Google Voice Expecting A Long Overdue Update

Google Voice users are getting tentatively excited because a big update is about to be released. It hasn’t been revealed what upgrades we can expect, and, because of a mishap, the download link for the upgrade was made available before it was ready for users. An upgrade banner appeared, saying “The n... Read More

Periscope Introduces 360 Live Broadcasting

Twitter-owned live-stream video company, Periscope, has announced a brand new feature for its creators, and it’s a very exciting development in the world of live video. A blog post published by the Periscope Team stated that 360-video support was unveiled for iOS and would soon be available for all creators on the platform. Read More

MySpace Retro Takes Us Back To The Good Old Days

MySpace used to be the hot social media platform when it first launched in 2003. It took my friends at least a year to convince me to get a Facebook account back in high school. With the recent launch of MySpace Retro, users can relive the good old days of plain layouts, red alerts, and free advertising. G... Read More

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