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Marvel's Inhumans: 01x08, ... And Finally: Black Bolt

Amanda Rico | PopWrapped Author

Amanda Rico

11/10/2017 10:23 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Marvel's Inhumans: 01x08, ... And Finally: Black Bolt | And Finally: Black Bolt
Media Courtesy of ABC

Last week on “Havoc In The Hidden Land,” the Royal Family returned to Attilan and Gorgon may be alive. This week on “... And Finally: Black Bolt,” features the long awaited showdown between Black Bolt and Maximus. With the dome on the verge of collapse, will the Inhumans move to Earth? Or will Maximus concede?

Maximus claims that he has to scan his palm every hour on the hour otherwise the dome will fail. At first, no one believes Maximus, but eventually Black Bolt starts to consider that Maximus could be telling the truth. He wants them to evacuate as a last resort, and Medusa takes the lead with Crystal’s help. Meanwhile, Triton and Black Bolt drag Maximus through the tunnels while Karnak is captured and tossed in the quiet room.

Medusa needs a favor

Medusa shows up in Louise’s living room and we’re just as thrilled to see Louise as she is to see Medusa. Louise quickly figures out that Medusa wants a favor, but she’s determined to get one in return. Louise is desperate to go to the moon, even after Medusa tells her that they might be leaving Attilan.

Gorgon is definitely awake and doing his best Hulk impersonation as he smashes everything in sight, including Declan. Gorgon hurls the doctor across the room before Maximus’ Royal Guards subdue him.

Triton leaves Black Bolt and Maximus in order to handle the Royal Guards trailing them. Gorgon is brought to the Quiet Room where Karnak is being held, and their reunion goes about as well as expected. Gorgon is about to punch Karnak, and at the last second, he finally speaks and asks for help.

Why did Black Bolt take the throne if he never wanted to be king?

Maximus is upset because Black Bolt never wanted to be king, and promised he would step aside for him. After their parents died, he suddenly changed his mind. Maximus reveals that he learned Black Bolt’s sign language long ago and tells him to go ahead and sign to explain himself. Black Bolt reiterates that he didn’t want to be king, but that he had to be king. Black Bolt keeps alluding to some great enemy. It seems that Black Bolt took the throne, not just out of obligation but because he could protect the city in a way that Maximus couldn’t. 

Gorgon almost kills Karnak when he learns his cousin is responsible for his condition, but he stops himself at the last minute. Gorgon uses brute force to break through the wall of the Quiet Room and they escape.

The dome is getting weaker and Eldrac shockingly agrees to help evacuate Attilan if needed without complaining.

Black Bolt is ambushed by Maximus’ guards and they help Maximus get away.

Gorgon and Triton come face to face, and since each thought the other was dead they’re surprised to see each other.

It’s doubtful that Declan will come back from the dead and Auran shares news of his death with Maximus. Without Decan and with the crystals missing, there is no way that Maximus will be able to go through a second terrigenesis. Maximus forces Brunaja to have another vision, which shows Maximus as king and Black Bolt gone. Gone where? Earth? Is Black Bolt dead in the vision?

Maximus scans his palm, buying another hour for the city, and addresses Attilan. He claims that Black Bolt stole the crystals and must be captured. 

About that favor Medusa wanted from Louise

Louise arranges a meeting between Medusa and her boss. He thinks Louise is crazy when Medusa explains her problem. She calls for Crystal and Lockjaw, and seeing a giant teleporting dog convinces him that she’s dead serious. He agrees to talk to his boss to find somewhere for all her people to live.

Medusa gives the terrigen crystals to Louise for safekeeping. Despite Crystal’s protests, Medusa trusts Louise. Medusa can’t stay much longer and has to go back to the moon to handle Maximus. Medusa reminds Louise that she can’t take Louise with her, but she agrees to take Louise’s dad’s ashes.

Medusa heads back to Attilan and is surprised to see Gorgon. But she can only deal with one thing at once, so that’ll have to wait. Medusa kept one of the crystals and plans to use that to barter with Maximus.

Karnak arranges for Auran to be the go between, and she promises to keep both Medusa and Maximus safe during their meeting.

Medusa makes an emotional plea to Maximus

Medusa reminds Maximus that they’re family, and she forces him to touch her hair to remind him what he did to her. Maximus tells her that it makes her almost human and more like him. He reminds her of the horrible way she treated him when his terrigenesis didn’t give him any powers. She agrees and says she could’ve been a better friend. Maximus confesses that she was his only friend. Medusa guesses that the reason he wants to be someone so badly is because he had no one. She tells him that he would never destroy Attilan if he truly cared.

