Bill Gates Says Working Robots Should Pay Taxes

Bill Gates thinks robots should be taxed "at a similar level" to humans if they do the same type of labor. By having them pay taxes, the "spread of automation" will slow down and other types of employment will have a chance to be funded. Read More

The Nokia 3310 Is About To Make A Comeback

According to a report by The Independent, a device that has been referred to as "the most reliable phone ever made", the Nokia 3310, is about to be re-released for a new generation. Read More

Facebook Ventures Towards Developing A TV App

Facebook is reportedly venturing toward developing a new TV app for set top boxes, which will include Apple TV. ... Read More

Watch Malkovich Vs Malkovich In Super Bowl Commercial

Even if you’re not a sports fan, one thing to get excited about is Super Bowl commercials! If you can’t wait until the Super Bowl to see an ad, we've got you covered. Squarespace released a director’s cut of their pre-game spot. In the commercial, John Malkovich hilariously battles the internet as he tries and fails to register a domain name for his fashion bran... Read More

Facebook Rolling Out Fake News Filter In Germany

Social media giant, Facebook will be rolling out its fake news filter in Germany. This comes after German lawmakers announced plans to pass a law that would fine th... Read More

Cole Sprouse Fights For Asexual Jughead

It was only back in 2015 that Jughead of Archie Comics fame was confirmed as asexual. Jughead writer Chip Zdarsky acknowledged that the character had tried to romantically pursue female characters in the past, but, seeing as the Archie series has enough romance in it as it is, he said that he would write the character as asexual. ... Read More

Google Voice Expecting A Long Overdue Update

Google Voice users are getting tentatively excited because a big update is about to be released. It hasn’t been revealed what upgrades we can expect, and, because of a mishap, the download link for the upgrade was made available before it was ready for users. An upgrade banner appeared, saying “The n... Read More

Periscope Introduces 360 Live Broadcasting

Twitter-owned live-stream video company, Periscope, has announced a brand new feature for its creators, and it’s a very exciting development in the world of live video. A blog post published by the Periscope Team stated that 360-video support was unveiled for iOS and would soon be available for all creators on the platform.