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'Jessica Jones' Season 2: Great Acting But A Little Long

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

03/09/2018 10:09 am
PopWrapped | Reviews
'Jessica Jones' Season 2: Great Acting But A Little Long | Jessica Jones
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Warning for minor spoilers!

Sarcastic and super PI Jessica Jones is back in season two of her solo Netflix show Jessica Jones. The first season premiered in 2015, and we've since seen her in The Defenders, but fans were excited to get back to Alias Investigations and Trish Talks. Though Jessica killed creepy villain Kilgrave last season, it doesn't take long for her to find herself in another deep mess. The big plot twist arrives at the end of episode six, and though the episodes leading up to that point weren't bad or unreasonably slow, they weren't the best. Unlike in Daredevil or The Punisher, there aren't a lot of long and exciting fight scenes, and when there is some action, it's just Jessica giving one solid punch to end it. For the most part, season two consists of a lot of talking and quiet investigating.

Krysten Ritter once again delivers an amazing performance as Jessica. We certainly got a lot of that iconic dry sarcasm and anger, but season two also gave us some other emotions: happiness, fear, sadness, nervousness... Though what Jessica goes through this season is something that most of us will never experience, we are able to understand her pain and relate to how she's feeling because her emotions are so powerful when we get to see them.

Returning favourites Eka Darville and Rachael Taylor, who play Malcolm and Trish, respectively, also gave solid performances. Malcolm really got a chance to shine and come into his own this season, and though Trish makes several Matt Murdock-level bad decisions, she is always so compelling to watch. However, one of the most stand-out performances, in my opinion, comes from Carrie-Ann Moss who plays lawyer Jeri Hogarth. Though Jeri only interacts with Jessica some of the time, her storyline and her behavior is so interesting and raw that I didn't even mind when she was on the screen for so long without directly tying to Jessica's plot. I've never loved Jeri and I still don't, but she is a very real and captivating character as well as a fascinating antagonist.

This season, Jessica is learning about herself. We're along for the ride as she finds out more about her past and how she got to where she is, and it's a story long-time coming considering that most superhero origin stories are told right away. And since Jessica is such a unique and complicated person, watching her figure things out and learn and evaluate herself is very interesting. The relationships she has and how she maintain them are the best parts of the show. As always, the friendship between Jessica and Trish is a central one, and this season is able to highlight highs and lows for the girls while still staying true to the rather unique bond between the two of them. As I said, since Trish makes some bad choices this season, it's interesting to see the dynamic between her and Jessica shift a bit considering that last season, Trish was the more level-headed and logical of the two. 

The other relationship that's developed this season is between Jessica and a new female named Alisa (who I won't say much on because, y'know, spoilers). She and Jessica also have an interesting dynamic because it's a very tense relationship and there's a lot of back and forth between the levels of trust. I think this back and forth went on far too long and got kind of tiring by the end. It was understandable, on Jessica's part, but the last few episodes got a little repetitive.

Is 13 episodes too long? Perhaps. Because Jessica Jones is not an action-packed show and there wasn't even a Big Bad villain, I found this season to be kind of slow. Not boring per se, but not edge-of-your-seat exciting either. It just seemed to be problem after problem piling onto Jessica's plate, and since she's really not great at working with others, it really felt like she was dealing with it all on her own, one issue at a time. Furthermore, often as a break from her investigating, Jessica started seeing a new guy, her building's superintendent, and I thought that their relationship was kind of weak and boring and took away from the excitement. 

Season one really wowed audiences with its great villain and introduces a really alternative kind of hero, and while season two wasn't bad at all, it wasn't as exciting and the stakes weren't as high. It was great to see the characters again and the acting and effects were all strong, but I overall felt kind of unsatisfied by this new season. Even the ending, which set us up for some interesting plots should the show get a season three (which it probably will), was kind of weak and rushed. You should definitely still watch season two, but don't expect the chilling and twisted story we got in season one.

Have you seen season two of Jessica Jones? What are your thoughts on it?

P.S. I miss Claire Temple. 


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