Brian Hull Belts Out “Let It Go” In All Our Favorite Disney And Pixar Character Voices

Shane Avery Senior Staff Writer @ShaneAveryThis is EVERYTHING!!!!!!Impersonator Brian Hull is making waves right now, after video of him singing the Oscar winning "Frozen" song "Let It Go" went viral.Brian sings the song in MANY different classic Disney voices, including Winnie the Pooh, Beauty & the Beast characters Lumiere and Cogsworth, and of course Mickey Mouse!!Check it o... Read More

A News Reporter May Have A “Hard” Time Explaining How He Accidentally Showed A Dick Pic On Live TV

Ben Patton Senior Manager @CincyBenOh the joys of live TV! Sometimes it just doesn’t go the way the producers plan...…for instance, check out the video below of a news reporter in Denver who accidentally showed a dick pic during a live broadcast (OOPS!). Fox31 News Director Ed Kosowksi Read More

#YouTubeTuesday Presents “Ugly The Cat” For Your Viewing Enjoyment

DJ SoundBite Staff Writer @DJSoundBite#YouTubeTuesday is where we highlight unknown (but AWESOME) videos on the web which will make your life that little bit better having watched them.The right story with the right music can transport us away and make us feel things. This video tells the sad but touching story of ‘Ugly The Cat’ with an original composition by YouTuber ‘Little Columbus’…... Read More

Awkward Or Romantic? Filmmaker Gets 20 Random Strangers To Kiss For The First Time…On Video

Jenna Boures Staff Writer @jbouresEarlier this week, Internet users let out a collective “awwww” over amateur filmmaker Tatia Pilieva’s video. In the viral hit Pilieva asked total strangers to lock lips, recording their initially awkward interactions and ending with the kiss.The tender and intriguing moments she captured have made this video a sensation. Haven’t seen it yet? Look no further: ... Read More

Youtuber Gives Frozen’s Hit Single “Let It Go” A Heavy Metal Makeover

Lorraine Grisez Staff Writer @LO___RaineWhen you think Disney, you think princesses and castles and…heavy metal?Eric Calderone took Disney’s latest Academy Award winning song “Let it Go” to a whole new level on his 331Erock YouTube channel.  Eric shredded his way to Frozen awesomeness!According to his Read More

Dave Franco And Christopher Mintz-Plasse Bring You The Final Installment In Funny Or Die’s “You’re So Hot”

Christina Dogas Staff Writer @itschrissyyydeeeBest buds and co-stars, Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse have revealed they will soon debut the third installment of the Funny or Die skit “You’re So Hot.”Dave Franco unveiled the news in an interv... Read More

Sesame Street Presents: Les Miserables

Renad Farid Staff Writer @OhMyRinoSesame Street makes a parody video of  Les Miserables.. or shall we say Les Mousserables?Another Crumby Pictures production starring Cookie Monster as Jean Bon-Bon -aka Jean Valjean- who is “a very sad French guy in pursuit of cookies in the streets of Paris.”Jean Bon-Bon goes on a jour... Read More

Find Out What You Sound Like To People Of Other Languages

Chessie Reiss Staff Writer @ChessiroseIf you’ve ever wondered what you sound like to foreigner that doesn’t speak your language, wonder no longer.  Sara is a 19-year-old Youtube user who has created a video where she speaks gibbe... Read More

Hilarious Parody of Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love”

Sylvia Le Mat Staff Writer @PetitGizmoRemember  Beyoncé's “Drunk In Love” music video? The one on which Yoncé is dancing with her husband Jay-Z, showing the whole world once again what great lovers they are? Then do you remember the one where Bee is dancing on the beach at night, rolling in cold water in a see-through outfit and pressing against Jay-Z to protect... Read More

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