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Music PopWrapped | Music

Exclusive: August Rigo Talks Songwriting And Dream Collaboration

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
12/06/2015 7:47 am
PopWrapped | Music
Exclusive: August Rigo Talks Songwriting And Dream Collaboration | August Rigo
Media Courtesy of BMI

I had the immense pleasure of discussing the songwriting process and more with singer/songwriter August Rigo.  He is the man behind Chris Brown's new song, "Back To Sleep." August has written for Justin Bieber and One Direction, and has a music career of his own.  His album

The Fall Out

 will soon be available in the U.S.  

Have you ever wanted to know how artists create the songs that get us on our feet or leave us deep in thought over the lyrical genius? Well, read on and learn a little bit more about August Rigo.

PopWrapped:  What inspires you to write a song, or does someone tell you what they’re looking for?

August Rigo:  I’m inspired by personal experiences, movies, books, conversations I have with interesting people. It’s all around me. Sometimes it’s hard to tap into and put into words but that challenge is also part of the creative process and is inspiring in itself

PW:  Is there a specific amount of time that goes into a track or is it different with each song?

AR:  It’s different every time. Some songs take an hour, and it's just all there and you sing it. I'm 

very lyrically driven, so there are times when it will take me a while to get it together. I’ll go through different revisions over and over. I'm a

lways working on multiple songs, so sometimes one will take a couple hours and another I'll obsess over for months. It all depends.

PW:  Tell me about "Back To Sleep." Did anything inspire that one or was the artist after that type of lyrical song?

AR:  Personal experience definitely came into play with that one. Sometimes your girl is asleep and you want to get some [laughs]

. I wanted to romanticize the situation so that all those sleepy girlfriends would understand a man's need sometimes.

PW:  How was working with Justin Bieber? "Kiss and Tell" is my favorite of his songs.  

AR: Justin is truly one of the most talented I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s got that natural ability that you have to admire. He plays, dances, sings...all at the highest level. That’s so hard and he does it with ease. I love "Kiss and Tell" as well; another one I wrote that has very personal situations in it [laughs].

PW:  So, "Time" drops on 


. That song is really awesome. Did Ginette Claudette ask for you or did you have that song ready?

AR:  Like most of the songs Ginette and I write, I just sit around and make noises on the piano until she catches a vibe. We sit around and watch TV while I make the music, and she usually looks up from her phone about an hour later and goes,“Can you stop producing so I can sing now?” and that’s how it goes!

PW:  You were inspired by Michael Jackson; what about him made you want to pursue music?

AR:  He was the greatest, hands down. He was my first musical experience and, to be honest, 

the way he made me feel when he sang those songs made me want to do that. He could make a grown man cry! I wanted to be able to inspire with music just the way he did.

PW:  So, you write all these great songs for people, but you have your own singing career too.  How do you find the time to do it all?

AR:  It’s a lot, I admit, 

but I enjoy the process so it doesn’t feel like work most of time. I’ve been putting my artist stuff aside for a while in favour of writing songs for others, 

but I took a break to finish off my new album, The Fall Out, which will be out soon in the U.S. It’s currently available in Canada and Japan.

PW:  Who’s an artist you’d love to work with?

AR:  I would love to work with Bruno Mars. He has this natural gift to write songs that can hit on so many levels. It would be very inspiring. I was a fan of his even before his first album. He wrote this song for Brandy called "Long Distance." So good.

For more on August, follow him on Twitter and check out his official website.


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