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Every Lie Trump Has Told In Office

Olivia Kingery | PopWrapped Author

Olivia Kingery

06/26/2017 6:37 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Every Lie Trump Has Told In Office | trump lies
Media Courtesy of Boing Boing

A New York Times full page spread is drawing widespread reactions as they printed a list of every lie President Trump has told since being in office. The article was a co-collaboration between David Leonhardt who is a New York Times columnist, and Stuart A. Thompson who is the graphic designer for the Opinion section.

The list, which is also available online, is a detailed account of every falsehood Trump has spewed since taking oath. In chronological order, the date of the lie appears in red, followed by a quote of exactly what the POTUS claimed with a parenthetical comment containing the truth about the statement. The article also contains a calendar beginning on Trump’s inauguration day in January up to the present date. Each day is an individual color-coded box; a grey box represents days Trump did not tell a public lie, while a red box represents every time Trump has told a public lie.

The article includes another calendar, detailing how every day for the president’s first 40 days he told a lie or falsehood. The calendar is labeled, and shows the first day Trump did not tell a public lie or falsehood, as well as a key indicating days Trump was at a private property and did not have the chance to communicate a lie or falsehood (meaning he was golfing or at Mar-a-Lago).

Some of the lies or falsehoods Trump has been caught perpetuating include information on China’s currency manipulation, Obamacare, the travel ban, and let’s not even begin with Russia. His entire rise to presidency began with his false claim regarding Obama’s birthplace, and how he insisted Obama was born in Kenya. Since then, he has retracted this statement and added how "Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. I finished it — you know what I mean." He finished sorting out the loose ends of this lie with a surprising definitive statement, how "President Barack Obama was born in the United States, Period.”

At the end of the article, there is a final graph. The graph is titled “Would you say Donald Trump is honest?” and you can most likely guess the results of the poll. Trust with Americans has been decreasing since his inauguration, even with the people who trusted him in the first place.



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