As Karnak sets up Medusa’s comlink so she’s be able to address the city, she reminds Maximus that they’re running out of time. Maximus agrees to spare her life and tells her to go, and this is when Medusa reveals that she has a crystal. When Maximus refuses to stop the dome from collapsing, she shatters the crystal. In response, Maximus orders Auran to kill her, but she refuses.

Medusa makes her way back to Black Bolt and he agrees that it’s time to evacuate. She addresses the city, and Black Bolt tells her to talk about her parents. She mentions how Maximus shared her parents vision, but he’s doing it selfishly. Medusa tells them that the dome is compromised and they need to head back to Earth. She and Black Bolt are prepared to lead the way in a positive direction, and she urges everyone to head to Eldrac.

Maximus throws an epic temper tantrum and is willing to let the dome collapse because he’s not getting what he wants. Auran is starting to realize she backed the wrong man. Maximus thanks her for her loyalty, and it’s clear that she’s going to evacuate the second she’s out the door.

Medusa keeps good on her promise and buries Louise’s necklace in a pile of rocks.

Time is running out

Karnak is desperate for Gorgon to evacuate, but he leaves that choice up to him. He agrees to evacuate with them. Black Bolt is reluctant to leave without handling Maximus. Medusa and Black Bolt share an emotional kiss before she evacuates to Earth with the rest of the Royal Family, while he goes off in search of Maximus.

Maximus shows a little remorse when Black Bolt finds him. He agrees that the destruction of Attilan is his fault, and he decides to come clean to Black Bolt about what truly happened to their parents. Maximus forged the royal seal on a letter from the Genetic Council advocating brain surgery on Black Bolt and convinced him it was real. When Black Bolt confronted his parents, he asked “Why?” and the sound waves killed his parents. Maximus revealed that was never his intent. He thought Black Bolt would flee to Earth. Maximus was responsible for his parents deaths even if Black Bolt inadvertently killed them.

Maximus is trying goad Black Bolt into killing him, and it looks like Black Bolt is about to speak but instead he punches his brother. When Maximus awakens, they’re in the bunker. Since the bunker was the first structure built on the moon, the room will hold after the dome fails. Which is exactly Black Bolt’s intent.

Black Bolt locks his brother in a bunker with provisions to keep him alive for an eternity. With Attilan evacuated and Maximus locked inside the bunker, Black Bolt speaks. His two words, “Goodbye, brother,” seals Maximus inside the bunker.

Black Bolt runs through Attilan as it crumbles around him and makes it to Eldrac just in time.

Dressed in Attilan attire, the Royal Family addresses their people. Speaking on behalf of Black Bolt, Medusa welcomes them to their new home on Earth.

Final Thoughts

This week’s title is a reference to Thor #148 “...And Finally Black Bolt” which featured an Inhumans related story.

I was thrilled to see Louise again. I’m sad that Louise never made it to the moon, but it was sweet that Medusa took Louise’s necklace so her father could go. Those two have the oddest friendship, but it somehow works.

Black Bolt kept hinting that something dangerous is out there. What is that danger? Humans or something else? We knew that Black Bolt accidentally killed it parents, but he didn’t learn Maximus’ role in their deaths until tonight. I wish we had gotten to see more flashbacks of a young Maximus and how he handled that afterwards.

I’m glad we got a little more backstory on Maximus and Medusa’s friendship. I’m curious when Medusa befriended Maximus, if it was before or after her parents were banished. Why did she abandon him? Was it at Black Bolt’s urging or did she do it all on her own? She was a pretty crappy friend to him, but that doesn’t excuse how he treated her.

There’s so much stuff to explore with Karnak and Gorgon. Karnak saved Gorgon, but at what cost? Will Gorgon ever be himself again?

Is Auran ever going to be trusted again? What will her new role be on Earth?

That’s it for Season 1 of Inhumans. Maximus got what he wanted. He’s finally King of Attilan, but the people of Attilan are on Earth. There’s some danger out there lurking, but we’re not sure what it is. There's a lot of story left to tell, but it seems doubtful that ABC will pick it up for a second season. But if they do, the Inhumans adjusting to life on Earth and Maximus making his way to Earth would be a great place to start.


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