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Melissa McCarthy Reprises Sean Spicer For A Special Easter Message

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
04/18/2017 5:01 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Melissa McCarthy Reprises Sean Spicer For A Special Easter Message | McCarthy

Sean Spicer has made some hilariously cringe-worthy mistakes as Press Secretary. His most recent address involving the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler resulted in a lot of palms hitting faces. But Melissa McCarthy made it a little more palletable when she resprised her role for Saturday Night Live.

It doesn't make it better, but at least we have something to laugh at while we are aware of what a deep hole Spicer has dug for himself.

McCarthy took to the stage in an Easter bunny costume, referencing Spicer's own role as the bunny in a George W. Bush era White House Easter Egg Roll. We even got a surprise visit from some Veggie Tale characters.

Spicer's Holocaust commentary specifically focused on how "even Hitler didn't resort to using chemical weapons on his own people" but that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did. It also happened to be the beginning of Passover, the Jewish celebration that "commemorates the emancipation of the Isrealites from slavery in ancient Egypt." He also referred to the concentration camps as "Holocaust centers."

This, of course, fired up not only the reporters present but the entire internet.

You see why McCarthy and Saturday Night Live could not let this slide.

McCarthy immitated Spicer's own CNN apology, but went on to say how the press inflated the entire incident: “If you guys didn’t focus on every little slur and lie I said...”

McCarthy's sketch addressed Spicer's comments as well as the rectent United Airlines scare, where a man was forcably removed from his seat after declining to give up his seat.

“I know they were called “concentration clubs,” McCarthy said. “I know they were sent there on trains but at least they didn’t have to fly United.”

The sketch ends with McCarthy driving an egg-shaped golf cart across the stage. Almost as an afterthought, she tells the audience that, " the President’s probably going to bomb North Korea tonight.”

Pleasant dreams?


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