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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

Jurassic World: What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 7 (Fanfic Friday)

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
08/09/2016 9:33 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
Jurassic World: What Could Go Wrong? Chapter 7 (Fanfic Friday) | Jurassic World
Media Courtesy of Michelle Dawson/PopWrapped

Here is the next installment of our Jurassic World story. We hope you enjoy seeing where the tale has taken Alan and Addison.

What Could Go Wrong?: Chapter 7

Alan and Addison arrived at the petting zoo and, once again, made the announcement for everyone to evacuate the park.

“Excuse me?” Addison asked the park employee in charge of the petting zoo. “Do you have a tranquilizer gun we could take?” 

The woman nodded and stepped away for a moment, only to appear with a large weapon. “Thanks,” Addison said, truly grateful.

“Addison, I think we should rent a car from that kiosk. We could get around a lot faster,” Alan suggested, causing Addy to nod and head that direction with him.

“Can we get a vehicle?” Addison asked at the counter, taking over the situation, as she was used to handling Alan’s travel arrangements. 

The man behind the desk shook his head, “We’re not renting anymore today. The park is closed. You folks need to get out of here.”

Addison furrowed her brow, giving the man a stern glare before choosing her next words. “Sir, this is Dr. Alan Grant, and Owen has asked us to help evacuate the island. Give us a car, or I’ll take one by force,” she threatened, using the best of her PR skills.

The man backed away from the counter and grabbed a set of keys. “There’s a green Jeep Wrangler around the corner.  It’s all yours.”

Addison took the keys from her and smiled, “Thank you so much for your help.”

Addison grabbed Alan’s hand and took him around the corner with her. “That Jeep is ours. Who’s driving?”

Alan took the keys. “I’ll drive. You are in charge of the gun. Shoot anything with sharp teeth,” he instructed, as they got into the Jeep and Alan cranked it up.

“Do you think they have a speedboat at the river? I don’t know if we can catch up to the current tour in a kayak and get away in time,” Addison commented, as she kept her eyes on the area.

Alan nodded, “I would assume they have some kind of vessel in place to get visitors out quickly. That area by the river would be a prime place for the D-Rex to attack with so many herbivores in the area,” he stated. Addison was so glad to have his brain in this situation.

“Alan, I didn’t want to admit this, but I’m scared,” Addison said softly, being vulnerable in front of him for the first time.

They were pulling up by the Cretaceous Cruise, so he parked the Jeep and changed his focus to look into her eyes. “Addy, I promised you we’d be okay, and I need you to trust in that and stay focused. I need to know that you won’t freeze up if we see an attack. Can you do that?” he requested, grabbing her left hand.

Addison nodded, swallowing hard. “I can do it. Let’s see if these people have a real boat.”

Alan smiled. “Good girl. You handle the boat, and I’ll make an announcement to the people in line.”

Addison walked to the kiosk where they got their supplies earlier that afternoon. “Excuse me, I’m supposed to help get people out of here. Do you have a boat I can use to get the tourists on the river?”

The man nodded. “Hey Miss Addison, Owen told me you’d be coming. The best we can do is a pontoon, but it should get you to the current riders and out of there nice and quick. It’s parked at the second dock,” he offered, handing her a key.

“Did Owen say anything about the location of the hybrid? I know he was getting the raptors to help, and that’s the last I heard,” she asked.

The man shook his head, “I wish I knew something, but I haven’t heard since he said you two would come this way and to help.”

“Thanks,” Addison said, heading back to the entrance of the ride to grab Alan.

“Did you get anything?” he asked, as she saw everyone heading back toward the front gates of the park.

“Gosh, they have a long way to go,” she commented with worry, “We have a pontoon -- not the fastest but better than a kayak, and we can pick people up. C’mon.”

Addison and Alan ran down to the second dock and hopped into the boat to make their way down the river. 

“Alan, where are all the dinosaurs?” Addison asked, worriedly looking at the empty banks along the river.

Alan looked around for himself, “I don’t know, Addy, but we should do this quickly. I’ve got a bad feeling about the lack of activity here.”

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