the mother. The episode was filled with just enough to satisfy you while still keeping you watching.The episode starts off saying that it’s 55 hours be... Read More

Sir Paul McCartney Rocks Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Stephanie Coats Lead Events EditorPaul McCartney knows how to rock. The 71-year-old has not missed a beat and can amp up a crowd like no one else. His outdoor concert courtesy of Guinness & Co. and Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night was epic, extraordinary and downright emotional.The night started with Kimmel doing his show and proving once again that he belongs in the ranks of respected late night show hos... Read More

Get Totally Clean With Devious Maids Season 1 Finale

Susan Booth Staff WriterFans of the hit new over-the-top series from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry, Devious Maids, were given some much need closure and answers to most of the questions we'd been asking for the past 12 weeks. The Powell's took it upon themselves to stop their divorce proceedings so that they could commit murder. It doesn't surprise me that these two killed someone, but I knew that... Read More

Join Us To Say Goodbye To Dexter With Remember The Monsters

Susan Booth Staff WriterTonight's the night, the infamous first words we ever head from Dexter, words that won't soon be forgotten. This episode began with fans receiving many video thanks from all the stars of Dexter, past and present, set to Robbie Nevil’s song "Fifteen Minutes" and actually brought me to tears.The episode opens with Dexter and Harrison at the airport, getting ready to board their flight. Han... Read More

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Wonders: Where’s Our Awards?

Chelsea Workman-Jernigan Staff Writer"You know what's lame? Being around this long and never getting an award!"There are two reasons I was especially excited about this week's episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The first is that Charlie Kelly sings again! The second was that this show was finally getting back at the industry for showing them such little love. They've received one Emmy nomination - they lost - but have yet... Read More

Destroy the Alpha Gammas: Are You Calling Me Aniston?

Sarah Goddard Staff WriterWelcome back Destroyers, and welcome to episode 4 of Destroy The Alpha Gamma’s  “Are You Calling Me Aniston?”It’s a beautiful sunny day and Adam and Carrie are hanging out on the basketball court. Adam’s wondering what it’s like for Carrie to be the president of the “newly reinvented” Delta Pi’s. It’s all very playful; they’re tossing the basketball between ... Read More

X Factor Auditions Continue To The Sounds Of Motown And Rock ‘N Roll

Ben Patton Content EditorThe first half of auditions for week two rolled across our televisions screens last night, and despite some obvious duds, there were in fact some very promising auditions! Here are a few of the standouts:First up was country crooner Colton Pack (and can I just say, I love his name!) who sang a convincing rendition of Jason Aldean’s “Hicktown.” The 18 year old, West Virginia native brought a good portion of his small ... Read More

Is Blood Thicker Than Anything? Survivor: Blood vs Water Aims To Find Out

Chelsea Workman-Jernigan Staff Writer“Welcome to the 27th season of Survivor!”Thirteen years later, and Survivor is still as strong as it was in its first season. The much-talked about season 27 brings the ultimate twist, having former contestants and their loved ones competing alongside one another.The contestants this season are:-        Gervase (Borneo) and his niece, Marissa-      ... Read More

Who Is The 2013 Winner Of America’s Got Talent?

Jacob Elyachar Staff WriterFor the past seven seasons, America’s Got Talent has delivered some of the best-unsigned talent in the country and transformed them into stars.The show produced some unforgettable acts including Terry Fator, Barbara Padilla, Recycled Percussion, Jackie Evancho, Prince Poppycock, Fighting Gravity, iLuminate and Tom Cotter.Outside of Terry Fator, the show has not delivered a singl... Read More

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