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Dancing With The Stars: 21x04, Night 4

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

09/29/2015 6:49 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Dancing With The Stars: 21x04, Night 4 | Dancing With The Stars
Media Courtesy of Twitter


Dancing with the Stars kicked off another week of competition, and following a stellar intro from our female dancers, we went straight to Tom Bergeron and....

Miss Piggy!!? 

The Muppets star took part in the introduction of our couples, and how fun was that? She also wasn't the only star in attendance, as season 19 champ Alfonso Ribeiro was a guest judge. 

Tom also informed us that we would be getting an update on Kim Zolciak tonight, however we DO know she will not be dancing, following her stroke last week. 

Time to get right into the action!

1. Carlos PenaVega and Witney - Jazz (Golden Girls theme)

First things first: the outfits were adorable, and the choreography from Witney was very creative. However, I'm once again with the judges as Carlos' movement felt smaller compared to his first week. He seems to be shrinking in performance, and I want this to go the other way. 

The judges awarded them three 8's and a 7 from Carrie Ann. 

31 out of 40

2. Paula Deen and Louis - Samba (Gilligan's Island theme) do I put this nicely? 

That wasn't good. 

That was the nicest you're going to get, and the judges all agreed with yours truly. There was too much theatrics going on, and I realize I sound like Len. 

I miss Len. 

The judges scored them four 5's.

20 out of 40

3. Tamar Braxton and Val - Tango (Mad Men theme)

Is this couple on track for success? 

After tonight, they very well could be!! 

The chemistry finally began to pour through for Tamar and Val, and they really killed this routine. Tamar's strength was showcased in this dance, although you could see her let Val lead her through. Alfonso's comments was spot on, and Julianne really nailed hers as well. Three 8's and a 9 from our guest judge!

33 out of 40

4. Alexa Pena-Vega and Mark - Jazz (Breaking Bad theme)

Nobody can say that Mark Ballas isn't creative!!!

The judges were raving about the performance, and once again, Alfonso really hit the nail on the head. He told Alexa that she needed to focus on her relationship with MARK and not Carlos. If she does, it could win her the competition. Everything about this routine just scored, and I loved every second of it. 

Four 9's, and the highest score of the competition thus far!! 

36 out of 40

5. Andy Grammer and Allison - Quickstep (American Bandstand theme)

Throwing it back!

Hey, check out that footwork!! 

Andy and Allison really brought American Bandstand to life with their upbeat quickstep and he's really improving every week. Some stars started out great, others not so much, however Andy has been progressing every week. He looks like he's enjoying himself, but for the first time Alfonso wasn't singing praises. He called Andy out on his posture, and while Bruno/Julianne/Carrie Ann all agreed, Miss Hough thoroughly enjoyed the performance. 

Three 7's and an 8 from Julianne!

29 out of 40

6. Gary Busey and Anna - Tango (Addams Family theme)

Could Gary improve after his disastrous paso doble last week? And would he avoid elimination? 

He DID improve!! 

Gary is taking the judges' critiques in, and while many may have written him off, he pulled this off. He stayed in character the entire time, he had his game face on, and his feet? 

YES. He really did a good job this week! I'm wary of an elimination, because of last week, but we'll see. The judges scored them three 6's and a 7 from Alfonso, giving them their highest score of the season so far. 

25 out of 40

7. Alek Skarlatos and Lindsay - Tango (True Blood theme)


If anyone was wondering if Alek was a one trick pony, you'd be wrong. 

The hero turned IT OUT in his tango with Lindsay, and I'm going to further what Julianne said, because that little slip that Bruno/Carrie Ann mentioned was nothing. His stature and footwork throughout this routine was exceptional, and he very well could be the front runner after this. 

Three 8's and a 9 from Julianne! 

33 out of 40


Time for an update on Kim Zolciak. 

The reality star wasn't able to attend the live show due to not being able to fly, and we learned that she is still on medication following her mini-stroke. Tony danced with pro Jenna to the routine he would have danced with Kim. 

And then the bad news. 

Unfortunately, due to the rules of the show, if a contestant cannot perform due to health issues, they must withdraw from the competition. Therefore, Kim and Tony are out of the show. 

Will we still see an elimination tonight? 

We'll see. 

8. Bindi Irwin and Derek - Quickstep (The Jeffersons theme)

Foot injury? What foot injury!!

Bindi and Derek powered through their quickstep, even after having to change their routine 2 days before the live show. The judges nitpicked a few little problems with the routine, but all agreed that she's a consistent performer. 

Four 8's!! 

32 out of 40

9. Nick Carter and Sharna - Viennese Waltz (Downton Abbey theme)

Absolutely, GORGEOUS. 

Nick put his best foot forward, and Julianne said it best:

Best performance of the night!!!

Anybody else think they should have gotten at least one 10? 

Four 9's!!

36 out of 40

10. Hayes Grier and Emma - Jive (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme)

Final performance of the night! 

As fun as this performance was, it wasn't even close to their best dance. While Julianne mentioned that they were in sync, I can't agree. It felt really off this week, which is a shame. 

They received two 7's and two 8's. 

30 out of 40

Unfortunately, it was time for an elimination....


Tom and Erin informed everyone that due to Kim's departure, NO ONE would be going home!! The scores from tonight would be transferred to next week, and we would get the elimination. 

What was YOUR favorite routine of the night? 



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