Kaelin And Kyrah: Let’s Keep Growing Together

Kaelin Edwards and Kyrah Stewart are a YouTube couple. Their channel Kaelin and Kyrah is growing each day. They have almost one million subscribers, but the engaged collegians plan on adding more members into their family. Read More

YouTuber Trisha Paytas Has A New Love

December 2016 was a trying time for YouTuber Trisha Paytas. After she celebrated her one-year anniversary with the love of her life, Sean van der Wilt, a source sent her revealing snaps. Read More

YouTube Megastar PewDiePie Dropped After Anti-Semitic Video

According to a recent report by CBS News, YouTube sensation PewDiePie has recently been dropped by sponsor Disney, as well as carrier YouTube, after posting a video that included anti-Semitic remarks. Read More

Connor Franta Announces Second Book Entitled ‘Note To Self’

Connor Franta is no stranger to sharing his life on the internet. His YouTube channel alone has over 5.6 million subscribers. However, this YouTube star and New York Times best-selling author has been keeping something secret. <... Read More

EXCLUSIVE Interview With Elise Bauman And Natasha Negovanlis On Carmilla Season 3

Well Creampuffs, after one hell of a summer and a highly anticipated wait since Valentine's Day, it's finally here -- Carmilla Season 3.The final chapter of the adventures at Silas University has just begun with Act One just released. But, before we can try to figure out the shenanigans of our heroes, PopWrapped had a chance to sit in for an exclusive interview with the webseries' very own Elise Bauman, who plays Laura Hollis, and Natasha Negovanlis, who plays Carmilla.<... Read More

YouTube Group ‘ThingamaVlogs’ Announces 96-Hour DCOM Livestream Marathon For Charity

Everybody loves a good DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie), right? Well this Memorial Day weekend, in honor of Disney’s 100th DCOM release. Disney Channel is celebrating by showing a four-day marathon of over 51 of their best and fan favorite DCOMs.In honor of this four-day event, the members of the ever so popular Disney-based YouTube Collab channel, ThingamaVlogs, will be doing a 96-hour viewing livestream. Thingamavlogs is comprised by Leo Camacho, Sarah Sterling, Patrick Do... Read More

Jillian Rose Reed Launches “We’re Dating” YouTube Variety Show

Undoubtedly one of the busiest TV stars of the last few years, Jillian Rose Reed, best known for her role as Tamara Kaplan in MTV's Awkward, has now branched out into the world of YouTube channels and partnered with Maker Studios to launch her very own "variety show" on the site."We're Dating", as the shows' name is, also co-stars her talented musician of a boyfriend Marty Shannon and sees the pair tack... Read More

Nuclear Family Highlights Women’s Issue With Gender Swapped Films

Nuclear Family, the sketch comedy YouTube channel from the SourceFed crew, released a new video today in honor of International Women's Day. The sketch titled "Your Favorite Movie Characters Gender Swapped" looks at how the characters would have been portrayed if women had been cast instead of men. The sketch is both hilarious and draws attention to issues faced by women in film and the gender in general.