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Cold, Hard Spud: Photo Of Potato Sells For $1 Million

Sammi Silber | PopWrapped Author

Sammi Silber

01/28/2016 8:51 am
Cold, Hard Spud: Photo Of Potato Sells For $1 Million | Potato
Media Courtesy of Peta Pixel

This a a potato. Yes, a potato, one of the most beloved foods on the planet. I, for one, am I lover of spuds, and I'm almost sure that you would do anything for a potato right now reading this.

Would you pay $1 million?

Well, someone did, and it was for the above photo of a potato. They say every picture is worth a thousand words, but it seems to me like every potato is worth a million bucks. Here's the backstory.

Photographer Kevin Abosch charges a lot, I mean, a ton of money, in order to shoot photos of wealthy businessmen. If commercially used, the photos will cost about $500,000.

The potato photo, titled "Potato #345," came about when he wanted to use food to photograph fine art.

"Kevin likes potatoes because they, like people are all different yet immediately identifiable as being essentially of the same species," the studio told the media. "He has photographed many potatoes. This one is one of his favorites."

I love potatoes as much as the next guy, and I admire that he sees them as similar to human beings. However, charging $1 million for a photo of a potato seems like a bit much, doesn't it?

This isn't just any potato, though, and for fans of Abosch, this is no ordinary photo.

The transaction came from a wealthy customer, an art collector of Abosch's work. They decided to buy the photo while visiting Absoch's home in Paris. It is a 162x162cm photo, and once they saw it hanging, they knew they needed to buy it and add it to their collection.

Immediately Absoch decided on the price, which converts to about worth $1,083,450 in American money. It was agreed upon, and the collector now has the photo... and Absoch has his largest sale ever.

The photo is now one of the most expensive photos of all time, almost tying with Edward Weston's 1927 "Nautilus", which was purchased in 2010. To date, the most expensive photo is Peter Lik's "Phantom" which sold for $6.5 million.


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