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Marvel's WHIH Newsfront Returns For 'Captain America: Civil War'

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

05/01/2016 6:17 am
PopWrapped | YouTube
Marvel's WHIH Newsfront Returns For 'Captain America: Civil War' | WHIH
Media Courtesy of WHIH (Twitter)

For the success of any product, especially a movie, there have to be creative promotions that increase people's interests. Marvel's promotions strike again with the return of WHIH World News.

WHIH is a fake news channel that has made a reappearance on YouTube and Twitter for the upcoming release of Captain America: Civil War. 

The channel has returned to help build some background for the highly anticipated film and to try to give viewers a glimpse into the divided world in which the heroes currently find themselves.

The channel returns with a special report featuring Christine Everhart and political correspondent Will Adams as they try to investigate the world after the day has been "saved" by the heroes.

While Adams is in support of their heroes doing what was necessary to save the billions of lives affected by the recent events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Everhart brings up the point: who is held responsible for the damage done in saving the day?

The report even references the actions taken by Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, in Captain America: The Winter Solider, after Romanoff revealed the dangerous involvement of Hydra in the government at the expense of the secrets behind her own identity.

Between now and the movie's release next week, the WHIH will help give fans excited for Civil War a reminder of the big themes and issues that will likely be addressed in the upcoming film. There will probably be more released content featuring Everhart and Adams, discussing the big issue of if super-powered people should act independently or work under the government.

WHIH first appeared last year to promote Ant-Man, even including a video featuring an exclusive interview with Paul Rudd as Scott Lang. The involvement of Everhart is a testament to her character's subtle development in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; her very first appearance was as a Vanity Fair columnist who wrote a profile on Tony Stark back in 2008 for Iron Man.

Keep an eye out on WHIH World News for some extra content that might help you better prepare for Captain America: Civil War, which will be in US theaters beginning May 6.


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