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Technology PopWrapped | Technology

Mark Zuckerberg Stays Silent Amid Controversy

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
03/28/2018 11:50 am
PopWrapped | Technology
Mark Zuckerberg Stays Silent Amid Controversy | zuckerberg
Media Courtesy of CLNS Media

Facebook is facing controversy and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is not helping anyone with his silence. According to MSN Money, this year has "turned out to be one of the hardest years in the company's history." Surprisingly, Zuckerberg has chosen to remain out of the public eye, both physically and verbally. 

At the same time, other Facebook higher ups want Zuckerberg to "speak more quickly and more openly" in the face of their challenges.

A company source, choosing to remain anonymous, claims the social media titan is in definite crisis. "From fake news to Russian trolls' weaponization of the platform," all leading up to the latest Cambridge Analytica scandal. 

"The thing that sets Facebook apart [from other tech companies,]" the source said. "Mark and Sheryl [Sandberg] are brands themselves ... they're pretty widely recognized. They have strong personal brands and people expect to hear from them when Facebook is in crisis." 

So where is Zuckerberg and why is he staying silent?

Although he is very active behind the scenes, many of Facebook's high-level executives are growing increasingly upset. They want Zuckerberg to get involved on the ground level of these problems, not just work behind a closed door.

"It's his company. People on the outside want to hear from him," said one top-level executive. "There is a sense that Mark doesn't get his hands dirty until problems are way too far down the road."

According to MSN, other executives within Facebook believe these problems, these various crises, will not be solved out of the spotlight. They require "a public discussion around the challenges that come along with solving those problems." That way users (2 billion and counting) will have more faith in the system they have chosen to use. 

We are investing time and energy into our Facebook profiles, but if those profiles and the data they contain--from the pages we like, the videos we share, and the opinions we post--are threatened, we want to know the people behind the threat are being dealt with.

We want to know we are as safe as we can be in our digital world.

"We want to tell the public more...tell the hard story more. If we don't tell it, people write it for us," a second top-level executive said.

Is Facebok phasing out? Only time will tell.


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