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From Riches To Rags: Is Iggy Azalea Still Famous?

Mary Kiser

Updated 03/9/2017 9:33am

Iggy Azalea uploaded her first music video, "Work," in spring 2013. After a few years, she produced other hits like "Fancy," "Black Widow," and "Change Your Life." However, the most recent video on her YouTube was "Team," a summer 2016 single.

Had Iggy Azalea taken a break, or was her leg finally broke?

The tumblr blog Piggy Azalea referenced the artists low blows, straight from the Australian's mouth. 

On Twitter, Iggy Azalea bashed Asian women, Mexican women, and lesbians. "Asian women abuse false eyelashes," she tweets in a 2010 post.

While Iggy Azalea's racial epithets and homophobic slights muddied her character, other problems were biting the heels of her career, too. 

Iggy Azalea was caught "freestyling" on camera twice, and the scene left people in tears.

She was first asked by Sway for their 2013 "Sway in the Morning" interview, but she instead rehearsed lyrics from her The New Classic's "New Bitch."


Her second try was onstage, and while she was supposed to be performing "D.R.U.G.S.," she was filmed in a pool of her own spit.

If she possessed any street credibility, her poor performances left her with none. Even the Grammy Awards was ashamed of her, and the organization's whitewashed.

However, the final nail in Iggy Azalea's coffin was hammered in by her own hand. In 2015, her "The Great Escape" tour was canceled. She wanted to give her fans the ultimate experience, and she felt like her tour was going to be piss-poor.

Her only hope seemed to shine from her engagement ring, but her relationship with basketball player, Nick Young, was tarnished, too. He was cheating on his fiancée with the mother of his two children, Keonna Green.

Whether or not she caused her own misfortune, the self-proclaimed rapper was in a time warp of her own mistakes and misadventures. 

Will she succumb to her haters' expectation, or will she keep "work, work, working on [her] s---?"

Her newest LP, Digital Distortion, holds all the answers.


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