Connor Franta Gets Thirsty For The Thirst Project Once More For His Birthday

 Youtuber, NY Times best selling author,  and Heardwell founder Connor Franta has done it once again with celebrating his birthday by raising money and awareness for the The Thirst Project.  The Thirst Project is an organization that helps over a billion people in Africa get access to clean and fresh water.  Their goal is to give an entire country clean water for the rest of their lives. With every 25 dollars donated, ... Read More

TRISHES Shows Her Pride In New “Lion” Music Video

With so many unpleasant things happening with lions lately, it's nice to see something upbeat and positive. Poor Cecil will never be forgotten, but love lives on.TRISHES has dropped a new single, "Lion," that combines the singer's spirit with that of a mighty lion. All the ferocious loyalty of the pride animal has awakened within her, and she cannot wait to show it to her intended. No matter the obstacles put in her way, or the scarce offerings found in her path, her love stays true... Read More

Marine Surprises Younger Brother In A Tearful Family Reunion

It is tough having a family member in the Armed Forces. It is something to be proud of for sure, but then there is always that thought in the back of your mind that causes you to worry. Then there's also the long moment of separation without seeing your loved one.This something that is all too familiar to a boy named Tyler from Camas, Washington. His beloved older brother, PFC Nick, is a Marine. So just imagine his surprise when his brother walked in out of the blue.Read More

Watch: Cat Relentlessly Teases Fellow Feline With Toy

It's Sunday, and the much-dreaded Monday is just around the corner. So, rather than fret about the working week ahead, why not have a giggle at some playful pets on YouTube?Site user MrYabawy has chosen to delight the social media masses by, in a rather cruel but also hilarious play, giving one kitty a toy on a stick and ensuring the other cat is just out of reach, so it's humorously left pawing at air and can ... Read More

Are You Brave Enough For The Beanboozled Challenge?

There's a new craze sweeping Youtube and it's a game called Beanboozled.  The game consists of players spinning and having to eat whichever jellybean the spinner lands on.  The trick is, one bean will be a tasty flavor while the other is a gross flavor, like smelly socks.  When playing, you get to make up your own rules, so for my challenge, we gave the point to the player who got the good flavor.... Read More

Connor Franta Launches Limited Edition Clothing Line

One would think Connor Franta has done it all.  Franta, 22, has a loyal following on YouTube with 4.6 million subscribers, a successful coffee line (Common Culture) and a NY Times best-selling autobiography A Work In Progress: A MemoirFranta can now add clothing designer to his long list of accomplishments. Last... Read More

Travel Down Mario Kart: Fury Road

Did you go see Mad Max? Did you like it? Do you like Mario Kart?Of course you do. Dumb question.Well, prepare for the best of both worlds! Presenting: Mario Kart: Fury Road!Edited together by Kris Sundberg, an aspiring filmmaker, this crossover combines the lovable characters and sounds of Mario Kart and the visuals of Mad Max.Read More

The Hillywood Show Supernatural Parody Is Here!

Are you already suffering from Supernatural withdrawals? Is the cliffhanger ending of the finale leaving you desperate, scared and alone? Well, Shake it Off by checking out the Supernatural parody from The Hillywood Show, retelling the entire Mark of Cain storyline to the tune of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."This seven-minute video features a good majority of our favorite Supernatural cast members past and present, but we'll let you be ... Read More

Sarah Michelle Gellar Slays As Cinderella In A Princess Rap Battle

What can't Sarah Michelle Gellar do?!The brilliant actress and philanthropist has seemingly done it all, and can be seen most recently collaborating with Youtube star Whitney Avalon in a Disney Princess rap battle you were not expecting. Gellar takes on the classic Cinderella, who raps "I deserve all the praise for the foot fetish craze, I've got itty-bitty kicks but ... Read More

Latest Viral ‘Let It Go’ Cover Done Entirely In Sign Language

It’s no surprise that Frozen has captured the hearts of many; it has taught many lessons to many little girls. I have seen almost everything, from covers to remixes of Frozen‘s “Let it Go,” until The Deaf Professionals Art Network released their version. It was in pure American Sign Language (ASL)! From start to finish, this video was beautiful in every way.I have always been fascinated by ASL; there is something so powerful about talking with your hands. Amber Zion and Jason Listm... Read More

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