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Former Friday the 13th Producers Discuss The Future of the Franchise

Aedan Juvet | PopWrapped Author

Aedan Juvet

Senior Staff Writer
03/27/2018 4:10 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
Former Friday the 13th Producers Discuss The Future of the Franchise | friday the 13th
Media Courtesy of Nerdist

The iconic Friday the 13th horror franchise has impressed genre lovers for years, however we have yet to receive a new film - so are there any plans to bring it back?

Back in March of 2017, Platinum Dunes was set to begin production for a new Friday the 13th film, but fell through with little talk about the project since. There were even plans to create a Friday the 13th series for CW that also seems to be lost - so with the film's rights going back to Warner Bros. and New Line, fans have wondered if we will see another installment in the near future. On top of complications with rights to F13, the writer of the first film is in the midst of an ongoing lawsuit over the franchise which brings more trouble to the table in terms of seeing the return of Jason Voorhees anytime soon. 

Arrow in the Head managed to discuss Friday the 13th with Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, where they opened up about the unfinished project and their hopes to see it continue on one day. They explain to the site, 

“Fans think it’s so simple, that if we want to make the movie we can go make it, and that’s just not the case. There are rights issues; originally, Warner Bros. owned the rights, then Paramount had them for a couple of years, and now I think the rights are reverting back to Warner Bros. At the same time, there’s this on-going lawsuit with Victor Miller. If there’s a lawsuit hanging over the rights, it’s problematic, you can’t really make the movie until that gets settled. And now the movie is at New Line, and we’ve made a lot of movies with those guys, but that’s not our home studio anymore.”

There does seem to still be interest from the two who give some hope to fans by adding, 

So the question is, [will New Line] want to make the movie with us? If they want to make that movie with us, we will drop what we’re doing to make that movie. We had such a great experience making Friday the 13th, it was a dream come true to watch those movies as a kid and then be a part of it. So I don’t really have a clear answer.”

Friday the 13th has become a slasher staple that scared up viewers throughout several decades, so hopefully Warner Bros, New Line and Platinum Dunes can at the very least come up with something for fans - after all, it's sure to be a box office success. What are your thoughts on another Friday the 13th? Let us know below! 


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