Loudinni Reviews: THE GOOD DINOSAUR

There must be a fascinating backstory to explain how what is quite possibly the most labored-over production in Pixar's history turns out to be one of their most pedestrian and average -- I look forward to hearing it someday. It's no secret that this title was pulled from release last year for fine-tuning by John Lassiter, himself, and the effort is still problematic after the first promising two minutes.While still classier and lovelier than most animated fare, The Good Dinosa... Read More

Live Review: Derren Brown Stuns Spectators With ‘Miracle’

Having never seen Derren Brown live before (although I’m an avid viewer whenever any of his previous shows pop up on my TV screen), I will openly admit to being excited and ridiculously curious as to what I would witness when seeing Miracle at the Palace Theatre in London on November 17.However, before I get into the good stuff, I must warn you that, due to Brown’s ever-so polite request that journalists such as myself attending the press night don’t publish spoilers... Read More

The Chainsmokers Light Up The Night On Their Friendzone Tour

#Selfie Connoisseurs, trouble-makers with the purest of hearts, and the hottest rising act on the electronic market, The Chainsmokers have had a lot to celebrate this year. Comprised of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, The Chainsmokers exploded on the scene in early 2014, but 2015 has, by far, been their year. After a successful five month release schedule (one new song per month, culminating in a reflective EP titled Bouquet), the duo have taken that lush bouquet of electronic hits on the road on ... Read More

Loudinni Reviews: SPECTRE

Why can movie heroes never look like they're having a good time anymore? Sean Connery always looked like he knew something the audience didn't with his devilish, sexy Bond. Grrr.Here, Daniel Craig delivers Bond with the kind of detached, stoic, professionalism one usually finds in gay-for-pay adult cinema. This movie is a lot of good things but "fun" might not be one of them. Another thing this movie is not is Skyfall, which, by any standards would be... Read More

Kimia Penton Imparts ‘Lessons from Life and Love’

Dallas-based musician turned psychologist Kimia Penton is renowned for her thought-provoking performance style and heartfelt lyricism. The violist and singer injects pure emotion and a simple depth to her work, engaging listeners and teaching them lessons at the same time.This is increasingly evident on Penton's latest release, Lessons from Life and Love, on which she imparts quite a few lessons from the perspective of someone who has an important story to tell. The caref... Read More

Alexx Mack Lights Things Up On ‘Like We’re Famous’

There is a new synth-pop princess on the scene, and her name is Alexx Mack. The rising talent hit the scene a few years ago, earning the attention of several industry experts with her joyful brand of electro-anthems and powerhouse vocals. Earlier this month, Mack released her debut EP Like We're Famous, and she's ready to start a party (and keep it going all night long) with the release.Armed with a hugely infectious lead single (more on that later) and a collection of oth... Read More

Carrie Underwood Delivers With Storyteller

This is the first Carrie Underwood album I have listened to from beginning to end, so you are getting a very unbiased review of this one. I have nothing to compare it to. Storyteller is really good. It has a lot of ballads, which may be normal, but I couldn’t tell you. I really enjoyed the whole thing -- except maybe one song. Carrie Underwood’s vocals send chills down my spine. Way to go, girl! She gets 4 out of 5 stars from me! Read below for a track by track review ... Read More

Loudinni Reviews ‘Steve Jobs’

My favorite line of dialogue from this film comes when Steve Jobs' daughter (Lisa) nods towards an Apple computer prototype and snaps, "And that THING...looks just like Judy Jetson's Easy-Bake Oven!" That's just one line in a script full of good lines. In fact, it's full of lines in general, lots and lots of them, as there is much more talking than American audiences are typically used to. It almost feels like a filmed stage production.What could have probably been a Pulitzer Prize ... Read More

Loudinni Reviews: STONEWALL (“Gay Miserables”)

Oh.My.God.You would have to go all the way back to the 1970 film version of Boys in the Band to find a movie containing this many self-loathing, lurid, gay caricatures in one place. And you might have to go way, way back to Disney's Song of the South to find an endeavor so completely, one-hundred percent unaware of just how offensive it is to the very subjects it's attempting to "honor". I'm still stupefied, hours after hav... Read More

Netflix Narratives: Hemlock Grove Does Not Slouch On The Gore

Hemlock GroveRaechel and I tackled the Netflix original Hemlock Grove for this week.  The show has two season on Netflix now and will air the third toward the end of October.  We were split this week (that's happening more and more) and one of us is intrigued while the other r... Read More

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