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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Find Your Perfect Wedding Attire On This Week's HIMYM

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/04/2014 6:06 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Find Your Perfect Wedding Attire On This Week's HIMYM
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David Green

Staff Writer


The Year 2024, we open with Ted and ‘The Mother’ sitting in the hotel while it is snowing outside, they look significantly older. He is trying to tell him one of his stories and she intrupts and is able to recap all the stories he is about to tell her. Ted realises he has told her all his stories. She starts telling him a story which he does the same. They know all of their partner’s stories and they congratulate each other on being an old married couple. The manager comes in, says it’s great to see them again and to have fun but don’t break a lamp like their friends Barney and Robin. He says that is not how the lamp broke. The Mother doesn’t know the story about the lamp and he is excited he can tell her a story she doesn’t know. Cut to the present- Robin is playing hockey inside which is the reason the lamp was smashed. This is how she relaxes with her sister making fun that she couldn’t get past her defence. Lily tries to get them to do a memory book instead- they think it is cheesy. Meanwhile, Barney sneaks into room 109 and Ted sees him. Thinking something is up he bribes the manager to find out who is in that room. It belongs to a Susan Tup. Ted confronts him and the room is filled with suits, ‘Susan Tup’ being an alias for ‘Suit Up’. Barney has brought his entire collection because he is having trouble picking the perfect suit. Lily is getting over emotional about Robin memories but Robin isn’t interested. She complains to Marshal that Robin isn’t having her freak out moment. He tells her she is sure to have one later but everyone deals with it differently (referring to his when he shaved his head) The suit dilemma continues. Barney had a suit made especially for it but says it didn’t fit and felt uncomfortable. While him and Ted continue searching we get various stories about what Barney has done with each suit (all of them make them inappropriate for his wedding day) Running gag of the episode is  “The Wedding Bride Too” (The film based on Ted and Stella’s breakup) is on Paperview. Ted made the gang promise not to watch it, they do anyway. Marshal, Lily and Robin are still laughing at the video till a character of “Narshal” comes in while annoys Marshal. Robins Grandma stops by and comes in with a photo of her and her grandfather on their wedding day. She tells a sad touching story which Robin doesn’t care having heard it so many times before. Lily gets upset Robin is not getting emotional but Robin says that is not who she is. Lily says if she isn’t caring she will just put on a different dress than the bridesmaid one, Robin says go ahead- We cut to the future where the wife actually knows this story- Lily comes in in a wedding dress. Back in the future- It turns out Ted did tell this story, he gets disheartened but the wife says she loves his stories, she is just worried he doesn’t become the guy who lives in his stories (life only moves forward)- She continues the story- Lily had brought her wedding dress to get photos. Barney tries on the original suit he had made, (to us it looks horrible, oversized and uncomoftable) Ted says it feels weird because it is a new one that hasn’t got memories or a story behind it yet. Ted makes him visualise how his wedding day is going to be and the suit becomes a good fit. Lily is still trying to get a reaction from Robin, saying they don’t know when they will all be together and accidently tells them that Ted is leaving for Chicago (but by this point everyone knows). Ted and The Mother says when that moment hit it seemed like too much and she says in situations like that it sometimes is easier to not say anything. The group all get sad but try to leave it unspoken and distract everyone by watching the movie. As Lily, Robin’s sister and Robin all watch, they run out of ice. Robin goes outside to get some, and unexpectedly sees her mum in the hall way. They run to each other with her breaking down. Ted finishes the story saying that is it with the surprise ending. The Mother says it isn’t really a surprise, what mother would miss her daughter’s wedding. Ted starts crying and she distracts him by making him tell her another story. The episode ends with the camera panning out as they laugh about the new tale he starts telling. That ending hits you right in the feels. Unlike the last episode where Ted and The Mother were not needed at all, this story is much more real and I instantly became a little choked up. We have been given a few hints before that the Mother might have died and this is why Ted tells the story, but after watching this episode I have no doubts in my mind. I don’t know how she dies but I suspect the last episode is going to get me crying like a baby. Overall, I give this episode a 3/5. I suspect this episode will have a payoff in the following 5.

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